TEAN: Australian Environment & Conservation Summer Program
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TEAN: Australian Environment & Conservation Summer Program

TEAN Full Ride Scholarship 2018

The TEAN Full Ride Scholarship is designed to give a stand-out student the opportunity to study abroad. The scholarship can be used for any Summer or Fall 2018 TEAN program and covers tuition, program fees, orientation and housing (up to $26,000 value).

With millions of years of geographic isolation under its belt, Australia is home to geographical and natural features that can’t be found anywhere else. During this three-week summer study abroad program, travel across the country to some of its most naturally stunning and ecologically important destinations. Running for the past 23 years, this program is one of Australia's longest continuously running summer study abroad programs and offers a unique opportunity for students to better understand Australia’s environment and wildlife through the eyes of local experts contextualised within the global ecological crisis. While gaining hands-on experience in practical application of biological science and environmental management, you'll also discover some of the country’s most incredible sites, such as Gondwana, the Blue Mountains, Great Barrier Reef and ancient Daintree Rainforest.

Byron Bay
Great Barrier Reef
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Animal Science
Conservation and Preservation
Wildlife Sciences
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Summer 2018

Early Bird Special - $5,450
Must apply and pay $500 deposit before February 1, 2018

Standard Fees - $5,750

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The Most Amazing, Indescribable, Life-Changing Experience

I don't think there will ever be enough or the right words to describe my amazing, thrilling, and memorable study abroad experience with The Education Abroad Network(TEAN). The summer program was five weeks long and took us all over Australia, enabling us to see the most iconic places and have unforgettable experiences. From the lighthouse walk in Byron Bay, to camping in the outback in Kakadu, to climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge with an amazing view of the Opera House (where we later were able to see a show in), all the way to skydiving and scuba diving in Cairns, home of the Great Barrier Reef, I was in awe of how every day was better than the next. I gained so much knowledge about Australia through the class I took, which was taught by Sydney local professors. I wouldn't trade my study abroad experience for anything. I can't thank TEAN enough for providing such an awesome program and trip of a lifetime. If you're a prospective student reading this, TEAN is the ONLY way to go for your study abroad program!!

How can this program be improved?

Nothing! I wish I chose a longer program because when it was time to go home, I did not want to leave.

Yes, I recommend
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A Summer Down Under and Unlike Any Other

This five week program that TEAN has built is beyond incredible! Not only do you have a new adventure and experience every single day, you get to travel to all the major cities in Australia. Each city is so unique and you pick up a little more knowledge about the kind of country Australia is everywhere you go. TEAN really tries to make sure you maximize the amount of things you do while in the country. We went on several field trips and excursions that were so much fun. Classes were interesting and the professors are easy-going and very cool. Overall it really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that this unique program allows you to have. Definitely go if you can! I loved every aspect and have gained so much life experience, international knowledge, and new friends that I will have for a lifetime!

Yes, I recommend
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Like nothing else

I have been abroad before, but never like this. Choosing TEAN and the wildlife, environment and conservation trip was one of the best choices I could have made. The experiences were incredible and everyone worked hard to make sure that we were learning and that we were having a great time. It was just the right amount of work and play. I learned so much in those five short weeks, it was an experience I will never forget. We traveled through what seemed like half of australia and got to meet and work with so many natives, as well as really get out in the field and see the things we were learning about. This trip doesn't relate to my major, and in honesty, I would highly recommend that for someone. I learned so much about something that I don't usually study, but something that I am passionate about, and now want to continue doing.

How can this program be improved?

It could be longer. It was the perfect length for me, but a little more time in each place we traveled would have been nice as well.

Yes, I recommend
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5 Weeks in Australia to Last a Lifetime - The Education Abroad Network

As an individual who had never left the United States before going to Australia, I believe that I chose the most responsible and exciting team who could help me explore. This program allows deep connections to grow and new friendships to form while also taking you on the time of your life, all the way from Down Under avoid-the-crocs at all costs to the don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-a-lifetime Great Barrier Reef. Choosing a good study abroad program is crucial, The Education Abroad Network provides simultaneous stability and independence, modern and cultural interactions and more importantly, equal amounts of work and play!

How can this program be improved?

More awareness given of expensive prices in Australia.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Summer Ever!

The Education Abroad Network did a great job teaming with the UNSW in Sydney to put together this summer course. What is unique about this program is the fact that I was able to travel to different places in Australia! We went from Darwin, to the Blue Mountains, to Sydney, to the Daintree Rainforest, to Cairns. The professors were great and really cared about teaching us about the ins and outs of Australian culture. We had some great excursions including tons of beautiful hiking trips, white water rafting, scuba/snorkel at Great Barrier Reef, shows at the Sydney Opera house, etc. I would highly recommend this program for those who are interested in traveling while studying abroad in Australia!

Yes, I recommend
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Not even pictures can describe my experience abroad in Australia!

Studying abroad with TEAN in Australia was more than worth it! I gained more in 5 weeks then I have throughout my whole life of schooling. Not only did I learn about wildlife and culture, but I gained a better perspective about life and taking things one day at a time. Life is full of endless possibilities, but if you put your mind to it, you will achieve them. That is exactly what I did by studying abroad in Australia. From climbing over 1,200 stairs up a mountain in the Blue Mountains to exploring Kakadu National Park and searching for wildlife during night walks. The adventures never stopped and the days only got better. Even the excursions were amazing! I did the wine tour in Sydney, Scuba/snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, and Bungee Jumped at A.J. Hackett's in Cairns! It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and would do anything to do it all over again. I also never expected to meet so many new people, whom I would consider life-long friends. We already have winter break plans visit one another across the states! And don't forget to go out and enjoy the nightlife, eat any different foods that you can, shop the markets, and overall make unforgettable memories.

No matter the cost, flight, or country... get out there and study abroad! You will NOT regret it!

How can this program be improved?

I mean, this program is pretty perfect to me! I never expected to have such a great experience, make great friends, and everything be so easy going. But when you study abroad through TEAN, all of that is made possible! Only things I would want to change for this specific program is make a travel to Central Australia, since it was the only region we did not visit. Also, to make Orientation a bigger event and have more interaction between the groups.

Yes, I recommend

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