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Discover the background of recreational and professional sports throughout Australia on ISA's exciting Australian Sporting Industry program! International Studies Abroad's program is taught through the University of Canberra, and will take students to Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, the Blue Mounratins, and Cairns. Each location offers a different perspective on the sporting industry.

The program begins in Melbourne where you will witness an Australian Rules Football League match. Then, the program moves to Canberra, where you will visit to the training grounds of a world class facility, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). Next students will head to Sydney where they will attending a Rugby game and have a chance to explore the city. The program ends in Australia's Tropical North. Students will have the opportunity to go white water rafting, snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef, hold a koala, and more! Check out ISA's website for more information!


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Yes, I recommend this program

Trip of a Lifetime!!

There is no way that there is any better study abroad trip out there than this one. I came into the program with ridiculously high expectations and it still managed to exceed them all. We experienced so many all-access tours of many aspects of Australian sport, including tours of Rod Laver Arena, the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, tickets to both an AFL game and a rugby game, and a week at the Australian Institute of Sport where we spent time with the Olympic athletes. Along with the sporting aspect of the trip, we had a lot of free time to explore and do what we wanted! A lot of us took advantage of this and went to the zoo, held koalas, explored downtown, and went to the beach. We also took group trips that included a day snorkeling and sea kayaking on the Great Barrier Reef, white water rafting, and a tour of a crocodile farm.
Another great part of the trip was the group of people that went. About 30 kids all went from the US and Canada and we made some really strong friendships. We all had a blast together and got to know each other really well.
Overall, I would take this trip again in a heartbeat. Leaving Australia broke my heart, but I made a million awesome memories, learned a lot about Australian sport, and got to explore the most beautiful country in the world.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Australearn- Australian Sporting Industry

The Sporting Industry program through University of Canberra took us all over the country; Melbourne to Canberra to Cairns. It allowed us to see large amounts of Australia and participate in activities that we wouldn't be able to do on our own. My favorite example of this would was our time spent at the Australian Institute of Sport where we got to hang out and learn from the elite athletes. The program offered both and educational and recreational side to it and provided the best of both worlds. I learned a lot for my research project, about the sporting industry and was still about to experience all the tourist highlights (white water rafting, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, etc...)

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Yes, I recommend this program


I love my semester abroad. My school is challenging because the way things are done are different than back home and the material is challenging as well. There are a ton of things to do - my dorm hall has several events each week and there are interhall events as well. Transportation is easy and cheap; you can go to the coast every weekend if you wanted. Would definitely come back.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best experience of my Life

Overall the program was well worth it and I would do it again in a heart beat. Even though the program was flexible and we mainly just went to do tours and sporting events I still probably learned more than I would in a classroom setting. Going to tour all the stadiums was very educational and you actually see how the stadium is run. Also staying as an athlete at the AIS allowed me to realize what the athletes world is really like. Also through the program I met so many great people from all over and I cannot wait to see them again! Some of them probably will become my best friends in the long run. This program was really fun and good. I expected it was going to be a little harder, but I'm glad it wasn't because I do feel its all about the experience and taking in the culture! I personally wished the program was longer, but I don't think some people could be away from home for that long.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Awesome Experience

This was one of the best experiences of my life time. However, there was a couple of things I would change. I wish they would hand out a sheet at the beginning of the program with a general outline of what days we had free and what the plans were so we could plan accordingly. Also, I wish they told us how much money we would have to spend on food.

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Yes, I recommend this program


This study abroad program was amazing. Thanks to AustraLearn, Australia is my new love and three weeks was not long enough to enjoy everything. This experience will leaving you desperate for more :]

Academically, we had two short assignments pre-trip: research proposal and what-you-know about Australian sport. During and post-trip, each student gathered information for a research project they were conducting. I compared physical therapy in the US vs AUS. Also, a daily journal was turned in [through various media: pictures, film, written entry, etc]

Day to Day: Each of the three cities we visited involved different aspects of Australian Sport. In Melbourne, we did a sports tour and visited:
- Melbourne Cricket Ground where we went to an AFL game later in the week
- AFL training session
- Rod Laver Arena [Australian Open for tennis is held]
- Flemington Racecourse
- and much more..

In Canberra, we stayed at the Australian Institute of Sport where we lived, ate, and breathed with Australian Olympic athletes!! We were able to play volleyball with their team, learn about nutrition programs, biomechanics and exercise physio behind performing, etc. This was a once in a life time experience I will never forget.

In Cairns, we experienced the recreational side of Australian sport. We spent our days snorkeling, sky-diving, scuba diving, white water rafting, throwing boomerangs, etc. It was so much fun! I advise you to stay a week after and do a live-abroad scuba diving trip the GBR - you won't regret it.

There is minimal culture shock, I promise. The only difficulty or con was several Australians were on vacation during their winter/our summer and besides the professors and athletes you didn't get a chance to really meet natives - tons of backpackers though!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Sydney Study

This program through AustraLearn was nothing short of amazing. The internship/leadership development team at Maquarie University made the transition in to working abroad fun and exciting. The AustraLearn staff were there to answer questions any time of day or night and provided a safe feeling transition to living so far from home. From awesome friends, local gifts bought, international connections made, new found confidence, and memories to last a lifetime you will come home with way more than what you left home with. This experience leaves you a richer person in more ways than you can imagine.

Sydney is one of the worlds most beautiful cities to live in, and the attitude of the locals really reflects this. Spend enough time there yourself and you'll quickly adopt their "no worries" attitude.

The adventure of living and working abroad seems to naturally bring out confidence and skill that until the start of this program, may have remained unknown to each individual partaking on this journey... what a great way to explore new places around the globe and within ourselves! The AustraLearn team are awesome! GO AUSSIE!

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