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Tuition and registration fees for full-time NYU students remain the same during semesters spent at a global location as long as the student is enrolled in 12-18 points. Students from other universities should check with their home school's study abroad office to learn if there is a third-party payment arrangement and/or partnership with NYU. If there is not, visiting students pay NYU College of Arts and Science tuition and fees while studying at an NYU global location.
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Feb 14, 2024
Oct 05, 2022
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About Program

NYU Shanghai is the newest of NYU’s three degree-granting campuses that form the backbone of the University’s fully interconnected global network. Here, you’ll take China-focused courses taught by expert faculty who bring China’s history and unique culture to life through trips to art galleries, local businesses, and film screenings. You’ll take a Chinese language course and further improve your language skills by being paired with a student who is fluent in Chinese. NYU Shanghai’s campus is located in a nine-story building in Pudong, the heart of a thriving economic zone and Shanghai’s commercial center. It features classrooms, an expansive library, an auditorium, a colloquium space, dance and music practice rooms, dining facilities, and a fitness center. Learn more and access the online application on the NYU Office of Global Programs website. Opportunities vary based on local restrictions.

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Diversity & Inclusion

BIPOC Support

The NYU community embraces the values of inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and accessibility throughout its network of study abroad locations and degree-granting campuses. Each of NYU’s global locations provides a range of programs and resources specifically geared toward supporting BIPOC students during their time studying internationally.

LGBTQIA+ Support

NYU is dedicated to supporting its LGBTQ+ community across the globe. Each of NYU’s global locations provides an open, inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students who choose to pursue international study and has local staff members equipped with training and resources on all things related to identity, diversity, belonging, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Neurodivergent Support

NYU is committed to providing equal educational opportunity and participation for all students, including those in need of neurodivergent support. The Moses Center for Student Accessibility works with NYU students across the globe to determine and implement appropriate and reasonable accommodations as well as access available programs and resources to support equal access to a world-class education.

Accessibility Support

NYU provides resources, accommodations, and equal educational opportunities for all those in need of accessibility support. Students interested in global study at NYU are encouraged to contact the University’s Moses Center for Student Accessibility where an Accessibility Specialist is available to discuss accessibility and accommodations at locations of interest. The Moses Center also has academic liaisons at each global site to help implement these accommodations.



NYU is committed to responsible stewardship of environmental resources, prioritizing sustainability in decision-making, and setting a powerful example of leadership on climate change and other environmental issues. Read the NYU Sustainability Commitment at the link below.

Ethical Impact

All students at NYU's global locations are required to assume the duties of citizenry and undertake an obligation to respect the culture, customs, and laws of the host nation. Furthermore, NYU is committed to resource sharing, collaborating, and partnering with local communities that are helping to positively impact, benefit, and enrich each neighborhood, city, and country where its global sites are located.

Program Highlights

  • Since NYU Shanghai is a four-year, degree-granting campus, you’ll have a full range of subjects to choose from.
  • NYU Shanghai’s campus is located in the heart of a thriving economic zone and the city’s commercial center.
  • NYU Shanghai’s Center for Student Involvement will help you discover opportunities like participating in student government, clubs, or organizations or volunteering for service projects.
  • You’ll have access to NYU Shanghai’s Center for Career Development, which can connect you with internship opportunities in Shanghai.
  • Visit Shanghai’s cultural sites like Yu Garden, the Jade Buddha Temple, and M50, a contemporary art complex.

Program Reviews

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  • Academics 4.75
  • Support 4
  • Fun 4.75
  • Housing 4.45
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

"Study Away Program" in NYU Shanghai

I think studying away in Shanghai is a quite great experience for me. Shanghai is an amazing city with its own distinct culture, and it's so convenient and safe. Well, I think the cost of living in Shanghai actually is much lower than New York, which sometimes also be a concern for college students.

As for the academic courses, I highly recommended you to take some culture related courses in NYUShanghai which allows you to gain and explore more about this city and this country, I think it is a very important part of "Study Away Program" and is very meaningful. I've taken "Concept of China" and "History of Chinese Art" during my "Study Away" semester, the professor was so nice, even inspiring my great academic interests in Art History, currently I decided to pursue this field as my minor.

During your spare time, I think searching for a on-campus job is a very good choice, then you can meet more with your teammates/partners/groups. At the same time, it's also like a close community with who you works with, it will provide you a sense of belongingness to this site. Take my story as an example, I was the "Study Away Peer Assistant" in that semester, and we worked together to plan for study away students' events/activities. Through meetings, brainstorming, chatting, collaborating, I made good friends there and I also love the energy I had while working in this team! Otherwise, you can also step outside the campus and go cycling along the Bund or bring your camera to Xujiahui. I mean lifestyle in Shanghai is up to you, don't be stressful when you are seeing people in a hurry to work. There are many places and things you can go for, explore and enjoy!

  • The city is very clean and safe.
  • You can learn about cultures about this city and country through taking courses.
  • There are lots of interesting places there that worth exploring.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Study Abroad in China with NYU Shanghai

Many aspects of living such as food and transportation will be cheaper in Shanghai than any Western country. Something to be aware of is the Chinese requirement to study in NYU Shanghai. Chinese may be a difficult language to learn because it is completely different from Western languages such as English. Academics are slightly harder. Clubs are slightly limited because the school itself is smaller and there is no greek life in NYU Shanghai. All of the courses are held in one building called the academic building, but NYU Shanghai is opening a new campus, if not already, very soon.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Shanghai Fall 2019 Review

Super fun! Building is really nice! I don’t like cash anymore because of China. Get Alipay, get Yi Dian Dian. Drink boba everyday, it’s cheap. Eat chipotle before going, they don’t have it there. Take Professor Raymond Ro’s classes, he’s the best professor I’ve ever ever had. Take Marketing, take Management and organizations! Go to Puxi on the weekends for brunch or for night life. School’s super close to Lujiazui so there’s a lot of things to do after school. Go to IFC Mall, go see the pearl tower and the tallest bookstore

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
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Yes, I recommend this program

Shanghai Review

Super fun! I loved being in Shanghai and meeting different people. The people were pretty friendly and the efficiency in the city was unbelievable. I could go out the dorm without cash or my wallet. Everything I needed was on my phone. It lessened my traveling weight, plus it was so easy to book high-speed train tickets and plane tickets. I could travel to close-by provinces within 3 hrs and come back within the day. It was awesome. I loved yellow mountain and Beijing. Both were different experiences but very enjoyable.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
Setting up the bank account beforehand, setting up wechat!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Shanghai Review

Shanghai is an amazing city to travel and study in. I went as a student, but I had the chance to travel on the weeek ends to near cities and water towns. Personally, I visited Wuxi where my family is from. In shanghai, getting around is super easy. We travel by bus, bikes, metros, cabs, and Chinese Uber. All of these are really cheap. In terms of food, you can get really good food for not a lot of money. You could order food from a delivery app called Eleme. I love shanghai, I recommend it for anybody.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
Accessibility of travelling
The metro station is extremely easy to use, public biking is really cheap. Chinese Uber is easy to use for foreigners and extremely cheap
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Yes, I recommend this program

Had a blast!

Definetly recommend you go to Shanghai! Theres so much to explore and see, and so much culture. I went to Suzhou, Beijing, Guilin, and much more.
The food is very good. Theres definetly less options for those with dietary restrictions but they have so many cuisines.
The school was very good. It definetly felt like a school and the community was very nice. The teachers were very helpful.
I would definetly reccommend you go to Shanghai. Great people, great food, great culture, and great experience.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would travel more and eat more good food and meet more people.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life-Changing Way to Experience China, Learn Chinese, and Study at an Amazing University

NYU Shanghai is a pioneering program that offered me the opportunity to achieve my goal of living in China, gaining fluency in Chinese, and continuing my studies as an NYU student. The campus is located in Pudong and is a new and beautifully built building with great resources for academic, language, and social success while living in China. Housing was in Pudong as well, a little far from campus, but made it possible for me to have a place to recharge and experience getting used to life in China. The Chinese language program at NYU is TOP NOTCH - these teachers know what they are doing and really care about their students. It's easy to get overwhelmed or feel a little isolated sometimes while living in such an expansive city as Shanghai, but I think NYUSH does a great job of making students feel welcome. Dining options within the school are good, and fitness center (small but sometimes useful), café, library, etc. are all good as well. Certainly a program to be recommended for a great semester or academic year abroad.

What would you improve about this program?
Continuing to uplevel quality of housing, health facilities (larger fitness facilities, filtered air in dorms, etc.) as well as opportunities to connect with existing NYU Shanghai community who all already know each other - sometimes is challenging when coming in as a new "study away" student.
113 people found this review helpful.

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