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CEA Study Abroad in Shanghai, China

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Study abroad in Shanghai and experience life in a city that's shaping the global economic scene. As China's largest city, major port town, and "Gateway to the West," Shanghai is a rapidly growing metropolis that many young Chinese consider a golden land of opportunity. Shanghai may be all modern on the outside, but the city's ancient past is tucked just under its iconic, modern skyline; just explore its many parks, canals, and bridges to catch a glimpse of Shanghai's rich history. Immerse yourself in local student life as you take classes alongside Chinese and other international students, while gaining language fluency, studying Chinese culture, and taking courses that meet your academic, personal, and career interests in subjects such as global studies, nutritional science, communications, East Asian studies, business, and Chinese language.

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Cultural Studies
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High School Diploma
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Included: Pre-departure Support; International Health Insurance; Orientation; Housing; Volunteer Opportunities; Computer Lab; Internet connection; more. Scholarships available
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