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You get more for every dollar when you study abroad with CIEE! Our high-quality programs include tuition, housing, on-site airport pick-up, field trips and cultural activities, 24/7 on-site professional staff, and automatic iNext insurance. There are no hidden charges or surprises when you arrive, and scholarships opportunities are available!
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Jun 05, 2024
Jul 03, 2024
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It’s no surprise London remains one of the most popular destinations for study abroad students. Bustling with must-see art, music, theater, and fashion, the capital of the United Kingdom never runs shy of excitement or attractions.

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Program Highlights

  • CIEE London is located in the heart of Bloomsbury, one of the most vibrant and student-populated neighborhoods of central London.
  • Hit London’s highlights like the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, the British Museum, East London’s street art scene, and more.
  • Experience contemporary London entertainment by attending sporting events, concerts, and theater.
  • Depending on their program of study and availability, students may be able to participate in an internship or volunteer.
  • Do London on your own terms by customizing your experience through the Open Campus program. Take one, two, or three six-week blocks, select your academic track from six options, then choose your courses from a wide range of subject areas.

Popular Programs

CIEE London Summer Programs

Study abroad this summer in London and immerse yourself in this trendy metropolis brimming with culture, fashion, architecture, history, and food. Earn credits toward your degree with coursework on British theatre, business, politics, art, media, and social science.

CIEE London Semester Programs

All London courses complemented with CIEE co-curricular activities and excursions beyond the city to enhance classroom learning and provide intercultural understanding. Study at CIEE Global Institute in London or take classes at Goldsmiths, University of London, University College London or University of Westminster.

CIEE London January Program

Study abroad this January in London, a global hub for arts, music, fashion, and literature.

london landmark

With CIEE's Open Campus Block Programs, you can design your very own study abroad program to include up to three different locations for 6, 12 or 18 weeks.

Stay in one city the entire time or spend other blocks at our other Open Campus Block locations in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dublin, Kyoto, London, Madrid, Monteverde, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Singapore, or Sydney.

First Year Abroad in London

With its iconic red double-decker buses, the regal Buckingham Palace, and the energetic street markets of Camden Town, England's capital of London is a lively metropolitan city. From the historic Tower of London to the cutting-edge art scene in Shoreditch, every corner of this diverse city offers a new adventure.

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4.67 Rating
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  • 4 rating 25%
  • 3 rating 4.17%
  • 2 rating 0%
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  • Academics 4.35
  • Support 4.6
  • Fun 4.85
  • Housing 3.8
  • Safety 4.75
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Yes, I recommend this program


As a student studying global health, I don’t think I could have picked a better program to study abroad. Our professor was so knowledgeable and the discussions in class were engaging. The class made me enjoy learning and rekindled my passion for public health. CIEE was also very helpful in every situation and helped me make the most out of my program. From the excursions to day trips, everything was so well planned. It was easy to travel to other European cities, making the experience even better.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
I was surprised that I was able to travel so much while in the program.
  • the city
  • student life
  • academic course
  • housing
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Yes, I recommend this program

London J-Term: Britain's NHS

Spending J-term in London was an incredibly enriching experience! If you're looking for a study abroad program that won't cause you to miss any time on your home campus and may be cheaper than a semester program, the three week term in London is for you. My confidence increased greatly in navigating foreign cities, understanding different languages (there are over 300 in London alone!), and budgeting wisely. Most importantly, I learned how I like to travel best and what is most vital to me when exploring new locations. Studying abroad teaches you so much about yourself and increases the competitiveness of your grad school and job applications!

What was your funniest moment?
My funniest moment was doing karaoke with my new friends at the local pub two blocks from our flat!
  • Celebrating my birthday abroad!
  • Becoming a regular at my local pub.
  • Living in the same building as all my classmates.
  • If you want to visit attractions and sights outside of CIEE-sponsored activities, you need to budget far more than the program cost.
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Yes, I recommend this program

London gal!

It was super fun traveling aboard and finding your people. Long-time friends that will make the difference while being aboard. You get to meet a mix of incredible people all of whom have different storylines from you and want to share them. The positive environment helps you find a grounding despite being far away from home. Exploring the city is a lot of fun the markets are so fun and literally you lose yourself in a day just walking around. It is as easy as taking the underground and going anywhere your heart desires.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Feeling homesick around holidays or missing family members' birthdays was definitely nerve-racking because of course you want to be there but can't. Just being away from all things that are familiar to you is a scary process, but truly sitting with those thoughts is helping and remembering why you went abroad. Also once you have found those friends you trust it is easier to share your feelings and know you are not alone.
  • Meeting new friends
  • Making memorable memories
  • Exploring a new area
  • Homesick
  • Missing moms food
  • Missing friends back home
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Experience, Highly Recommend

Being in London was awesome, CIEE does a great job with making academics important but giving you time to have fun and travel. People in the program were awesome, made lots of lifetime friends and memories. If given the opportunity you have to go.

You only have class 3 days a week; two classes each day for 2.5 hours each. Nice thing about London is that travel to other parts of Wurope is pretty easy and you have plenty of options. Only thing about London that kind of sucks is that it takes a long time to get to the airports and the city itself is kind of expense.

  • Great location to travel to rest of Europe
  • Academics are great, not too hard by any menas
  • Awesome support from CIEE
  • Housing is small and hot (no AC) but that’s just London and Europe in general
  • City is expensive
  • Airports are far away
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Yes, I recommend this program

Comparative Public Health London & Amsterdam

As a person who is both incredibly passionate about public health and loves to travel, this program was the perfect mixture of learning and exploration. Delving into the intricacies of the UK's public healthcare system while doing on-site exploration was a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Moreover, the opportunity to gain a global perspective in the field of public health was invaluable. To do so in such a vibrant and lively city like London, has been wonderful. Really, nothing beats learning about public health and then hopping on the underground to go to Borough Markey!

  • Course content
  • City life
  • On-site explorations
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Food (lack thereof provided)
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Yes, I recommend this program

CIEE London Block I 2023

I was very excited for this program prior to arriving in London. Visiting the city was a major bucket list item for me and the CIEE curriculum and program events made my experience so exciting and fun. Our professors hosted several co-curricular activities, particularly the British Museum tour, a bus tour around the city where we learned about the history of the city, a tour of the pubs in the downtown area, and many more. Overall, I am very grateful for the experience that CIEE provided me with. I highly recommend this program to others.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Ciee study abroad London

Ciee London has their campus adjacent to Russell square garden in the neighborhood of Bloomsbury. Its the best place for a campus being only a quick walk from covent garden and soho. Its extremely clean and safe compared to other parts of the city. Every time I got off the tube and was walking to class I would think about how lucky I am to study in such a great area.

The classes are educational but don't put too much stress on students while they should be focusing on travel and experiencing life in England. Also flights from London are really easy to get and fairly inexpensive.

  • Easy and cheap to travel from
  • Easy to travel throughout the city
  • Clean city
  • Cold/ wet weather
  • Expensive
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Yes, I recommend this program

London CIEE January Abroad

The first couple of days in London (Monday-Thursday) went well, but definitely not as planned. From our first step off the plane into Heathrow Airport (London, England) my roommate and I fell very ill. Whatever has been going around, we got it, but luckily it has passed.

In terms of academics the first week included a light scheduled with two classes over the course of Thursday and Friday. The focus of Thursday’s class was on the origins of the NHS, Pre-NHS policies in Britain, and the chaos of medical care that consumed the UK prior to the creation of the NHS. Friday we focused on learning more about how politics and the NHS intertwine, where some would even argue that despite the NHS being a health service it is really a large scale political project.

Amongst our readings and assigned videos, one documentary recounting the history of the founding of the NHS really stood out to me. I will include some of my thoughts and comments on it below along with the video link.


Over the course of the documentary certain events of the early 19th century were pointed out to highlight the progression of thought in terms of how health was understood and managed amongst different communities in England and eventually in the country as a whole. Progression began with an emphasis on tackling infant mortality rates with midwives becoming more commonplace being granted pensions, salary, and standard of care training. While there were still many issues with the greater integration of midwives and the limits of what they could achieve, overall infantry mortality increased drastically. During this time middle class families held the belief that doctors were the appropriate professional to hire to usher in a new child, however midwives produced greater results due to the overwhelming amount of work doctors faced. Due to the expensive nature and busy schedules of doctors, vulnerable citizens such in low income brackets were left exposed and in 1911 health insurance schemes organized by local government to serve the poor were put into place. That said, unemployment was at an all time high and the unemployed, women, and children were left uncovered by any means of insurance. In fragmented communities this was addressed through medical aid societies where the community members would contribute money into a larger pool to cover medical expenses of community members. While communities like this were effective, pandemics (ie. Diphtheria) still impacted the majority of citizens and it was not until the onset of WW2 that the English central government finally began to address health concerns and initiate a vaccination program. This shift saw the central government's influence extend to monitoring the health of youth in schools and seeking to understand risk factors for health via experimentation at the local level. Finally, in 1948, the central government took the reins and control of public health by implementing the NHS.

What I found most intriguing was firstly the social health experiment conducted at the Paneer health center and the foundational knowledge of risk factors the experiment discovered, and two, the community of Judea where Aneurin Bevan was born and the influence that the medical aid society had on his eventual creation of the NHS. These two points prior to the NHS seem to have heavily fueled the creation of the NHS and informed its understanding and vision of public health.

  • Health Care Future Workers
  • Site-Seeing
  • Feels too short
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