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Learn Spanish & Volunteer in Cuba


  • Based in the heart of Old Habana - you will stay in the best, most exciting/vibrant/fun neighbourhood in Habana!
  • Our programs include accommodation, meals, Spanish lessons, professional dance lessons, cultural tours and activities, volunteering... everything to help max your time here.
  • Amazing value and action packed - our Cuban crew will immediately make you feel at home.
  • Our clients are all ages and all nationalities.
  • All your questions answered about Cuba's history, how Cubans live today and what the future may hold - and how we can learn from Cuba!
  • 1-3 Months
  • Host Family
  • Hostel


Combining the best of our Learn Spanish, Dance & Culture program with meaningful volunteer placements – conservation and community work in Playa Giron, AND volunteering in Havana. These volunteer placements will help you connect with Cuban people, understand their culture and history, and give you an opportunity to make a real difference!

What to Expect

Spend the first four weeks in Havana, followed by two weeks on Cuba's south coast with a weekend excursion to Vinales. Activities include Spanish and dance lessons, cultural excursions, and conservation and community work in Playa Giron and volunteering in Havana.

Included/Not Included
What's Included
  • Dorm-style accommodation at Casa Jakera
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Intensive Spanish lessons, dance classes, and cultural excursions
  • Volunteer placements and support
  • Two beach excursions
  • Two-night trip to Viñales Valley
  • Airport Transfer
What's Not Included
  • International and domestic flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa fees
  • Museum entry fees
Housing & Meals

Participants will stay at Casa Jakera in dorm-style accommodation with separate toilet and shower facilities. Enjoy shared dining rooms and indoor/outdoor spaces, including a roof terrace with views of the streets below.


Breakfast and lunch are provided daily at Casa Jakera.

Price Details
Extra night (accommodation and meals) - $35
Airport transfer - $35 each way

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Start Dates

First Monday of January, April, July & September

Program Reviews

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  • Support
  • Fun
  • Value
  • Safety

Program Reviews (3)

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27 years old

Cuba Will Steal Your Heart


There are some trips that you remember fondly, some you might look back on as exhausting, and then there are those that actually change your life, heart, and perspective forever. Jakera's Learn Spanish & Volunteer is absolutely this last option. With a combination of a thoughtfully built and well-run program, and the setting of the absolutely unforgettable and unique Cuba, I promise you will find these 6 weeks too short.
The program was 2 weeks in Havana taking Spanish classes in the morning and then having a cultural activity in the afternoon (either a salsa class - my FAVORITE! - or an interesting cultural tour around important sites in Havana), then 2 weeks volunteering in a beautiful small beach town called Playa Giron (where the Bay of Pigs happened), and then the final 2 weeks back in Havana taking Spanish classes again and volunteering with local programs.
Housing both in Havana and in Playa Giron was in a central location, comfortable, clean, and community-building (without wifi and with travelers from all over the world, people build a close knit community so quickly and easily). Every single night people in the house would either sit on the terrace, play cards, talk for hours, go out dancing, go for a walk around the city, go for a drink, walk the Malecon, etc. No boring moments when there are always people around wanting to explore and experience Cuba with you!
The Cuban staff is AMAZING. They make you feel welcome, comfortable, invited, at home, and like family. The Spanish teachers are professionals who are well-trained in Spanish instruction and also always open to suggestions. They are helpful and warm, and they make you laugh constantly. The house staff will even also help you plan out travels you might want to do around Cuba on your own, after the program has ended!
The volunteer opportunities were varied and purposeful; construction, wildlife preservation, cultural activities with children, aiding art programs, and more. The program is still growing, so I know they will be continuing to look for even more ways to get involved although we already stayed quite busy!

I know people always want to hear about the "cons" as well, but I didn't experience many. The "cons" as far as I could tell were all things that were simply "Cuba," not the program. For example, the heat and humidity - not Jakera's fault, but certainly made work more exhausting in the summer months. At times the water or electricity would have a moment when it would go out, but it would always come back on before long. Also one volunteer program changed things on us at the last minute. But this is just Cuban culture - they don't adhere to specific schedules very often. The Jakera staff was always ready with a Plan B if this happened, and always kept a positive mood going.

Overall, I absolutely loved this program. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to give back to the community and actually experience (not just pass through as a tourist) an entirely new culture while traveling. Cuba is a magically unique place. I have traveled a lot, and I can honestly say I've never been anywhere so special. Planning a return trip as I write this, and will go through Jakera again!

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20 years old

My first cigar


After a long 2 hour trip to Viñales,we had a spot of lunch, and got ready to go horseriding through the scenic valley there.The mountains were amazing,with lush green trees all around, contrasted with orange sand everywhere.As uncomfortable as the horses were, it was an enthralling experience to canter through such an amazing place as a way to go sightseeing. After a while, i started seeing these straw huts everywhere.I later learned from the tour guide they were tobacco curing houses, places for tobacco leaves to dry, to make into cigars. I heard we were going to see a cigar farmer,and we would have an opportunity to buy some. We all reached a small hut where a farmer gave us all a sample cigar, dipped in honey, because thats what they traditionally do there. I never had a cigar before that, however, i thought it was fantastic. we saw him roll them in front of us, and we then had them in the most amazing setting, it was a real ethnic experience. I subsequently bought 20 of them for 60 cuc, however no cigar experience could ever match that same feeling of my first cigar, in Viñales.

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22 years old

Visit to Cuba


Thought it was a great program and got to learn a lot of Spainish and loads about Cuban culture there is so much to experience in this amazing country the cars,the beaches,the dancing,the people who are kind and friendly. Everywhere you go there is fun reggaeton music coming from the bicycle taxis and cars and the colours and design of the buildings is both eyecatching and beautiful. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to have fun,experience a new culture or learn or improve upon their Spainish

How can this program be improved?

Maybe more time in viñales

About the Provider


Jakera have been running student programs and delivering travel solutions to clients around the Caribbean and South America since the mid 1990’s. In 2012 we completed a long planned project to bring our student clients to Cuba (we first traveled to Cuba in 2003).


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