Spend the Fall in Spain at NYU Madrid
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Spend the Fall in Spain at NYU Madrid

Experience the madrileño life this fall at NYU Madrid, where you have the chance to improve your Spanish language skills with intensive language courses and immersive homestays. At NYU Madrid, you can choose from courses like anthropology, business, politics, and more that can count toward your major or minor requirements. All of your courses are NYU-approved, so the credits you earn should be easily transferable to your home university. If you're fluent in Spanish, you can take up to two courses at the prestigious Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Additionally, there are opportunities for internships, class-related excursions, and regional trips to iconic cities like Granada and Toledo to really give you a taste of the Spanish culture. Learn more and access the online application on the NYU Global Programs website. A word to the wise: the spring program tends to fill early, and you might get shut out, so apply now for fall, and secure your spot for an amazing semester abroad!

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Program Reviews (2)

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20 years old
Madrid, Spain
New York University

Summer 2017 in Madrid through NYU


I had a great experience spending my summer abroad in Madrid, Spain. I was able to really engage in my classes because of how much I was also learning outside of the classroom from being located in Madrid. I traveled to many other countries while also spending time exploring all Madrid has to offer. I loved my teachers and learned so much from them, I still see one of my teachers from the summer often, as he is located in New York now as well. The staff was very welcoming and made up of a tight knit community always willing to help. My summer in Madrid was a formative experience both in and out of the classroom and I would highly recommend the program to others!

How can this program be improved?

The trips planned within the program can be improved.

22 years old
New York, NY
New York University

NYU Madrid - Spring 2016


Starting off my semester at NYU Madrid was certainly a leap of faith on my end. For the first time, I was traveling by myself to a foreign country, navigating not only city streets and restaurant menus on my own, but also cultural norms, academics taught in another language, and overall, a completely new experience outside of what I was used to. Simply put, I fell in love with Madrid. Everyday, there is something that reminds me of the beauty of the city. I firmly believe that a part of the reason that I fell in love with Madrid is because of the NYU Madrid program.

Through the NYU Madrid Intercambio program, I was able to meet quite a few madrileños, the natives of Madrid. I still skype and chat with a handful, so I can maintain my Spanish. Not only did I form last connections, but I also had memorable courses. One of my favorite courses had me studying famous works of art in the Prado Museum every single Thursday afternoon. Apart from school, the cultural divide made me realize how much I missed home, but as I slowly accustomed myself to Spanish culture, I realized that I preferred the relaxed tone of it all to the busyness of New York. I could go to class in the day, have una bocadilla de calamares con sangria for lunch, head back to class, and then proceed about my evening. The classes were difficult in that the ones I signed up for were all taught in Spanish, but the professors all really cared. Never have I seen university professors so invested in knowing me as a person.

As far as traveling and nightlife goes, you cannot beat Madrid's location. You're so close to Portugal and to France as they are your neighbors, but everywhere else in the western half of Europe is just a short flight away. But, don't forget the wonders of Spain itself. There are so many beautiful cities to visit such as Valencia, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Alicante, Cordoba, and so much more. Spanish culture has more to offer than just Madrid and Barcelona. Moreover, the nightlife in Madrid is insane! If you're the type of person who enjoys going out, I promise you that you will not be disappointed. There are so many clubs and bars, and even if you don't like drinking, go out, dance, and socialize! The Spaniards truly know how to enjoy themselves, and their love of life is so apparent in the way they unwind on the weekends.

If I could go back to Madrid tomorrow, I would in a heartbeat. The NYU Madrid program and staff were a strong catalyst for helping me fall in love with not only the city of Madrid, but also the Spanish culture. I promise that if you choose Madrid as your study away site, you will make memories to last a lifetime. I know it changed mine; I hope it changes yours too.

How can this program be improved?

Apartment options would be nice, as I stayed in an apartment while I was there, but if the residence halls there are decent (which I have yet to see), then I suppose they have effectively taken the place of the apartment living options! Also, any other trips to Spanish cities coordinated by the NYU Madrid staff would be wonderful! I wish I had taken more time to explore Spain as a whole, but NYU Madrid-organized trips were consistently above and beyond my expectations.

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