Learn Spanish in Argentina at NYU Buenos Aires
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Learn Spanish in Argentina at NYU Buenos Aires

Study the Spanish language in one of the most important financial and cultural centers in Latin America at NYU Buenos Aires.
Upon arrival, you will take an intensive Spanish language course at your skill level and then choose from a variety of courses--such as Culture, Identity, and Politics in Latin America and Myths, Icons, and Invented Traditions--taught in either English or Spanish. Through a homestay program, you can practice your conversational skills with your Argentine family. You'll have more opportunities to develop fluency by interning and volunteering at local NGOs and media organizations. Learn more and access the online application on the NYU Global Programs website, and secure your spot for an amazing semester abroad!

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Great for Experiencing Different Environments

The field trips at this site are phenomenal and varied. Although Buenos Aires itself is a bit homogenous, the country of Argentina itself is not. Another great thing about Argentina is that you can visit many different types of places cheaply and quickly, especially by bus. The landscape of the country itself is extremely varied, including, snowy mountains, a tropical forest, and an arid desert region. Just plan ahead to visit them all!

Yes, I recommend
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An Unforgettable Study Abroad Experience

I had a wonderful experience studying abroad in Argentina! The NYU campus was in a great neighborhood, and the small size, compared to how enormous the New York campus is, made it a more personal and intimate experience. I was able to establish a personal connection with not only my fellow students, but my professors and administrators as well. The courses taught in Spanish were phenomenal and some of the best I've ever taken. Buenos Aires is a beautiful, vibrant city full of life and endlessly fascinating. I highly recommend studying here.

How can this program be improved?

More interaction with Argentine college students in social settings, considering the campus is far from local universities

Yes, I recommend
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NYU Buenos Aires Review

I loved the field trips hosted by my school. I enjoyed learning about the culture of Buenos Aires and Argentina. Travelling was something I found incredibly valuable, and I recommend other students who can afford it to do so as well. Meeting and chatting with locals from different provinces provided a necessary perspective about Argentina, beyond Buenos Aires. However, I did not appreciate the feeling of otherness that I had while walking down the streets.

How can this program be improved?

I wish the professors were more engaging.

Yes, I recommend
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Welcoming and Engaging!

Buenos Aires was the second country I studied in during the 2017 year, and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my academic career. Compared to other programs, which were well organized and provided important coursework, the Buenos Aires site offered such a wonderful and engaging staff and experience on top of its academic value. All the professors and staff were independently involved in various organizations and movements, and students were invited to a number of unique interactions with the public and platforms for change and innovative discourse. Every weekend there were markets, festivals, parades, underground film screenings, tango music concerts, feminist artist collaborative meetings, and more hidden in the streets of the activist communities we were welcomed into. What I really enjoyed most was the weaving of academic life into social life - all my courses, including language and arts courses, related to the political history of Argentina and its role within a greater South American history in the 20th century. A colorful experience, a loving atmosphere, an unforgettable and lively city. Would recommend this program to anyone looking to travel for the first time or the fifty-first time - it is certainly a unique opportunity in the southern cone of the world.

Yes, I recommend
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Wonderful, Immersive Experience - If you ensure it

NYU Buenos Aires provides you the resources to reach out into the local community and be immersed within the NYU community, as well. The program is small, which is perfect for fostering intimate relationships with your fellow students and NYU staff. It should be noted, however, that if you do not prepare yourself, you do not put an effort, into seeing what Buenos Aires, Argentina and much of Latin America has to offer, you will encapsulate yourself in an Anglo-Saxan bubble. Reach out, and prepare for the best time of your life!

Yes, I recommend
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Great for Spanish Majors

Studying in Argentina was fun and having it be through NYU made all my courses count which was great. It's a small building where you have your classes so you see everyone all the time- it's great little community. The homestays are typically near the school / within walking distance. My family lived a bit farther from everyone else and it took me 30 minutes to walk, but they lived in a great, safe neighborhood.

Yes, I recommend

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