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AIFS Abroad is a premier provider of study abroad programs. Program fees cover tuition and housing, and over 50% of our study abroad participants receive financial support from AIFS Abroad in the form of scholarships or grants. Coordinated AIFS Abroad Flight Packages with major airlines are also available.
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Round trip flights and airport transfers included for students on the optional AIFS Abroad Flight Package.

Feb 15, 2024
Dec 12, 2020
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About Program

Spend a semester or academic year in Buenos Aires, Argentina with AIFS Abroad! You’ll earn up to 16 credits through either a Latin America Studies Program, an Immersion Program, or a Certificate in Latin America Studies Program at the University of Belgrano. Courses are taught in English and Spanish.

Volunteering in Buenos Aires will add a new perspective to your study abroad experience as you give back to the local community. Opportunities for volunteering while studying at the University of Belgrano include helping disadvantaged children in an orphanage or participating in an ecology or social project.

You’ll enjoy cultural and social activities such as:
• Guided tours of Buenos Aires and the La Boca neighborhood
• Tango night at a milonga
• Visit to a soccer stadium
• Day trip to Colonia del Sacramento, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Uruguay.

Optional excursions include a 3-day trip to the famous Iguazu Falls and a day trip to a traditional Argentinean gaucho ranch.

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Diversity & Inclusion

BIPOC Support

At AIFS Abroad, we want to support all participants in their study/internship abroad journey, inclusive of gender, race, religion, age, physical ability, or sexual orientation. Everyone has a complex identity, and faith, spirituality, and religion are important factors when deciding on a program location.

LGBTQIA+ Support

At AIFS Abroad, we want to support all participants in their study/internship abroad journey, inclusive of gender, race, religion, age, physical ability, or sexual orientation. Everyone has a complex identity, and faith, spirituality, and religion are important factors when deciding on a program location.

Accessibility Support

Everyone’s experience is unique. We recognize the location you choose can have an impact on your sense of belonging. We encourage you to use the information below as you review your options to select the program and location that will be the best choice for you. If you do not hold the identities that are amplified here, this information is still a great resource for you as well. It will give you a better understanding of those who have this identity.



In response to the overwhelming global climate crisis, AIFS Abroad is pleased to make Sustainability a key priority when considering organizational, operational, and programming decisions. We understand that the only way to effectively combat this crisis and mitigate the effects of climate change is to drastically reduce our environmental impact. Therefore, AIFS Abroad has committed to reaching carbon neutrality by the year 2025. AIFS Abroad is proud to announce we have signed the CANIE Accord, becoming the first US provider to make this commitment.

Program Highlights

  • Earn up to 16 credits with transcripts issued by University of Belgrano
  • No previous Spanish language study required for programs (except the Immersion Program)
  • On-Site Program Director To help with any questions or advice you may need throughout the program
  • Trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay & Visit to Barrio San Telmo
  • Tango night at a milonga

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AIFS Abroad Argentina

Spend the summer in Buenos Aires, Argentina with AIFS Abroad! You’ll earn up to 18 credits at the University of Belgrano. Choose between the Intensive Spanish Language Program, Argentine and Latin American Studies Program, Second Language Acquisition Program, or the Medical Spanish Language Program with Clinical Rotation.



AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships, Grants & Financial Support

We believe a study abroad experience is an essential component of well-rounded university education and we are committed to providing financial assistance to as many students as possible in support of their goal to study abroad. AIFS also offers internship and study abroad + internship blended programs to support the development of personal and professional skills.

$500 - $5,000

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  • Academics 4.4
  • Support 4.8
  • Fun 4.6
  • Housing 4.8
  • Safety 4.6
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Yes, I recommend this program

AIFS in Argentina

I studied abroad with AIFS during the spring 2020 semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was able to spend six weeks there in person before my semester was moved online and I was sent back to the United States amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.This was a difficult experience, but AIFS on-site and U.S. staff were incredibly helpful and understanding during this time. My resident director in Buenos Aires was there every step of the way to ensure I was able to get a flight out of the country, and while my semester was online she would send weekly check-ins to see how I was doing. I was incredibly thankful for her kindness and helpfulness

Aside from the pandemic I chose AIFS for its all-inclusive programs, the in-flight package helped relieve a lot of my stress around traveling. My home stay, extra activities, and most of my meals were included in the base program fee. The home stay I stayed in was conveniently located near my university and some really cool neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. I would highly recommend AIFS for their helpful staff, well-thought out programs, and the amount of choices you have for studying abroad!

What was your funniest moment?
I spoke a bit of Spanish before I went, but I wasn't fluent. I went to get ice cream with some friends and confidently ordered some remolacha ice cream because I assumed that meant raspberry. My friends said I should try a sample before getting it, but I was too stubborn and could've sworn I ordered the right thing since it was a pink/red color. Well, it turns out remolacha means beet, and I found that out pretty soon after I ate a spoonful of it! After that I decided it was probably best to double check items on menus before confidently ordering them!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Buenos Aires

I spent my spring semester of 2018 in Buenos Aires and absolutely loved it. There is truly something for everyone in this city. I attended the University of Belgrano and met many wonderful people, from both the USA and other countries around the world. This city is filled with art, culture, and an abundance of history. Each neighborhood has something completely different to offer, whether it be food, music, or architecture.

I was not great at Spanish when I arrived in BA but when I left I improved drastically. I lived in a shared apartment with 12 other people from 5 different countries and it was a great way to improve on my Spanish. I also met a lot of people to travel with. While in South America it was easy for me to travel to Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Patagonia, and Salta. The excursions included in this program are also an amazing experience you can’t miss out on.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Semester in South America

I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina with AIFS during my Spring 2018 semester. As a Global Health major and Spanish minor, I knew I had to practice my language skills abroad. I wanted to gain practical experience living in a non-English speaking country and decided to live with a host family in order to push myself out of my comfort zone. While abroad, I studied at the Universidad de Belgrano where I took all of my courses in Spanish. Learning was really apparent in and out of the classroom.

Argentina is a beautiful blend of European and Latin American culture and serves as the perfect location for a true cultural immersion experience. Buenos Aires is a diverse city filled with numerous cultural outlets and opportunities to learn. Choosing to study abroad with AIFS gave me the confidence I needed to travel to such a foreign location. The excursions offered by AIFS gave us the opportunity to see different parts of the country and truly understand what makes Argentina so unique.

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Yes, I recommend this program

AIFS Summer Program

I did an intensive 4 week Spanish course with AIFS at Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I did this program before taking a semester of classes and it really helped me prepare for the rest of my time in Argentina. Monday through Friday we would have class for 5 hours a day, with breaks in between for lunch. Once classes were over in the afternoon the AIFS director would take us on excursions around the city. Our director, Barbara always made sure we had an activity to do if we wanted to participate in. She gave restaurant recommendations, help with transportation and encouraged us to speak as much Spanish as possible to improve our speaking level. I stayed with a hostmom and had a roommate that was also with AIFS, our hostmom provided breakfast and dinner everyday. The apartment I stayed in was only 3 blocks away from the University which made it extremely convenient t to walk back and forth and also feel safe at the same time. On the weekends, our director always made sure we used our time wisely to explore as much as the city as possible. AIFS was the best fit for me, they made me feel comfortable and safe in a new city with a language I was not fluent in, they gave me tons of opportunities to optimize my time in Argentina to the fullest.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Decision of my Life

Looking back at the time I spent with AIFS in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I realize that it was without a doubt the best thing I have ever done with my life. I learned a knew language and culture, made friends from all over the world, and experienced a different style of life, all with the help of AIFS. I could have gone through another program, but AIFS made it their mission that I was well taken care of and enjoying myself in the country. From the beginning, it was made very easy for us to assimilate into our new Argentine homes, especially when such care was taken in selecting homestays, families, and guides. After my experiences, I always urge people to go study abroad, and if you can, do it with AIFS.

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