Is it a essential to know the Italian language?

Posted by Preena Solanki 8 years 2 months ago


Nope! Milan is a great area to be because most of the people know English as well. It won't be too hard to navigate and live knowing only English. But it's always fun to learn a little of the language.

I'd say it's kind of important to understand the basics of the language to be able to navigate your way through Milan, as this city is a non touristic one. It's essential to have an open mind and to embrace what they teach you at language school.

it really depends on where they are going in Italy. Some major cities are a lot easier without knowing the Italian language than others. I was located in Milan and had a lot more trouble than friends I knew who were in Florence, who did perfectly fine. I still managed very well in Milan with knowing little to no Italian. It was difficult at times, especially within my internship, but I managed quite well in Milan. It is a lot easier in tourist type cities like Rome and Florence.

It is not essential to speak Italian in order to participate in the Milan program. The majority of our interns who have attended the programs in Italy did not speak any Italy. While the majority of our placements in Milan are in English, we encourage that interns familiarize themselves with some of the Italian basics they learn in their language classes. Hope this helps!