AIFS Study Abroad in Prague: Semester or Academic Year
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AIFS Study Abroad in Prague: Semester or Academic Year

Spend a semester or year in the picturesque city of Prague. Earn up to 18 credits through a variety of courses studying at Charles University.

Students take courses in business and economics, art history, political science, history, literature, film, sociology, psychology, Czech language and more. Courses are taught in English and no previous Czech language study is required.

Live in a student residence hall well connected to the rest of the city. Enjoy cultural and social activities such as visits to museums and cultural sites, opera, theater and ballet performances, sporting events, a trip to Moravia and more. Optional trips include Krakow and Auschwitz, Southern Bohemia and Salzburg, and Vienna or Budapest and more.

AIFS offers non-credit internship opportunities for students interested in enhancing their résumé while abroad. A 2-week intensive Czech language and culture course is also included at the start of the program to help students acclimate to life in Prague.

  • 2-day excursion to Moravia
  • Boat cruise on the Vltava River
  • Visit to a Bohemian glass-works factory
  • Czech cooking class
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AIFS is a premier provider of study abroad programs. Comprehensive fees cover tuition and housing with $800,000 in scholarship and grant funding available each year. A meal plan, tours and excursions, insurance and 24-hour emergency service are also included. Coordinated AIFS Flight Packages are available.
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Program Reviews (25)


Prague is my True Love


My study abroad experience with AIFS Prague has truly been one of the highlights of my college career! Between the beautiful culture of the Czech Republic and the wondrous AIFS Staff, my studies have been perfect. Renata and Jenny are the most caring and helpful people I have ever met and Z is definitely the most knowledgable! AIFS Prague not only focused on making my studies effective, but they also made sure my cultural immersion experience one I will never forget. The weekend trip to Poland was one of my personal favorite out-of-Prague expeditions and I highly recommend it to all students coming into the Prague program! I thank them all for their hard work and dedication to me as a student and I hope I will get to study with AIFS again soon! Prague has become my true love and will always be held close to my heart!

20 years old
University of North Carolina- Wilmington

Best Study Abroad EVER!


Having never been in Europe before, I was really nervous about studying in Prague, where the language isn't English. However, as soon as I arrived, the AIFS program staff was absolutely incredible and helped us with anything and everything we needed. Between figuring out how to send postcards, finding the best places to eat, going to the doctors, and riding the metro, the staff helped us with everything. I had an incredible semester and AIFS provided us with so much-including weekends trips, opera and ballet performances, cooking classes, and weekly walks around Prague. I couldn't have asked for better program directors. All my worries were put to ease the second I arrived in Prague.

How can this program be improved?

I wish we had more full group activities, such as dinners. After the first few days, I didn't see half the students in my program because everyone is on different schedules. It would be nice if AIFS scheduled a big dinner every 2 weeks or so, so that everyone in the program could get together. (Even if the dinners were in the dorm restaurant). I also wish the London trip that came with the flight package was more organized. There was little structure and at that point, we had little experience navigating big European cities. I didn't like how we were basically dropped off in london with no guidance until the 2nd day.

21 years old
Adelphi University

Beyond Expectations


AIFS was an amazing experience from the beginning. After leading us on an organized stop in London, we were welcomed at the airport by amazing staff and transportation making travel easier than ever. One of my few disappointments was the dorms we were living in. They were small and not very welcoming, but we came to find that it was more of a reflection of the culture itself rather than poor accommodation of the program. Throughout the entire semester the faculty was beyond accommodating and extremely supportive. AIFS not only provided staff to help us acclimate to a new culture, but they offer many opportunities to emerge deep into your host country's culture (and often for free) such as a night out at the ballet, an afternoon in the cafe, or a day out touring different parts of the city. Affordable excursions to other countries through AIFS were also well organized and extremely entertaining. One of my most memorable experiences was the trip to Moravia with the staff. We traveled through the Czech countryside seeing towns, churches, wine cellars, and even going touring a cave. Another great aspect AIFS offers is volunteering in schools, or at an animal shelter. Spending one day a week teaching elementary level students english was extremely rewarding, and made my bond with Prague even deeper. Prague is an amazing city, but AIFS made my experience beyond anything I ever expected.

How can this program be improved?

22 years old
Stonehill College

Best experience ever!


Prague is one of the safest cities in Europe. It has so many things to do from museums, cafes on every corner, underground bars, good eats, and lots of places to visit (within the city). The public transportation is amazing and super easy. AIFS does an amazing job of helping you adjust to your new surroundings, getting you out and exploring, and being there for you any time you need them. The Staff are some of the nicest, fun, caring, and supportive people I have ever met. You will not be disappointed in AIFS and Prague!

How can this program be improved?

Nothing it was unreal!

21 years old
Drake University



When you come abroad, especially to Prague, it's so easy to travel all over the country! Traveling was something really important to me; I knew that I wanted to see as much of Europe as possible. I was able to visit 12 different countries and it was all because I was located so centrally in Europe in Prague that it was an easier time for me to get around. Traveling to new countries was exciting and a learning experience each weekend. You see a new place with new people and a whole different culture! You learn how to adapt to situations and become independent. The memories made in each new country are special for the big experience and every little detail that goes along with it. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and go on a new adventure!

How can this program be improved?

I truthfully can not think of any way to improve the program because it was spectacular; it exceeded my expectations.

22 years old
Austin, Texas
University of Texas- Austin

Magical city and wonderful program!


Going into my semester in Prague, I wasn't sure what to expect from a city and a country I was unfamiliar with, but in the end, I couldn't be happier to have had this experience. The city looks like it was taken out of a fairy tale and there's so much to see and explore. The school I studied at, Charles University, is one of the oldest in Europe and has a great program and so much history. It's also located in the center of Prague, so you can spend time in a historical cafe or the castle gardens before or after class. The program with AIFS only helps to make your experience better. They do a wonderful job of introducing the city and the culture to students and offer so many great activities ranging from a walk in a historical district or trip to the ballet to weekend excursions in other cities and countries. With a great program and a lovely and unique city like Prague, what's not to love?

21 years old
Chicago, IL
College of Charleston

Spring 2016 Prague


I wanted to study abroad in a country that not many people have heard of, and not many are familiar with the Czech Republic. I love learning about architecture and Prague is the perfect place to study it, and I always had something new to look at. I have spent 4 months here and still run into new neighborhoods with very unique architecture every weekend. This city has been an amazing temporary home for me, and I got to explore smaller cities in the Czech Republic and outside the country as well. The excursions were incredible, and I am so glad I went through AIFS. I went on a few trips with friends, and had a great time getting to know different cultures. Overall it's been such a wonderful semester, and it will be difficult returning home!

22 years old
Ohio State University

Spring Semester 2016


Prague is an incredible city that is centrally located in Europe. The staff and excursions were all excellent and willing to help out in any situation. The professors were all extremely accommodating to travel plans. The AIFS cultural activites each week were helpful in getting to learn more about the city. Volunteering at a local high school was also a great experience to lean more about Czech culture. It was a great semester, with even better people! jkhdjkfhj

23 years old
Austin, Texas
University of Texas- Austin

My study abroad experience through AIFS


I previously traveled to Prague before I decided this was the location I wanted to study abroad; after my first visit I thought "Whoa, this place is beautiful. I need to live here". Living in the Czech Republic was vastly different than briefly visiting for a couple of days. Those in charge of the program usually warn students of culture shock; I strongly believed that I would never be affected by this and was confident that I could transition into a new environment easily. Honestly, it was hard. The Czech people are very, very different than Americans. Small luxuries that I was very used to from living in the US were not available, which was apparent in our housing (although we were in the nicest student dorms available). Throughout this process, the members of the AIFS staff were unbelievable. They served as a resource to help us transition into this new environment, we could talk to them about any and all problems, ask them for good restaurants and local hangouts, get book suggestions, among many others things. I believe that my study abroad experience could not have been better through any other program, AIFS made me feel comfortable, organized the best housing and amenities available, and were generally a positive and cheerful group to be around. I would not have chosen to do study abroad any other way!

How can this program be improved?

I wish we had more opportunities to meet the locals and foreign students

21 years old
Naples, Florida
Florida Gulf Coast University

Best Experience


The AIFS Program in Prague is absolutely wonderful. The staff is always available for concerns and questions, and makes the students feel like family. AIFS also offers lots of cultural events and excursions, as well as several fantastic weekend trips. I have nothing to complain about. The program completely blew away my expectations! I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking to study abroad.

How can this program be improved?

There is very little I would change... Perhaps the only thing would be an easier way to receive mall.

22 years old
Pittsburgh, PA
University of Pittsburgh

Amazing Program


Prague is the most incredible city. I loved that it was culturally different from home, but AIFS staff helped make me feel more comfortable. It is an all inclusive program, which means that you don't have to worry about housing, meals, transportation, and more. While there are some additional fees for optional trips, it's great that they offer those in addition to other cultural activities, like cooking classes and hiking trips. I would 1000% go back to Prague and I would most definitely use AIFS again.

How can this program be improved?

The only improvement for this program would be to have the dorms closer to the city center. Of course, it's just a 10-15 minute metro ride in, but it would be great to be in the midst of everything.

24 years old
Seattle, WA
Seattle Pacific University

Time of my life


I had the time of my life! AIFS Programs are all inclusive which make taking international trips so easy! The program includes a number of international excursions that you take with the students and staff in your program. They also offer a flight package which makes it so easy door to door. Their on site staff is amazing and provide support whenever necessary. I didn't feel like they were babysitting me, but they were a quick metro ride away for questions. Aside from the international trips, they took us on plenty of outings and tours, too!
I went to classes in the heart of Prague. I saw the Prague castle every day, and walked through the historic Old Time Square more times than I can count. I lived in the fairytale city of Europe and I miss it every day now that I am back. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

How can this program be improved?

The housing situation left something to be desired, only because the dorm was outside of the city, but a quick metro ride to the heart of it.

24 years old
United States
University of Michigan

Time of my life in Praha


My experience studying abroad in Prague far surpassed all of my expectations and I can easily say that those have been the best four months of my life. Prague is truly a magical city that looks like it is straight out of a fairytale. I could not have been happier with my decision to study in Prague through AIFS. The opportunities that AIFS provides you with allow you to fully immerse yourself into the rich culture and history of Prague.

I can’t say enough about how amazing this program is. AIFS offers so much for you to take advantage of during your time abroad. It was the perfect balance of freedom and structure. You could choose what you wanted to participate in, but the program directors were always available for any advice or help when needed. They planned cultural events to ballets and the sympathy, outings to historical cafes, tickets to sporting events, and weekly walks through different neighborhoods in Prague lead by Zdenek – or Z – who knows everything you could ever want to know about every European city. All of these activities were included in the program fee and you could go to as many or as little you want. These options enriched my experience by allowing me to fully appreciate the rich culture in Prague.

AIFS also offers a lot of weekend trips and excursions. There is an option to have AIFS organize your flights to and from Europe, with a stopover in London and Munich before arriving in Prague. This prevented much of the pre-departure stress and was a great way to get to know the people on my program. We also traveled all around the Czech Republic, went to Krakow in Poland, Vienna and Salzburg in Austria, and Berlin in Germany. The program directors came on the weekend trips and organized tours and activities for us. Go on as many of these trips as you can! They are so educational and fun and you’ll get to know the people on your program much faster on these trips.

Thanks to AIFS and the people I met I had the time of my life in Prague. I left a piece of my heart in Prague and I would give anything to go back and relive my experiences there. At the end of the semester I had 30 new best friends and we still keep in touch and have already made trips across the US to visit each other. If you’re at all considering studying abroad, just GO. Studying abroad with AIFS was the best decision I’ve ever made and the experiences I had have shaped me into the person I am today.

24 years old
United States
Florida Southern College

I had a great time studying abroad in Prague


One of the best months of my life. Met some great new people who I still stay in contact with today. I wish I could do it all over again.

How can this program be improved?

I did the summer program. I feel one more week would have been perfect.

24 years old
Thousand Oaks, CA
California Lutheran University

Homesick for Prague


I am literally obsessed with Prague. The minute our plane took off to head back to the United States, I knew I was in trouble. It was everything I could do to keep the tears back. I was devastated to leave the city that I had so deeply fallen in love with. To me, it was the most perfect place in the world—its graffitied buildings, the lack of a jar of maple syrup for less than $15, even the placid (sometimes read as unhappy) faces of the local Czech people. Prague is filled with a million paradoxes (Kafka, anyone?) that should make it unbearable but instead you become obsessed with the crooked streets, colored facades and fried cheese sandwiches. You can’t leave—not really, because you go back every hour in your mind. I made friends who (two years later) I still laugh with over Skype, miss the smooth cobblestones, wrote my senior dissertation on a book from one of my classes, and even miss the bitter wind that whips through the underground metro station during winter. DID I MENTION THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY IN EUROPE?

The AIFS program staff at the Prague are beyond amazing. I came into the office about a month into my time in Prague with tears running down my face, clutching my crashed computer, taking all my photos, memories and means of communication with anyone outside of Prague. I was instantly hugged by Zdenek- or ‘Z’ as we so lovingly refer to him- and he told me to save my tears for a time when I really needed them. I will never forget the kindness the entire office showed me on that day. And as for my computer, Barbora (another amazing program assistant) had her boyfriend RECOVER all my documents, photos and music and reinstall a new hard drive for less than 200 dollars. (I still use the computer to this day).

The weekly city tours, café visits, museum excursions and planned trips to Vienna and Krakow (and Auschwitz) were absolutely unforgettable. I’m pretty sure Z knows everything about every European country, kingdom and royal family ever. I feel confident that I can take my parents back (this summer!) and regurgitate some smidgens of the history I learned from Z.

I can’t say enough how amazing this program is, and how having a supportive staff and office to come home to makes it that much easier to step out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in all the Prague, and the Czech Republic and Europe has to offer.

This program gets a bazillion out of 10. Please go. You will regret it every single day if you do—I’m off to daydream of my home.

Prague will always be my home.

32 years old
Minneapolis, MN
University of Iowa

A Well-Orchastrated Trip of a Lifetime!


AIFS in Prague was a tremendous experience. The staff were so helpful and supportive--from the minute we got picked up at the London airport to the minute we departed. They made adapting to a new language, new city, and new way of living stress-free.

Prague is the most beautiful city in the world--to walk through its streets is to be walking in the midst of history and beauty. You will have tons of opportunities to explore this city on your own and with the AIFS group. You'll also have the opportunity to explore other cities in neighboring countries--which you should do! One of the perks of studying in Prague is that it is so centralized. You can access so many other places easily. I particularly enjoyed the trips to Poland and Vienna.

For history buffs, studying in Prague is like heaven. Instead of sitting behind a desk, learning from a book--the history courses take you out into the city, to where events actually occurred. It's the best way to learn history, and I'm thankful for the opportunity.

There will be challenges, as there are in any new experiences--but you will learn and grow so much in Prague, as you really step out and engage in adventure. Things will be brand-new for the first month or so, and then you'll be settling into your new routine. Prague finally felt like "home" to me after about two months--I was sitting on the subway with my laundry shoved in my suitcase, on the way to the laundromat. And in that moment, it clicked. I had done it! I had traveled to a new country, adapted to a new way of living, navigated a new public transit system, and managed to live "normally" all at the same time. It was really empowering!

Studying abroad will change your life--and studying in Prague will enable you to change your life in a beautiful, vibrant, cosmopolitan, old-world city.

24 years old
Reading, PA

Just do it. Czech it out.


I knew I always wanted to study abroad when I entered college but where to go and which program to study with were the problems? Then AIFS's program in Prague clicked, with all of the opportunities, its location and offerings. The language barrier was a little frightening upon stepping off of the plane; luckily you learn a few phrases that can get you around and you will be able to recognize your favorite foods on Czech menus. AIFS made studying abroad easy, especially while being abroad. It goes by fast- too fast. But it was one of the absolute best experiences of my life and would not change a thing!

24 years old
New York, NY
University of Maryland

Prague and Me


I loved studying abroad with AIFS in Prague. Classes were offered through Charles University, which included a two-week Czech immersion course before we began our semester classes. It was really helpful to go through the basic vocabulary and grammar structure as soon as we got to the country, but my favorite part about that class? I could see Prague Castle from my window.
Being away from my home university and the pressures of extracurricular activities freed up my time to enjoy the city. One of my favorite things to do, which prompted by an assignment for my literature class to "make a coffeehouse your regular spot," was to order an apple tart and cappuccino at Kavarna Slavia, the cafe across the street from Narodni Divadlo (National Theater). While going to a restaurant by myself in the middle of the day was something I would never do at home, I felt liberated to experience the litany of activities that Prague had to offer.
While the housing offered by AIFS was by no means fit for a king, I was generally satisfied with the building. But due to rumors of the washing machine shredding clothes, I would make a 14-stop tram trek across the city every other Tuesday with my clothes in plastic bags to do my laundry safely. The most difficult part of the living situation was the less-than-adequate "kitchen," which included a mini-fridge, two hot plates, and any kitchen supplies that were left over from other residents. As a vegetarian, I really could have used a better kitchen to prepare my meals, as I found myself reboiling leftover pasta because I couldn't heat it any other way. Otherwise, it was useful living in a building that wasn't totally occupied with students - when my siblings came to visit, they were able to stay in a room on the floor above me.
The staff at AIFS was really friendly and helpful. I loved taking trips with AIFS, especially because they planned trips to places I probably wouldn't have considered traveling to otherwise, like Brno in the Eastern region of the Czech Republic and Krakow, Poland. Our program included a lot of free opportunities for day trips, walking tours, and cultural events in and around the city, though tickets were limited and you had to sign up at the program office before they ran out. They were able to recommend anything from apartment services to restaurants in the city and were so dedicated to getting to know students on a personal level. These things definitely made me appreciate going to a smaller, more personalized program such as AIFS Prague.
I have already recommended this program to several friends and will continue to recommend it. While Prague on its own has so much to offer to students, AIFS only enhanced its amazing opportunities.

24 years old
Austin, Texas
Texas A&M University

Opportunity of a Lifetime


I honestly could not have asked for a better experience studying abroad. I went to Prague with AIFS during the summer of 2010, and the six week program was everything I had hoped for and more. Not only did I have an incredible cultural experience, I came out with lifelong friends and a group of 22 people we all still fondly refer to as our "Prague Family."

During my time there, I took an art history class and a Central European history class. Both classes provided a different look at the city I was living in; history was academically challenging and the professor was phenomenal, while art history utilized an experiential teaching method with tours of museums, galleries, churches, and so forth. However, AIFS is a program that balances work and play perfectly, ensuring that we experienced all of the culture that Prague has to offer. While in the city, we had the opportunity to partake in trips to historical cafes, tours of the city and castles, etc. Zdenek Benes, a.k.a. "Z," who accompanied us on our travel excursions and led our tours, is the most knowledgeable man I may have ever met. He knows all there is to know about Prague and enriched our experience very much!
Honestly, all of the staff at AIFS Prague are incredibly helpful, knowledgable, and friendly. The excursions planned by the staff were exceptional; we met in London, traveled through Moravia (historical Czech wine country), visited Krakow and Auchswitz, and went to Vienna. In each location, our itineraries balanced planned activities with free time to explore, and these trips were unbelievably fun. I think our travel opportunities were very special, as I know many other programs don't provide as many changes to explore Europe.

My advice for anyone considering traveling to Prague through AIFS:
First, go on as many excusions as possible! I was fortunate enough to be able to go on all of them, and am so thankful. These are when the group bonds the most, and you get to experience places that you may never have a chance to visit otherwise. I know that people who missed out on them were disappointed. Second, get to know the staff. (Especially Z and Jana, if they're still there!) They're there to help you in any situation, and you want to be comfortable with them. Take it from someone who had to go to a doctor, who spoke no English, while in Prague- you want the staff as backup when you're in a pickle. Third, learn basic phrases and try to use the language as much as possible. This not only makes it easier to navigate the city and interact with the locals, but the locals really appreciate it. Even if you're terrible, the mere fact that you respect their language and don't assume they speak English is good. Fourth, take public transportation. The metro is fantastic in Prague and AIFS gives you a pass! And finally, eat the goulash. Every day.

Bottom line: Go to Prague with AIFS. It will be the best decision you ever make.

24 years old
Denver, Colorado
Carthage College

For a cultural, social, and educational experience


The best thing about studying abroad with AIFS is the cultural experience that you get to absorb. AIFS Prague staff are your gateway to the entire city as well as the surrounding areas. All inclusive weekend trips, free theatre tickets to ballets, plays, and all that the theatrical world of Prague has to offer, as well as walking tours only begin to describe this experience. And that is just the AIFS part of the trip. Forget the fact that you will be in one of the most stunning cities in the entire world. You are surrounded by history, culture, a great night scene, and overall a fantastic experience. And AIFS does everything and more to give you a home away from home. People seem to always be waiting for their life to begin. My life felt like it was given soul in Prague. It began to breathe in Prague. Plus, the beer is pretty darn good..

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