Anyone can use a camera, though there is a fine line between an average photo and the iconic photographs we see in galleries and museums around the world. From stunning landscapes to busy cities and raw nature, every opportunity to shoot photography is special. Those studying photography already know this -- and that’s why studying photography abroad is a great opportunity few “shutterbugs” pass up.

While photography can be studied anywhere in the world, there are a few global photography hubs that offer students an exceptional experience. Studying photography abroad -- both the theory and the practice -- is a unique way to build up a diverse portfolio and gain real-world experience. Of course, all of this photo studying and snapping comes with a bit of travel and adventure, as well!

There are plenty of unique photography programs available that align with different learning styles and levels of expertise.

Study Abroad Program

In a traditional study abroad program, students will have the opportunity to study theory and practice in the field of photography. Often provided through art colleges or institutions, photography abroad programs incorporate both in-class and experiential learning.

Field Work/Internship

Much of the emphasis in photography is based upon producing a top-notch photograph. Students studying photography can find plenty of opportunities to add to their portfolio by working with art institutions, school, companies, or publications while abroad.

Discussion-Based Classes

In discussion-based photography programs, students have the opportunity to learn about both photography and visual art from renowned industry leaders. Mastering the theories behind taking the perfect photograph can be vital in informing students' practice in the field.

Research Theses

As a field of study, there are plenty of iconic photographs and notable photographers which are worthy topics for in-depth, detailed research theses. Photography students can choose to study in the places where the history of photography was shaped or where important figures in the field teach and work.

Given that there are loads of incredible places around the world where you can study photography, choosing where to go can be a real challenge -- but a good one to have.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is known for its stunning architecture, but its capital city, Prague, takes this to another level. Studying photography in Prague allows you to explore a colorful city with plenty of opportunities to shoot both beautiful cityscapes and the surrounding nature. Don’t miss the opportunity to photograph the “Four Bridges” -- including the famous Charles Bridge -- that span the Vltava River!


From the bustling side streets to famous Italian works of art, studying abroad in Italy is a culture lover's dream. Capturing the Italian “way of life” through its people, art, and food is a great way for you to bolster your portfolio. Plus, studying photography in a city like Florence allows you to practice your shots on famous buildings such as the dome of the Florence Cathedral.


Located in Central America, Panama is a great destination for lush nature, stunning coastlines, and exotic wildlife. The country is prime for adventurous photographers to work on their action-based shots. The lively Latin American culture and tropical climate that welcomes you isn’t too bad either.


Australia is another fantastic destination for any photography student looking to go overseas. While cities like Sydney and Melbourne offer stunning cityscapes, the Australian Outback is a great place to work on developing skills around lighting and shooting the natural world. Catching the sunrise at Uluru is undoubtedly on many photographers' bucket lists!

Planning a trip to study photography abroad can be a complex process. Before you go overseas, consider the following details to ensure you have a safe and memorable experience.

How to Choose a Photography Study Abroad Program

When deciding which study abroad program to go on, there are a few things that you should consider. Similar institutions can have very different programs depending on their area of focus, the faculty they have, funding, and more. Have a think about your photography skills and interests and be sure to choose a program that is tailored to your learning goals.

Location is another big factor when choosing a photography program to study overseas. Your host location will not only become your base, but your field work will most likely also occur in that setting. In this case, try to align your study abroad location with your photography interests, as well. For example, you wouldn’t travel to the Australian Outback if you are interested in cityscapes.

Another consideration is the tuition fee that you may have to pay, if any, to cover the study overseas experience. Different programs offer different courses and resources so be sure to understand what the program fees cover as well as any additional costs related to travel and living in that destination.

Health & Safety

If you are traveling overseas to study photography, taking basic precautions like getting up-to-date on travel vaccinations is always a good idea. Depending on the area of the world you travel to and how long you are overseas, you should become familiar with where to go in case of any health ailment that could arise. You should also look into purchasing travel medical insurance. In fact, some study abroad programs might require you to have it.

While using a camera isn’t overly unsafe, the act of shooting -- both what you shoot and how you get the shot -- can be the dangerous part. Especially when abroad, be aware of your surroundings as both a traveler and a photographer. Adhere to local laws, use common sense, and don’t endanger yourself in the interest of snapping the best shot.

Depending on the value of your camera gear, it can also be wise to purchase additional insurance when traveling to help protect your gear against potential theft or damage while studying abroad.

Other Need to Knows

Photography is an expressive past time and studying it can be fascinating. However, not everyone may think like this. When studying photography abroad, be sure to always adhere to local laws and customs about the usage of cameras. Ask your institution or trusted locals about what, when, and where you can or can’t photograph.

Photography Study Abroad Programs

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CEA Study Abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France
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API Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain
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Barcelona, Spain is a city of contradictions: old and new intertwined...

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad
Ultimate Summer in Europe: 10 Cities in 5 Weeks with Forum-Nexus
Multiple Countries
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Spend a summer in Europe while earning credits toward your degree...

CEA Study Abroad
CEA Study Abroad in Seville, Spain
9.86 •28 reviews

Study or intern in the heart of Al-Andalus culture: Seville. This...

API Study Abroad in Rome, Italy
9.71 •7 reviews

The capital of Italy, Rome has always been a cultural and political...

SAI Programs
SAI Programs: Study Abroad at Florence University of the Arts
9.78 •69 reviews

SAI invites students to surround themselves with the refined beauty of...

CEA Study Abroad
CEA Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic
Czech Republic
9.56 •34 reviews

Study in the heart of ancient Bohemia: Prague! With a growing economy...

API Study Abroad in Seville, Spain
9.64 •11 reviews

Seville, the capital of Andalusia and Spain’s 4th largest city, is...

University of Brighton
Summer School at University of Brighton
10 •14 reviews

This four week intensive summer program explores the British Education...

CEA Study Abroad
CEA Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain
9.31 •26 reviews

Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city, features a cosmopolitan...

Unitec Institute of Technology
Study Abroad in Auckland with Unitec
New Zealand
9 •21 reviews

Come and study at NZ’s largest Institute of Technology where we are...

Arcadia Abroad
Arcadia University- Umbra Institute
9.44 •9 reviews

Located halfway between Rome and Florence, Perugia, “the big...

CEA Study Abroad
CEA Study Abroad in San José, Costa Rica
Costa Rica
9.79 •14 reviews

San José, the capital of Costa Rica, blends urban life and natural...

CIS Abroad
CIS Abroad - Semester in Costa Rica - Universidad Veritas
Costa Rica
9.18 •11 reviews

On our Semester in Costa Rica program, you’ll live minutes from the...

CET Academic Programs
CET Prague at FAMU
Czech Republic
7.82 •17 reviews

CET Prague students are looking for a meaningful study abroad...

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