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Study Abroad Programs in Austria

Study Abroad in Vienna with IES Abroad
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IES Abroad Vienna

A stunningly beautiful city, Vienna occupies a unique position at the...
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Study Abroad Programs in Austria


Studying abroad in Austria will expose students to a country with a vast political, artistic and educational history. Students in all disciplines will find themselves surrounded by the beautiful landscape of this unique country. Studying in Austria will allow you to experience some of the best skiing in the world, and yodeling at its best. Vienna, Austria’s capital city, has been the hub of musical activity for centuries, with the famous Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss all creating masterpieces here. Students who choose to study abroad in Austria will have access to a number of first class universities and will find themselves walking down cobbled lanes and through ancient squares on their way to class. Studying abroad in Austria is sure to broaden any student’s horizons.

If you have decided to study in Austria, the next step is to choose the right program. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of study abroad programs in Austria. After you return home, don’t forget to review your study abroad program. Your advice and feedback will be a huge help to those who consider studying abroad in Austria after you!

Popular Destinations


Find out why this capital of Austria is called not only the "City of Dreams," but also "City of Music." Whether you are interested in music, theater, museums,culinary arts or architecture, Vienna is the place for you. Sit back, relax at one of Vienna's famous coffee houses and listen as Mozart, Strauss, Schubert, Beethoven and Haydn come to life in this cultural hub. Wilkommen!

  • University of Vienna – The oldest university in the German-speaking world and one of the largest in Central Europe. About 91,000 students are enrolled in more than 180 courses at the University of Vienna. It is also the largest teaching and research institution in Austria with 9,400 employees, 6,700 of whom are scientists and academics.

Looking for an alternative to Vienna, while still enjoying the spoils of all Austria has to offer? Consider Graz, the 2003 Culture Capital of Europe, the 2008 Capital of Culinary Delights, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. This student city is the perfect location for any study abroad experience. Visit the Kunsthaus (art museum), hike the Schlossberg, dine at the café in the middle of the Mur river, or make a day trip to any number of attractions and outdoor activity sites.

  • Karl-Franzens University Graz – Over 30,000 students from all over the world currently study at the University of Graz. Popular fields of study include teaching, European studies, media, philosophy, Business, Economics, Law, and German as a Foreign Language.
  • Technical University Graz – More than 8,000 students (14% international) learn in state-of-the-art facilities for the sciences, architecture, and engineering at TU Graz. Presently, TU Graz is involved in 41 EU projects, 11 competence centers, and 11 key research areas, leads 8 Christian-Doppler laboratories, and has 6 Start-prize winners.

Did you know that Thal, a suburb of Graz, is the birthplace of local celebrity Gubernator, Arnold Schwarzenegger?


Famous Salzburg’s (meaning "salt mountain") wealth of cultural offerings and proximity to the mountains provide a range of activities for a town small enough to preserve a village-like atmosphere. Visit the birthplace of Mozart or the sites featured in the Sound of Music. Also check out events like the Salzburg Music Festival, and the Europrix multimedia awards.

  • Paris-Lodron University Salzburg – A medium-sized university with 11,000 students, fields of study include Arts and Humanities, Divinity, Law, Natural Sciences.

This urban center still shows signs of the industry,but is attracting new visitors all the time. Highlights of Linz include the Ars Electonica Center Museum of the Future, the historic downtown and the delicious lure of the world-famous Linzer Torte. Settle into one of Linz's Café's or beer gardens along the Danube river and soak up the atmosphere.

  • Johannes-Keplar University Linz – Known for its natural sciences departments (study chemistry, physics, math and business all in English) as well as it's American-style campus that allows students to walk from dorm to class. Also a short tram ride away from downtown Linz's offerings of café's, shopping and museums.

Planning Your Trip

The Scoop on Student Visas

If you intend to stay in Austria for more than 90 but less than 180 days as a student AND you are neither an EU nor an EFTA citizen, you need a national Austrian visitor visa (Visa D). The Visa D entitles you to stay up to 90 days within 6 months in the other Schengen countries. Stays for 6 months and above require a Residence Permit.

In addition to all documents needed to apply for Visa D or Residence Permit, your host University may issue you a letter which confirms your participation, housing, and verification of health insurance once you arrive on site. You will need to have this letter and be sure to show proof of health insurance to obtain your visa.

Visa applications should ideally be submitted at least 3-4 weeks prior to departure. See the Austrian Consulate's Website for the most current information.

Understanding Academics

In Austria, students enroll in one or more field of studies, in which they are expected to graduate after four to six years. Degrees in the humanities, economic and social sciences, law and natural sciences are called the Magister. Degrees in engineering and agriculture are the Diplom-Ingenieurs. Recently in accordance with the Bologna process, many universities have begun to introduce a Bachelor degree.

  • The academic calendar in Austria runs from approximately September/October to January/February and February/March to June.
  • Students might not have homework, tests and quizzes all year, but one large final exam at the end of the semester to determine a final grade.
  • Transcripts are not always issued at the end of the semester, so you should be sure to follow all necessary procedures and save all work to be sure to get credit.
Social Life Beyond the Classroom

Austrian universities offer myriad opportunities to get involved in social circles outside of the classroom. Whether you’re interested in Alpine skiing, or big bass band, finding a group of students on campus who share your similar interests is a great way to make friends.

Do an Internship – There’s no better way to gain real hands-on work experience. Consider an internship for a chance to work with in an international environment and hone your foreign language skills to sharpen up any resume!

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IES Abroad Vienna

Studying abroad will always remain one of the best decisions I have ever taken during my college career. It was an opportunity for me to learn about myself more. I am already an international student...
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IES Abroad Vienna

As a voice student, I always knew that I wanted to study abroad in Vienna. If I could spend another semester (or year, or years!) in Vienna, I would do so in a heartbeat. I could attend the opera and...
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