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Oct 30, 2023
Mar 04, 2019
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Examine a Europe in transition to understand the future of business, computer science, technology, media, and Fine arts in Europe and in the world. Diversify your resume with IFSA's unique Professional Development Project research opportunity. Maximize your experience by connecting with IFSA's local network of academics, entrepreneurs, legal experts, Czech- and foreign-owned businesses, hacker spaces, and NGOs.

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  • A cutting-edge curriculum offers electives in business, graphic design, information technology, fine arts, communications and media, and a core course that explores Europe in transition
  • Live and study in the lively city of Prague, a compelling vantage point to explore issues relevant to the Czech Republic, Europe and the world
  • Small class sizes offer the opportunity to engage directly with Prague College's experienced international lecturers
  • Robust local network of academics, entrepreneurs, legal experts, Czech- and foreign-owned businesses, hacker spaces and NGOs
  • Take part in a Professional Development Project, where you'll engage with local businesses and expand your industry knowledge

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Yes, I recommend this program

I want to go back!

IFSA's program, Reimagining Europe, was awesome! Not only is Prague an extremely safe and livable city, it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I lived in a single room in a 6-person apartment in the Vinorhady neighborhood. The area was close to public transport, making going downtown really easy. This semester, the program consisted of 6 students, making for a really tight-knit group. The course workload was very conducive to my schedule of exploring both in and out of the Czech Republic. If I was ever in need of academic help, Prague College offered many resources. Outside of academics, I had a great resource in my Resident Director, Jana. As a Czech citizen, she was very helpful in making sure the group understood the social and cultural aspects of living in Prague as an American. I am waiting for the day I can return to Prague, all thanks to IFSA!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Don't Uber to the airport! Save yourself some money and get on public transportation- they take you straight there!
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Yes, I recommend this program

So happy I did it

IFSA has created a wonderful experience in Prague:
* The housing was amazing, so much better than any academic housing I have lived in before. My flatmates were amazing people (also students) with a good mixture of other IFSA students and others. It was spacious, clean, right in the middle of Prague, and the neighborhood was beautiful with plenty to do.
* Prague College, the school, was a unique and refreshing experience from American university. It is so small that staff really connect with you, students are friendly and all very involved in student orgs, and class sizes were smaller than twenty in most cases. I found the work to be less demanding than American school (tests and quizzes aren't really a thing) but at the same time more rewarding (projects are the emphasis).
* The excursions were fantastic, and all memorable. Hiking trips, staying in the countryside, visiting new parts of the city, historical tours, etc. You won't be cooped up in Prague the entire time (not that being cooped up in Prague would be a bad thing).
* The staff (both of IFSA and of Prague College) are some of the best people. The resident director Jana was simply great. She took her job seriously and was always happy to share her knowledge and experiences. I always felt that any concern I could possibly have would be handled by her, and she was always had something fun planned around the corner. Plus, she plays the accordion pretty well and without her the Czech language is an enigma. The Prague College staff were, without a doubt, some of the most well educated and brilliant people I have met. Also, they are truly international group with some amazing perspectives. And, (I only include this because I know it can worry some students) their English is very clear. I have professors in America that I can hardly understand through their accents, but no such problems at Prague College.
* This last note is somewhat unrelated to IFSA and more a characteristic of the city of Prague: food is affordable. I spent $2,000 or more on a campus meal plan in the US that only gets me cafeteria-grade food. In Prague I was not careful with my spending, I ate out at restaurants every day, the food was amazing, and I still spent less than I do with a university meal plan. I miss it :(

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing I would change about this program is try to find a way to let students have one day a week, either Friday or Monday, free from classes. This would give a nice long weekend to students to get out and enjoy even more trips and excursions!
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