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The Middlebury School in Jordan offers cultural and linguistic immersion through a rigorous curriculum and adherence to the Middlebury Language Pledge. By promising to speak only Arabic while in Amman, students have the best chance of acquiring fluency and actively engaging in the local environment. All coursework is conducted in the host language, and students take their courses in a variety of subjects, from advanced Arabic classes to electives in Middle Eastern Studies.

The program is based at the University of Jordan, Jordan’s oldest public 4-year institution of higher education, established in 1962. With a strong emphasis on research, and a rich background in liberal arts, the University of Jordan is an excellent host for students of all academic backgrounds.

  • All course work is conducted entirely in Arabic
  • Students adhere to the Middlebury College Language Pledge
  • Housing with host families
  • Internships for full-year students in their second semester
  • Co-curricular excursions and activities

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  • Academics 8.5
  • Support 8.8
  • Fun 7.8
  • Housing 8.5
  • Safety 8.8
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Learn Arabic and live in Jordan

I had a really wonderful time studying abroad in Amman with the Middlebury program. I loved traveling around the country and exploring different parts of Jordan outside of the capital. I enjoyed meeting friends from the University of Jordan as well as other students on the program. I wasn't proficient at Arabic when I first arrived in Jordan but improved tremendously over the course of the semester, largely with the help of my professors and the program staff and my host family and friends. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to live in a beautiful and fascinating country the Middle East for a semester! I only wish I had stayed longer.

How can this program be improved?
The language pledge was a little too strict, in my opinion, but it definitely helped with language acquisition. One of the electives wasn't that interesting or organized, but classes change from semester to semester so it's difficult to judge.
Yes, I recommend this program

Middlebury in Jordan

The Middlebury school in Jordan is a fantastic way to learn Arabic and get immersed in Amman! The capital of Jordan isn't a hub for partying or getting lit, but it supplies an incredibly deep and comprehensive view of international aid or security work in the region. Amman has an active ex=pat community, and the intrepid student can meet both locals and foreigners working on the hottest middle east issues of our time. Note that in order to truly enjoy your time on the Middlebury program, you have to really put yourself out there. If you make the most of your opportunities for mentorship, community engagement, and much more, you can find a real space for yourself in this global hub of social change!

How can this program be improved?
Students who are not committed (to either the language pledge or community immersion) can ruin their own experience, and can isolate others from potential learning. The administration is doing very well, but can yet improve, in encouraging those students to not come on the program if they are not ready for it, or to excel and push past their comfort zone when they're here.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A Challenging but Fun Adventure

When you couple Amman's charming dysfunction with the difficulty of the Arabic language pledge, finding your way in this program is a challenge, but rewarding adventure. Seeing your learning/language skills progress throughout the semester is an exercise in patience and determination. The teachers are excellent (especially Fusha and Aamiya), Middlebury staff is great, and Jordan language partners/mentors are invested in befriending their American counterparts.

Students live in homestays for their 1st semester, which was by far the most fun/rewarding experience. I lucked out by having the best host mom, who became a close friend, but others might not have lucked out as I did.

Emphasis on getting out of the "Middlebury bubble" is strong, important, and one of the strongest aspects of the experience. Academically, students have project week, investing in a pertinent Jordanian topic, and often have assignments where they must interact with Jordanians. "Days of exploration" encourage students to get out and know Jordan. Also, the program staff creates a culture where exploration in Amman and relationship building with non-native English speakers is encouraged.

How can this program be improved?
Other people did not have as positive relationship with their home stays as I did.

I think the Middlebury program needs to better communicate expectations about and the rigor of the program (particularly with respect to the Language pledge) to non-Middlebury students.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Loved My Experience at Middlebury Jordan!

This is the best study abroad program in Jordan if you want to learn Arabic. Immersion really helps with your conversation skills and also your confidence. The staff was great and they will help you with anything, but you do have to take initiative and ask questions. One of my favorite parts of the program was the weekend trips; we explored some really amazing places in Jordan from Wadi Rum in the south to Aljoun in the north. Academics were challenging because they were all taught in Arabic, but I preferred that. If you get a chance, take Yousef Hamdan's literature class. At once the hardest and most rewarding part of the program for myself.

How can this program be improved?
There are some areas where I felt like the program could have had a little more oversight. I wish they had checked in with us and the host families on a regular basis, because that was the area where I and a lot of students had the most issues. Same with the community engagement activities - because they are required and also a very uncomfortable part of your first few weeks, I would have appreciated it if the program's staff had been with us throughout our community engagement to guide us through. Some of us never really got the hang of it on our own.
Yes, I recommend this program

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