Summer School in Cambridge, England *NEW Program*
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Summer School in Cambridge, England *NEW Program*

2017 prices now frozen until 30th September!
If you weren’t able to join us for our ever popular summer school this year, 2018 is closer than you think. Choose from our most popular courses, such as Academic Discovery (8-12’s), New Perspective’s (13-15’s), Broadening Horizons (16-18’s) and Global Business Management and Finance (19-25’s). 2018 could be your year to spend the summer of your life studying a subject that feeds your passion, whilst making new friends in one of the most beautiful University cities in the world. And with prices frozen until 30th September 2017, it’s never too early to start planning your future!

Our Cambridge summer school enables students aged 16-18 to explore Oxford's picturesque location, equally well-known for its breathtaking architecture and academically-renowned university. Our students live and study in the accommodation of Clare College, enviably located alongside the River Cam.

Aside from the perfectly-manicured gardens and historic buildings of its 31 constituent colleges, the city offer students a rich cultural experience that belies its size: the Fitzwilliam is the largest of Cambridge's museums and holds an impressive variety of artifacts from all over the world. This scholarly environment is the perfect place to study one of our dynamic Summer School courses, from Law School Preparation to our Summer Enterprise Program.

Can't choose between our Oxford or Cambridge summer programs? Intellectually curious students are more than welcome to book four weeks and attend both!

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Program Reviews (8)


Clare College


Went on Business and Enterprise program at Clare college, and it was absolutely brilliant. The teacher were top notch, the living and staying was fantastic. But overall the friends ties it all together. Really recommend ORA, beautifuly highstandards.

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18 years old
Cayman Islands

My experience at Oxford Royale Academy, Clare College


I was the first Caymanian student to be accepted into Oxford Royale Academy with a scholarship. Naturally, I was nervous as it was a new environment with different cultures that I had never experienced before but as soon as I arrived on campus I felt safe, loved and made friends to last me a lifetime. I participated in the Global Leadership Programme which was one of the most challenging courses especially for me who had minimal knowledge on certain topics. But luckily I had willing classmates who were always there to help me out and the most amazing teacher who herself works out in some of the worlds dangerous places trying to bring peace. This summer I was challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone and because of that I graduated with flying colors, receiving an A in my course. I had an amazing adventure and I would recommend this program to anyone.

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17 years old

Great experience


I was doing the Global Leadership programme for two weeks at the Cambridge campus. Even though the programme itself had its disadvantages and due to us being the first ever year on Cambridge campus some staff members were lost and unaware what is going on, this was still an unforgettable experience. The main thing you get from those programmes is the friends from all over the world that you find, and with who you have really interesting time during the 2 weeks, and most likely you will keep being friends with those people for the time after the course. It was definitely worth it in my opinion.

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18 years old
University of Deusto



I enrolled on the Business and Enterprise programme because I´m starting college this fall and I wanted to learn the basics of economics. As soon as i got there i realised that there was people from all over the world. Meeting new people from different countries and cultures is always enriching.

Regarding the programme, the lessons were pretty challenging, at least to me. However, if you were focused and payed attention the teacher would always answer all of your questions and try to explain things twice or three times if needed. In addition to it, if you need extra help the teacher wouldn´t hesistate to stay after class and help you.

Without any doubt a life changing experience. Two of the best weeks of the entire summer.

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18 years old
Cambridge College



Deciding to enter ORA has been the best decision in my life! I was taking architecture program there, because that is what I want to study later. I have to tell you that not did I just got an outrageous base for my future studies but realized that that is definitely something that I would enjoy studying. Classes were awesome and I had so much fun during them. But besides this there is one more important thing that I gained there...FRIENDSHIPS! You wouldn't believe how many amazing people I have met there and the best thing is that we stayed in contact. Also staff was so friendly and caring and we always had great time with them. Honestly without all of them it would not have been the same. If you decide to join ORA you can be assured of memorable activities (salsa classes, parties, going to musical etc.) that will make your journey complete. ORA is not just there to teach you about your choosing course, it is there to teach you how to except other cultures, communicate, be grows you as person. So do not hesitate for a second and join ORA. Trust me you want make a mistake!


The best I've ever been to


It was an unforgettable experience, and I highly recommend to anyone interested in getting to know more about their interest as well as meeting some amazing people whilst having loads of fun! I attended the Medical School Preparation course at Clare College, Cambridge and I really am glad I had the opportunity to go. I had a great teacher for the course who taught me a lot about how it will be like studying at med school, and after it, and great advice on the admissions tests and other things for admission to medicine. The activities organised were very fun and interesting and the counsellors were the best! Overall, it was an amazing experience!

How can this program be improved?

Just the food could be better, but the rest was amazing.

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18 years old
Siena, Italy

My experience at Clare College, Cambridge


Hi, i am Duccio, and this has been my first time in a College abroad. I have been in the Clare College of Cambridge.
Initially i was a bit scared of what would happen in those 2 weeks. I was scared about how i would have made friend easily even if it was my first experience.
When i arrived there, the atmosphere and the settlement "make my fears fly away". I have attended the IELTS preparation course with Yasin Hussain as my teacher. I needed to attend that course to improve my English skills in order to guarantee a better future in abroad work experiences, such as being a doctor.
In general it was a very nice experience, which i recommend to everyone.

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18 years old

My second year at ORA


This year, I decided to travel to Cambridge. After a warm welcome by the staff, I met my roommate. Sharing the room went very easily. It was so nice to have icebreaker activities to get to know each other. The good thing about ORA is that there are loads of opportunities to meet other people, for example the variety of activities, such as the themed parties, the Botanical gardens, carnival mask making, a London trip with a great musical, or even salsa and Latin dance. You can chat with new people from different nationalities. The lessons were given on a very high, academic level. Our teacher had a lot of knowledge about computers, which was necessary for the Computer Science Program. I also feel that my English improved during these two weeks!
I still have contact with friends from all over the world who are very friendly and who are always there for me!
For all the people who are still hesitating, don't think too long! The trip is really worth your new knowledge and the contact with new people who have the same interests as you have!

How can this program be improved?

The trip to the IWM in Duxford could be made a bit shorter. I would recommend to split the day in two parts: one museum in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

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Founded in 2004, Oxford Royale Academy is an award- winning provider of residential summer courses, headquartered in the ancient university city of Oxford. We are committed to providing academic excellence and superlative teaching standards to students from all over the world, enabling them to develop