CIEE Liberal Arts in Ferrara, Italy

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Spend a semester or year improving your Italian language skills and knowledge of contemporary and historical Italy in one of its most beautiful, renaissance towns.

Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced level Italian student, CIEE study abroad in Ferrara offers intensive coursework, homestay options, and cultural activities that will provide you with a challenging and truly immersive international experience.

Study abroad in Italy and you will:

- Study in a program that offers highly effective and innovative Italian language teaching for intermediate- to advanced-level language students

- Speak Italian every day in a true Italian environment

- Visit local festivals, art museums, and cathedrals; and join in group dinners

- Get to know nearby cities such as Mantua, Bologna, Siena, Venice, Verona, and Padua

- Enroll in university courses and study alongside Italians if you have advanced language skills

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  • Academics 6.5
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 8.5
  • Safety 9
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Ferrara Spring 2017

Upon arrival, I was very impressed with the level of thoughtfulness and preparation of the CIEE staff. The city is beautiful and easily navigable. I enjoyed the "college town" atmosphere greatly and had lots of opportunity to interact with the University of Ferrara and the ERASMUS students. I participated in the Advanced language classes and they have been the most enriching Italian classes I have taken in my entire college career. The faculty is wonderful and their style of teaching really suits a study abroad environment. My host mom was a gem, and it was really nice to have someone to go to and look out for me. She was a very genuine and caring woman, with remarkable patience and generosity! Overall, I would go back in a heart beat and would highly recommend this program to anyone. And if anyone has a chance to visit the beautiful Ferrara, do it!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Ciao CIEE Ferrara

CIEE Ferrara was the best decision I could have made for my study abroad experience this past Spring (2017). I was looking for a small program in a small town in Italy and that is exactly what I found. Ferrara is a quaint sleepy town in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Surrounded by old fortress walls that have been turned into a walking path, this town in loaded with charm and history. The market every Friday morning brings the town alive with citizens of all ages and Wednesday nights the local bars explode with young Italians out for a drink and cigarette. The program center is located a 5 minute walk to the central historical district and within biking distance to the train station. Everyone bikes or walks in Ferrara there are limited driving areas, which helps to preserve the old Italian way of slow living. During my program all 24 of us were in homestays. My host family was located outside the city walls nestle among the farm lands, in a very peaceful area with a path that meandered to the Po River (longest river in Italy). CIEE matched everyone up with the host family they believed best suited them, considering language ability, proximity to the program center, and interests. My host mom and I were destined for each other. We would enjoy 2 hour delicious fresh Italian dinners (pumpkin pasta is the town's specialty dish and it will forever be my favorite!) together every night where we would cover everything from travel to history to philosophy to literature. Having lived in Ferrara her whole life, I learned so much about Ferrara's history during those nights. In order to understand a place, you must understand the people and the homestay experience was my greatest resource for this. CIEE set up program dinners and activities around Ferrara and then longer excursions to Modena and Turin, which were so much fun and helped everyone in the program grow very close. I made amazing friends to travel with and experience Ferrara with. We would all meet up on Tuesday nights to eat at our favorite (and only option) Indian restaurant Taj Mahal and plan our weekend adventures. Situated in Northern Italy we traveled to many small northern towns on the weekends (we got most Fridays off to have 3 day weekends) and ventured further to Rome and Florence. Ferrara will forever have my heart and I am thankful for CIEE or I would never have found my Italian love!

How can this program be improved?
Given how small the program, there are not as many class options. Especially if you are part of the Liberal Arts program (for beginner Italian speakers) and not the Language & Culture (for intermediate to advanced Italian speakers), where you can take classes in Italian through the University of Ferrara.
Yes, I recommend this program

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