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Annual tuition for international bachelor's degree students who are not Israeli citizens is approx. NIS 13,000 plus additional fees. Fees and tuition are updated periodically.

While the education is world-class, Israel invests in the future and as such, tuition is a fraction of what you expect to pay in the US!
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Accommodation Some Accommodation Activities Some Activities Classes SIM cards Travel Insurance Visa Wifi
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Nov 09, 2019
Mar 06, 2019

About Program

Earning a world-class degree, overseas, in English, at one of the leading universities in Israel - the startup nation!

We offer exciting programs in Communication, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Business Administration, English Literature, and Linguistics - all featuring some of the top professors, lecturers and researchers from around the globe.

Take advantage of one of Israel's largest campuses at a university with over 60 different research centers and think-tanks on a variety of social issues, STEM labs, and Israel's only nanotechnology center.

Bar-Ilan features a diverse student body with over 1,000 international students, hailing from North/Central/South America, Europe, Africa, FSU, Near/Far East, and Australia.

Bar-Ilan undergraduate degrees are recognized globally and open doors to graduate programs and jobs in a variety of fields and sectors.

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Program Highlights

  • Programs available entirely in English with world-renowned lecturers.
  • One-stop shop with "red carpet" treatment from arrival to graduation.
  • Central location, convenient to Israel's largest cities and attractions.
  • Diverse student body.
  • Affordable tuition.

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9.67 Rating
based on 3 reviews
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  • Academics 9.7
  • Support 9
  • Fun 9.7
  • Housing 9.7
  • Safety 9.7
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best university

Bar Ilan is the best school in Israel! When I decided I wanted to study here I knew with certainty that Bar Ilan was the place for me! Not only is it one of the top universities, it’s also known for having the friendliest most accepting campus! In bar Ilan you wont just be earning a respectable degree, waiting for graduation; you’ll enjoy the process. The campus is always filled with the best vibes, exciting events and friendly people. At bar Ilan you never feel alone! My teachers are the best around and are highly experienced in their fields! There is a program for everyone at Bar Ilan, from sciences to humanities you will find your place here! I am fortunate to be so happy with my school and my decision to study in Bar Ilan - that is a choice you too can make!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Bar Ilan University's Undergraduate Programs

After having made Aliyah to Israel seven years ago from New York, I began my journey at Bar Ilan University pursuing an undergraduate BA in Communications and Education. Bar Ilan is well summed-up as a vastly diverse institution where academically driven people can pursue their goals in an inviting enviroment. Studying Communications has opened me up to a world of knowledge and options for possible career paths. Bar Ilan offers an overall enriching university experience both academically - by broadening educational horizons and thereby leading students to pursue career-wise endeavors - and socially - from engaging in different recreational events on campus to forging connections with a range of people, therefore making it an ideal institution for all.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best University in Israel!

Bar Ilan University is one of the top universities in Israel. I love the fact that I'm having a wonderful academic experience and making many friends over the years throughout my degree. Bar Ilan is such a friendly campus, every day is filled with fun activities and great classes! We always have musical performances scheduled by the student government, as well as breaks between classes with tuns of activities. All in all Bar Ilan is a place that combines a great college experience both academically and socially! If your thinking about studying in Israel bar ilan is the place to be! There are many international students from all over the world merging into the Israeli society, and becoming successful after school in many careers. From tech companies, to marketers doctors, bio technicians and so on.. The career possibilities that Bar Ilan University can prepell you to are countless! Invest in you future. Invest in your future in Israel. Choose the best place for you to have fun and be successful simoltaneously. Chose BIU!

What was your funniest moment?
When a professor who I thought didn't know my name new my name. #life goals
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