Athena Abroad Program at PICA in Paris, France

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Student Housing
Student Housing
Paris, France
Paris, France
museum classroom
museum classroom
Athena Students in Paris
Athena Students in Paris
Champagne Region Field Trip
Champagne Region Field Trip


The very city of Paris itself will be your classroom in this program with Athena Study Abroad! The Paris, France program focuses on the interaction of students with their surroundings-the city of Paris itself. Classes do not only take place in traditional classrooms, but also venture out to prominent aspects of Parisian culture, such as the Louvre or even walking the streets to learn about Paris' architecture and history.

This intentionally small program focuses on the student experience. Teachers are more than teachers. Students are more than classmates. The Paris, France program aligns with the Athena standard of students' cultural immersion.

To get more of a taste of the French culture, field trips are included in the program cost. Possible destinations include the Loire Valley Chateaux, Normandy, Burgundy, and Champagne regions, Strasbourg, Versailles, and Giverny. Other activities like hiking, a jazz club night out, and movie nights are also available!

  • The Paris Institute of Creative Arts (PICA) offers many different ways for students to express their creativity, from art to bookmaking, and students will learn in professional art studios!
  • Paris is rife with history, art, and cultural greats, such as Marie Antoinette, Monet, jazz, and cinema. What better way for what you learned in class to come alive than living right where history too
  • Students have easy access to transport, whether they hop on the metro or would like to travel to other European destinations
  • Get hands on experience working alongside professionals in their studio and witness the creative process. If you're not comfortable being just a number, then this program is just for you!
  • Field trips included in the cost of the program take students throughout Paris and beyond! Trips may include the Normandy, Burgundy, and Champagne regions, Versailles, and Giverny.

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Yes, I recommend this program

One of their first time running the program

It was one of their first times running the program and there was only one other student. So I got to know the professors pretty well and let me tell you: they are incredible people. They are all brilliant and passionate in their fields as well as wonderful human beings. When I missed my flight, one of them took me in to their home and family and I had one of the most enchanting nights of my time in Paris. I learned many wonderful things and hope to return soon.