I want an internship for 5 months from April - September next year. How do I apply?

Posted by Siddhant Kaplash 6 years 11 months ago


Hello Siddhant,

So if you go to globalexperiences.com you can search for internships by destination, career field, or start date. I would select Summer and upon the application process note that you would prefer dates from April-September. This may be possible for some companies, but keep in mind most companies do internships by season with summer usually starting end of May or beginning of June and ending in August. GE may be able to work with their partners and negotiate something longer, so just stay open-minded and either way I'm sure you'll land a wonderful internship!

I would head over to Global Experience's website and there is a section to specify what time period you'd like for your internship. After putting in a little information about your preferences, someone from the program will be in contact with you soon after! It's a super easy way to get more information on the program and to see what your options are. Hope this helps!

Sadly, Global Experiences I believe the longest internship they offer is for 3 months. Also it's best to check the rules of each country. In Italy for example unless you have a student or work visa the longest you can stay in the country or region (may include countries nearby) is 3 months. I would advise looking into other internship companies besides GE.

Hope that helps!

When applying, you apply to one of our specific program sessions. The longest sessions we have are our fall and spring programs, which are about 12-15 weeks. The summer sessions are 8 weeks. You can find more information here: https://www.globalexperiences.com/dates-tuition/

Thank you for you inquiry, hope this helps!