API Study Abroad Program at UTDT in Buenos Aires

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API has partnered with the Universidad Torcuato di Tella (UTDT) to offer students the chance to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Modeled after the tradition of an American liberal arts institution, this small private university is based in the Belgrano neighborhood within Buenos Aires, a charming area of tree-lined streets and private residences. UTDT prides itself on its research capabilities and the quality of its professors, the majority of whom hold advanced degrees from American or European universities. Students are given the opportunity to study through our Intensive Language program or our Humanities and Social Sciences program.

API has on-site staff in Buenos Aires to offer their 100% support to students should they need it. They also arrange weekend excursions to visit other parts of Argentina, social and cultural activities, and unique volunteer opportunities in Buenos Aires.

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Yes, I recommend this program

There is a first time for everything

When most students go abroad for the first time they do so with caution, classmates, and a well-tested support network. I did none of that. I am the guinea pig for my University testing the waters to see whether other students should come over and whether or not the classes are rigorous enough to be counted as transfer credit. In addition i was the only one from my school who ended up going the distance with this particular program. It was also my first time, living in another country, living in a city, flying in a plane and later I would add my first time in an amusement park. This might not sound too crazy until one realizes that it was for six months, an entire semester, and the plane flight was around thirteen hours. However, the staff in this program, my wonderful host family and my great professors at Torcuato Di Tella and Longwood University all supported me. Where I lacked experience I had a sense of adventure and a million people behind me always interested in what I was doing. the classes themselves were some of the most challenging I have ever taken, but worth the effort for all I learned. The trips and activities are just what one needs after a long day of hard work and open a whole other world of possibilities to explore and my host family has provided a caring home for me to retire to at the end of the day when I learn all about the daily life aspects of Argentina like games, cooking and mate. Although studying abroad for a semester in a foreign country with your second language is not for everyone and a lot of work everyday, it has truly changed my perspective. I would not trade my experience for anything.

What would you improve about this program?
Expanding this program could be beneficial considering the low number of students who attended the same university in Buenos Aires as me and more trips are never a bad thing.