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Sydney is one of the most liveable and picturesque global cities, consistently rated as one of the world's most liveable. The city offers a trendy, urban and outdoors 'beachside-to-bush' lifestyle, with some of Australia's most enviable weather all year round.

Spread across five campuses in greater Sydney, Western Sydney University offers a culturally-rich and academically extraordinary study abroad experience for one or two semesters across ten schools and hundreds of open discipline areas, with an active lifestyle and social program.

Western is a dynamic and fresh Australian university that believes in a world of unlimited opportunity for those with talent, drive, confidence and ambition.

  • An affordable, value-based study abroad program, priced from USD $5,100 per semester.
  • Study abroad discount packages including tuition, on-campus housing and a dynamic social program
  • Study in the heart of Australia's largest and most cosmopolitan city
  • A campus to suit everyone - from trendy-and-urban to bushside tranquility
  • Multi-disciplinary academic opportunity to study in a world top 2% university across schools of Business; Computing, Engineering and Mathematics; Education; Humanities and Communication Arts; Law; Science and Health; Social Sciences and Psychology

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  • Academics 7.7
  • Support 9.1
  • Fun 8.9
  • Housing 7.3
  • Safety 9
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Semester Abroad at Western Sydney University

I did a semester abroad at the Western Sydney University (WSU) and had the time of my life. From the very beginning of my semester people made me feel welcome and I really appreciated that. Especially, the university staff is really helpful and provides you with any kind of support. Furthermore, the university offers a variety of units which allows an individual selection for any international student from any study program. Moreover, a lot of other activities like sports events, job application trainings etc. are offered. While I studied at WSU I lived on campus in Parramatta and made a lot of great friends from all over the world. The student's dormitory is called WSU village and it was truly a village because we had our own little community there. Besides studying at WSU I also had the great opportunity to live in Sydney for a certain amount of time. Therefore I could experience and explore an exciting city with my friends. All in all, I can definitely recommend studying at WSU. It was an amazing time and I am really thankful for that!

Yes, I recommend this program

WSU Review

I appreciated how tight-knit the campus residences and classes were. The teaching style of the university was very engaging and was oriented around discussion and exercises which gave me opportunities and confidence to meet many new friends!
The support from the Go Global Office and on campus staff among others were very helpful, and I found that generally their systems for processing things like inquiries and applications at the university were very efficient. Overall, I felt valued by the university committee and this helped me transition to the uni while away from home, making the very most of my studies and travels!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Good experience

I highly recommend future students to join this study-abroad program at Western Sydney University because I have learnt and experienced so many things.

For example, before I came here, I did not know much about Asian coutries, such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. However, through this study-abroad experience, I made a lot of friends who are from these coutries and got to know more about Asia.

How can this program be improved?
The dormitory was not as good as I expected.
Response from Western Sydney University

We appreciate your feedback, Katsuyuki! Thanks also for your comment about the student accommodation. We do take this feedback seriously and are in regular contact with Western Sydney University Village in order to refine that part of the experience!

Yes, I recommend this program
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One Semester Exchange to Western Sydney University

My exchange experience to Western Sydney University really opens up my mind as well as many doors of learning opportunities. The academic system and support provided in the university really helped me with my learning and development of understanding. I particularly like the study smart support they have in their library and online, it is something I cannot find here in my home university in Indonesia. I made several memorable friendships with the students and my roommates. The campus environment and facilities are suitable for studying as I mostly find the campus area relatively quiet and reserved. As an international student there, I found it pretty surprising how there were not many student organisations that are engaging. Some of my friends particularly found it hard to make good friends in the university but the solution to this in my opinion is to open up and have a courage to start a conversation with anyone in class without worrying about how they will react.

How can this program be improved?
Perhaps for a broader scope of engagement, the university should provide a program or activities that are held routinely to engage the international students and help them make friends.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Study abroad at Western Sydney

I am an exchange student from Slovakia, who came to study to Western Sydney for a semester. I have to say that from a beginning it was just an amazing experience. I learned so much, met inspiring people, gain a new perspective, had so much fun and enjoyed a beautiful campus of this university. the Go Global Team arrange everything for me and they were so incredibly kind and supportive. I am thankful to them because I will remember this forever. Thank you for making a significant this semester so special.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Interesting and unforgettable experience

Actually I felt uneasy about studying abroad in a totally different country at first and missed my families so much because I had no friends here. Besides, the language is a big problem for me. However, after two weeks, everything changed. I love Australia, I love Western Sydney University. It provides me with one of the best memories I've ever had. Study Abroad Team is soooo kind and answers my questions patiently. Also, I gained a lot of help from different programs of Western Sydney University. Therefore, don't worry about your life here and just make life more exciting by coming here.
I think the best way to grow up is jumping out of the familiar environment and learn something new. You will not regret that.
Finally, my tip to you is being brave to take apart in as many events as you can and make friends there. And what I recommend most is the Zumba class every week, a good time to take exercise and refresh.

How can this program be improved?
I think more events or activities can be held to help exchange students make friends.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Best Study Abroad Experience

The study abroad was very helpful at all time, She helped me with every issue I had along my study abroad in Australia. The office organised events for students which I found very fun and helpful in terms of meeting other people. The people working in the office are very professional and they would offer to help at any time and they would even go the extra mile to help every individual with they application.
The study abroad fair was very helpful for home students as they were able to get informations from inbound student and I believe that helped to make the experience even more joyful.

Over all very good experience and I would recommend everyone to study at UWS

How can this program be improved?
I would recommend that the office should work more efficient in terms of preparing the right documentations for students in order to apply for the visa. As when I applied my confirmation of enrolment came very late. There is room for improvement in that area.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Greatest experience ever

My stay in Sydney has been the most exciting experience in my entire life. Thanks to Western Sydney University and its international office, I have been able to make the most of this journey. They helped me to enjoy each day of these 10 months. Now, I am planning to stay longer, find a job and, moreover, the University offers opportunities to recently graduates to enter in many companies in a wide range of industries.

Yes, I recommend this program

Study Abroad is an awesome experience!

The best way to make the most of a study abroad is to get out of your comfort zone and be proactive in making friends, sightseeing, and travelling. I made some of the best friends from all over the world while on my exchange, and they're what really made my experience unforgettable.
In terms of academics, I found it to be much easier than classes at home. Fewer assessments, more breaks throughout the semester, a lot of online lectures... I recommend taking electives (if possible) that you're interested in to keep academic stress to a minimum.
Accommodation (on-campus housing) was standard. Felt safe going to and from class, flat was equipped with all the essentials, but my flat in particular had many maintenance issues that took a while to be dealt with.

How can this program be improved?
- Hold more social programs (e.g. mixers) for exchange students to mingle
- Hold more active events (e.g. coastal walks, bush walks, etc.) for exchange students to do some sightseeing and meet people
Yes, I recommend this program
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Studying at Western Sydney University

Upon completing my first semester abroad, I could not imagine my degree without this experience and am very grateful I got this opportunity. I would recommend Sydney as a study abroad destination because of the wide variety of activities to do, from bushwalking in the Blue Mountains to lazing on Bondi Beach and everything in-between. If you begin your study abroad journey with an open mind you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

How can this program be improved?
Provide more details about the different campuses and parts of Sydney.
Yes, I recommend this program


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Western Sydney University is a dynamic and fresh Australian university, ranked in the top 2% worldwide, that believes in a world of unlimited opportunity for those with talent, drive, confidence and ambition.

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