Do I have to pay the application fee ? I am worried about spam

Posted by Mirna El Shihy 6 years 7 months ago


It’s been a few years since I’ve been, but I would refer to asking someone from Global Experiences. Likely if there is an application fee, you would have to pay it.

I can't remember if there was an application fee, to be honest. I applied 3 years ago. I would have her call them and ask. I know I was able to make payments through the phone.

I really can’t remember having to pay an application fee. I did my internship through the company global experiences so I think I paid a deposit when I️ was accepted into the program and then the full amount my program cost by a certain date. I definitely never received spam!

There is a $25 application fee for international applicants which must be paid to move forward in the application process and participate in the program.