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Oct 04, 2023
Dec 13, 2019
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The La Habana program offers an unparalleled opportunity to visit this enchanting island and legendary city to learn about its culture and society. It will also provide a unique occasion for understanding firsthand the multiple layers of history that make Cuba significant in North America and in Latin America.

The courses and your experiences outside the classroom will focus on the history and society of Cuba, with particular attention focused on exploring the impact of slavery and Cuba’s African roots on its culture and religions, as well as the present-day political and economic factors Cuba faces in its future. This is your opportunity to examine not only the history of former Spanish colonies, but also the twentieth-century, during which Cuba played a significant geopolitical role.

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There are LGBTQIA+ friends, colleagues, and allies throughout the world. However, cultural understanding of gender identity and sexuality does vary from country to country. USAC has compiled a lot of resources to help you through that learning process.

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Environmentally-conscious students choose USAC because many of our programs are held in some of the most sustainable countries in the world. There are options to take coursework in sustainability and the environment, as well as field trips and studies where students can leave a lasting impact on their host country.

Program Highlights

  • Explore this fascinating Caribbean nation with complex, interesting politics and history
  • Study from the ground level the impact of African, Spanish, and American influences on Cuban culture and society
  • Enjoy the stunning natural beauty of this tropical island—its beaches and bays, lush vegetation, mountains, plains, and robust agricultural areas
  • Join field trips to significant nearby areas in Cuba


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Yes, I recommend this program

Challenging in all the best ways

My trip to Cuba was plagued with medical issues and not knowing what was going on with my body. In Cuba, cell service is rare, so I couldn't Google my symptoms at the drop of a hat like at home or call my mom to get soothing pep talks. I had to rely on the people around me, the community of students and professionals, as well as my own wits. That experience was tough. Through my challenges I was strengthened, and I learned that I can overcome really tough obstacles- even when I'm scared. I loved it. I would do it again tomorrow if I could.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Do. Every. Extra. Trip. Every activity or offering
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Yes, I recommend this program

USAC Havana, Cuba January 2016

It was honestly one of the most eye-opening experiences from seeing a different culture as well as going without internet or phone service for the 3 weeks that I stayed. I did have the option to pay for slow internet or pay to call home but I decided to save the money and live in the past. I rode in cars older than my parents. I got to try new foods and listen to many Cubans tell me about their life. I was pushed outside my comfort zone by going 'alone' meaning that I didn't have any friends or family that went with me. I made friends in the same group as me and we all looked out for each other and had an amazing trip.

What would you improve about this program?
Remove afternoon classes unless they are the 1 credit optional ones. Afternoons should be used to go exploring. So unless your professor is taking you on a field trip, you shouldn't have classes in the afternoon. Otherwise I feel like you're missing part of the 'aboard' in study aboard.
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Yes, I recommend this program

USAC Cuba 2016

It's the people as much as the location that make the experience! I used USAC for two separate trips. Cuba was unique- with a political component that is significant in current events. The history incorporated into every day life is also unique. This program is incredibly affordable and a memorable experience. I recommend staying with a host family (although they can't technically call the accommodations such). If you're picky about food, this isn't for you. Otherwise, I enjoyed the inexpensive cuisine. Try the pizza!

What would you improve about this program?
air conditioning
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Yes, I recommend this program

Cuba forever in my Corazon

This was my first time studying abroad and I couldn't have chosen a better program, than the program USAC offerd for La Habana, Cuba. The Director and everyone, including professors, touring guides, locals, couldn't have been sweeter. This experience was life changing. Even though we didn't have all the resources available to us so easily, it became such a humbling experience and made you appreciate everything you have back at home. The professors were super knowledgeable and tried to make the educational portion very interesting and fun. There is simply so much to see and to learn. The optional week offered is a MUST. You see so many cool places and learn about all the different regions and history. I dream every day to go back. #CubaLibre

What would you improve about this program?
I loved everything about the program!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Loved this experience

I had the time of my life on this trip. Havana is beautiful, and there's a lot of fun things to do and see. USAC does a great job organizing fun and educational experiences, and they find relatively great housing for students. They also offer a week-long tour of the island, which is incredible and critical to the experience considering most of the country is not like Havana. There's a lot to learn about the history and culture of Cuba, and the trip will dispel many misconceptions Americans have about US-Cuban relations. The classes are really what you make of them: my experience was that the Cuban professors USAC partners with are very kind and knowledgeable, but there's a lot they won't talk about unless you ask. Havana is very safe, but because of the economic situation there be prepared to be bothered for money. Also be prepared to go without some privileges: water pressure, air conditioning, free toilet paper, use of your debit/credit card, etc. Overall an unbelievable, unique, and eye-opening experience, especially because these may be historic times for US-Cuban relations. Just about everyone on my trip wanted to go back soon.

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Yes, I recommend this program


Great program with great people, but after a while the lack of resources (A/C, water pressure, drinking water, etc.) in Cuba can get a little old. We had a week long tour of the island, which was the best part, and I can't recommend doing that enough. Havana felt safe, but the constant haranguing from taxis and people trying to sell things could get annoying. There is tons to explore within walking distance of the accommodations, so you're never bored. One thing that I wish I had listened to: bring hot sauce! There is nothing spicy there.

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Yes, I recommend this program

La Habana

Studying in Cuba was one of the most eye-opening and different experiences I've ever had. Because of our political relations with Cuba, there are so many misconceptions as well as curiosities surrounding Cuba and its people. Getting the opportunity to go to a place where American citizens cannot freely go was exciting and a once in a lifetime experience. USAC did a wonderful job of engaging us with the people of Havana, as well as showing us outside of the city. Having studied in this program makes me want to go back to Cuba on a daily basis, there is still so much to experience!

79 people found this review helpful.

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