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The Cuba Fellowship

After 50 years of being closed, Cuba is finally open again. Explore this time capsule of a country with classes in government, economics, and history while exploring downtown Havana and the island's incredible beaches with The Cuba Fellowship.

The Cuba Fellowship is the best study abroad program for students to explore the next-door island that has been completely cut off from American influence for half a century. Stanford and Emory alumni who studied abroad extensively joined forces to build an incredible 21st-century study abroad experience with The Cuba Fellowship. Students go on group excursions around the island, visit the best museums with curated content, and still have the freedom after class every day to explore and to practice speaking Spanish.

Spring Break 2017 Fellowship
Dates: March 19 - 24, 2017

Summer 2017 Fellowship
Dates: May 21 - June 10, June 11 - July 1, July 2 - 22, July 23 - August 12

Apply now before the spots fill up!

  • 1) Study Abroad in Cuba while you still can!
  • 2) Explore a country that's been closed to Americans for 50 years
  • 3) Visit the US embassy: possibly even get to meet the US Ambassador
  • 4) Learn about Cuba's economy and literature through the lens of modern government and Hemingway's relationship with Castro
  • 5) Excursions, ferries, beaches, entrepreneurs, and awesome friends: Check out the video!
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Art History
Conflict Studies
Conservation and Preservation
English Literature
Peace Studies
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The Fellowship Fee covers all of the below:

* Housing accommodation with other students
* Planned meals weekday breakfasts + 2 group lunch / dinners per week
* Classroom Instruction coordinated by T.C.F. staff
* Travel health insurance via HTH Worldwide
* Local phone (for in-country calls only)
* WiFi access (speed varies by location)
* Professional staff support at host site
* One group excursion per week
* Transport to and from excursions
* Orientation with Arrival Package
* Dedicated pre-trip support from D.C. team

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  • Academics 8.7
  • Support 9.4
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 9.5
  • Safety 9.9
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3 Weeks in Cuba

My time Cuba was amazing! I am beyond grateful for the experience and the opportunity to go with The Cuba Fellowship (TCF). Going with an organization like TCF is something I recommend everyone to do. I maximized my experience in Cuba thanks to the educational structure that was put in place. I learned so much from class and also from locals. I was able to apply what I learned in class in my day to day activities. This summer I traveled to 3 countries and I have to say that I learned the most from Cuba. The experience is like no other, if you have the chance to experience this for yourself, do it! The staff is amazing and the friends you'll make are awesome!

Yes, I recommend
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An Experience Unlike Any Other

My trip to with The Cuba Fellowship was educational, safe and a whole lot of fun. The site directors do a great job of making sure all three of those are satisfied. The classes are super interesting and do a great job of outlining Cuba's history, U.S. Relations and the island's current state. Often times we would talk about a historical location then go see it in person right after class, this made the lessons very engaging. Don't be fooled, this trip isn't just class and historical tours! Cuba has a vibrant night scene for young people where you can meet welcoming locals along with interesting tourists from around the globe. The program encourages independent exploring and facilitates weekend adventures to other areas outside of Havana. The directors had answers to all my questions and provided resources for anything I needed during the trip. Overall it was an experience that transformed me with it's unique atmosphere and overwhelmingly kind and interesting encounters. I highly recommend traveling with The Cuba Fellowship or any Atlantis Project/Saffron Ventures cohorts.

Yes, I recommend
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I'm a very blunt person and when a program does a poor job I'm the first to say it. I really enjoyed my time in Cuba and the company. Liz was an amazing teacher and I definitely learn a lot from her. The day I arrive she gave me so much insight about the place and I was able to feel very welcome. Overall things ran super smooth and I would definitely recommend this program to really get a different perspective in life. This is a way to learn about another's culture by living it and having to experience cultural shock. And really reflecting on how others love their daily lives.

How can this program be improved?

I would have liked for the articles that we discussed in classes emailed before arriving or having copies to ready before class to have more to talk about.

Yes, I recommend
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Cuba was such a fascinating place. I learned so much about the people, culture, history, and political situation in such a short time. My program mentor Elizabeth was also wonderfully fun, supportive, and knowledgeable, and helped make my time in Havana even better.

I would definitely recommend that everyone take advantage of this amazing opportunity to study in Cuba while there is still time. You won't regret it.

Yes, I recommend
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A truly great program in an incredible location

Before I arrived in Havana, I thought I knew Cuba. I had spent a great deal of time studying the country’s history, its tenuous relationship with the United States, and I did my best to envision what I thought it would be like when I got to the Capital city. Very quickly, I was shocked by how much I didn’t know about this extraordinary place. It’s truly one of the world’s best kept secrets, for Americans at least.

After having traveled to Cuba, I am so optimistic about the future of the island. You can sense that the nation is on the verge of great things. I am so fortunate that I found this unique program when I did. One of its best aspects is the complete immersion into the culture that was an integral part of the Fellowship. Although I was only able to experience Cuba for a short time, I feel like I’ve spent a lifetime here thanks to the exceptional program staff. We went to so many great places that only the locals know about. Morning classes were supplemented by afternoon visits to some of Havana’s most famous historical sites. Everyone I encountered was so welcoming and vibrant, and that includes the group of students that I was with. Although our areas of study varied greatly, our shared love for Cuba made the program that much better.

There simply isn’t a better way to be introduced to this incredible nation. The intricate history of the island and the infinite idiosyncrasies of its people that I was able to learn about gave me an immense sense of empowerment for future travel abroad. The people-to-people exchanges I had every day were my favorite part of the trip, and my Spanish is so much more advanced thanks to the constant interaction. I’m happy to say that my experience in Cuba completely exceeded my highest expectations! I will definitely be returning in the future.

How can this program be improved?

It would be great if a more detailed itinerary could be provided in advance of the program. Otherwise, every aspect was great and I highly recommend the Fellowship.

Yes, I recommend

An Ideal Study Abroad Experience

I spent one week on the Cuba Fellowship, thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and would recommend it to any one of my friends who are interested in immersing themselves intensively and educationally in the Cuban culture first hand. I was not entirely sure what to expect when coming here, but was pleasantly surprised by the balance between work and “play,” as the mornings were occupied with studies on topics such as US-Cuba relations and Hemingway, with afternoons left for free time to explore Havana. Personally, I appreciated the freedom to explore the city on my own terms with the fellow students on the group, while still feeling as though I learned relevant information to my career, and had insightful conversations with college students from all over the country during class. I would have maybe suggested a bit more information about the Cuban Revolution, which I find to be a particularly fascinating topic, but nonetheless enjoyed the discussions specifically revolving on the history of Cuba’s relationship with the US, punctuated by a trip to the US Embassy here in Havana.

The Cuba Fellowship did an excellent job of finding a great housing option with the most caring and considerate host family I have ever met, and I really appreciated the opportunity to be able to experience Cuba such a personable environment. The group leaders, Joshua and Lauren did a good job of explaining things to expect around the city specifically due to the fact that Lauren has lived here for several years and knows so much about Cuban daily life. Other than being guided by Lauren and Joshua, I felt so free to explore and experience Havana myself, as I learned to navigate the different transportation systems and restaurants around the city. The Cuba Fellowship was great in that I immersed myself in local culture, was able to practice my Spanish, and meet so many fantastic Cuban people through interactions on the street or in taxis. One week was certainly not enough, as I wish I could have stayed for the entire three-week time period, but I am most definitely eager to find any way to return to the city to use my experiences from the Cuba Fellowship to frame future visits to Cuba.

Yes, I recommend

Incredible Cuba trip

The best way to travel is with great people to interesting places. That is The Cuba Fellowship.

This was one of the best weeks of my life. From exploring Havana to deep conversations with the other Fellows, every day was full to the brim with memorable moments. We visited places throughout the city - museums, parks, the US Embassy, and restaurants - and every step was a new discovery. I learned about the history of Cuba from the government's perspective and from the view of Cubans we spoke with. To experience it all with the other fellows and with a feeling of safety the whole time let me relax and made it all so memorable.

The country is changing and I kept thinking how amazing it is to have visited now before Old Cuba is gone is many ways. Highly recommended this Fellowship.

Yes, I recommend
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Awesome Experience in Cuba!

The Cuba Fellowship is the opportunity of a lifetime, and it’s a unique experience on multiple levels. First, there’s the group of people traveling with you. You’ll be in good hands with knowledgeable staff who have carefully planned the details of your trip and are there as a resource for you during your stay. And then there is the group of fellows--if your trip is like mine you’ll be surrounded by smart, talented adventure-seekers who make exploring Cuba even more fun, all while becoming new friends. Then there’s Havana. It’s a stunningly beautiful place. From the vibrant colors, to the architecture, to the old cars that roam the streets, its visual appeal is unmatched. There’s also a great local art scene, tons of live music, and a variety of food and drink options. The prices are beyond reasonable. You can “eat like a Cuban” for about $2-3 USD per meal--things like bistec (steak), black beans and rice, plantains, etc. were all common (and delicious). And you’ll also have opportunities to spend a little more on upper-end restaurants if you want, though you’ll still find them much cheaper than in the US. Taxi rides, souvenirs, and anything else you’d spend money on, are also much cheaper than their US equivalents. Lastly, Havana is incredibly safe. I was amazed at how helpful and kind the people were, along with how non-threatening the environment was. Even when we traveled in smaller groups, we had total peace of mind the entire trip.

I took away so many good memories from the trip, so it’s hard to narrow it down to a few favorites, but I’ll try. Our group had the privilege of scheduling a private meeting with the US ambassador to Cuba. The whole process of getting into the Embassy was intense (multiple security checkpoints), and just by entering the building you were reminded of past US/Cuba tensions. The ambassador talked to our group for 30-45 minutes, giving us a summary of the relationship with Cuba and his hopes for the future. It was a rare opportunity to get such insight from someone of his position, especially in such an intimate setting. Another important takeaway came from our trip to the Museo de la Revolucion. The exhibits here document Castro’s takeover and the government’s accomplishments since. While informative, it was interesting to read materials that were intentionally propagandistic and at times ran counter to the opinions we had heard directly from locals. There was also a significant portion of the museum dedicated to criticism of American government. Again, this was fascinating and an important reminder of the history of our country’s relationship with Cuba.

All in all, it seems like Cuba is changing quickly. We heard a lot about the transition from government-run to private businesses in multiple sectors and, combined with the influx of tourism, it seems like there is positive economic momentum there. Many of us wondered how quickly Cuba might change, and that remains to be seen. Not only is it an amazing place, but now is the time to see it, while you can catch a glimpse both of what it was and what it will be.

How can this program be improved?

We were there for a week and got to see Havana extensively (which was awesome!) along with a beach outside of Havana. If we had a little more time, it would be great to see more of the Cuban countryside/mountains/other areas outside of Havana.

Yes, I recommend
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It really matters who you travel with!

Cuba is absolutely amazing. I was blown away by how safe, nice (even the slum-streets of Havana are cleaner than NYC), and inexpensive traveling in Cuba was. I was also blown away by how much traveling with such an amazing group of people, specifically the cohort I was on that was brought together by The Cuba Fellowship, makes a difference in the study abroad experience. They really screen who they allow to come on the trip to ensure the optimal learning environment and adventure for the whole group. It really makes a huge difference in traveling with amazing people that can amplify the amount of Cuba you experience together. I couldn't be more thankful for the program The Cuba Fellowship developed and that I had the opportunity to go on.

How can this program be improved?

I would have loved to have seen more cities than just Havana, but we could only do so much with our time there.

Yes, I recommend
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Exploring Cuba With Amazing Fellows

I go to school with a lot of rich people that can and have traveled anywhere they want in the world. However, until recently, it was impossible to visit Cuba--and even now, the ability to go is restricted to excuses to enter the country such as studying abroad. I got a kick out of the fact that my travels made them jealous. But Cuba is much more than just a bragging right, and The Cuba fellowship is far more than just an excuse to enter Cuba. The Cuba Fellowship provides you with the guides, support, and pairs you with the right students through their cohorts to maximize your learning and experience while in Cuba. Even if it were possible to travel to Cuba for cheaper on your own, which I doubt, I still would choose going with The Cuba Fellowship every time because the way they have designed their program allows you to see, learn, and experience four-fold what you could discover during the same time period on your own.

How can this program be improved?

The only improvement I can even think of, is having housing located in the center of Havana.

Yes, I recommend
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A brilliant time in a brilliant country

The Cuba Fellowship was an extraordinary experience. I really got to experience Cuba, and not just the fancy tourist areas. We stayed in a colorful neighborhood just outside of the main tourist areas, so I got a chance to practice my very basic Spanish with locals: ordering food, negotiating cab rides, exchanging money, etc. It was a pleasant surprise discovering that I could actually get pretty far with the couple years of Spanish that I had.

The program itself was a blast! I learned so much about the country. The trips were fun, educational, and creative. The other fellows were all friendly and impressively accomplished, and I was glad that we were all able to become so close through the course of the trip. I highly recommend the Cuba Fellowship to anyone interested in experiencing a truly unique culture at an historic time. You’ve got to have a sense of adventure, but if you do, it will be well worth your time.

Yes, I recommend

About The Cuba Fellowship

"Study Abroad in Cuba While You Still Can"

After 50 years of being closed, Cuba is finally open again. Explore this time capsule of a country with classes in government, economics, and history while exploring downtown Havana and the island's...