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Jul 02, 2022
Nov 23, 2019
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Morocco is a country with a rich history and a diverse cultural heritage.  This north African nation located at the intersection of Europe and Africa has amazed travelers with its bustling markets, amazing architecture, breath-taking scenery, and most of all its wonderful people.   Morocco’s geo-strategic position make it a destination where Arab, African, and Mediterranean civilizations meet and produce insightful and inspiring experiences. 
Qalam wa Lawh's Arabic study abroad programs are ideally suited for students wishing to:
​-Acquire the Arabic language rapidly at the renowned Qalam wa Lawh Arabic language center in Rabat, Morocco.  Courses in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Moroccan Arabic (CMA), Classical Arabic, Arabic Literature, and Media Arabic are available.
-Serve the local community through volunteer activities dealing with social, economic, and health issues.
-Expand knowledge through specialized Area studies courses and lectures in Arabic, English and French.

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Program Highlights

  • Best-in-class Academics team with ample opportunities for integration in the local community
  • Large campus in the heart of Morocco's capital
  • Accommodations in student residence or welcoming host families
  • Rich cultural activity program including workshops, excursions, guest lectures, and weekend trips

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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience at the Volunteer Club

Translated from Arabic: The first week in Morocco was a little crazy. On the first day when I arrived in Rabat and left the train station, I was confused. This was my first solo trip without my friends. For me, it was my first trip outside Europe. I was watching everything carefully, for example, the palm trees, which do not have much in my country, the streets and buildings with beautiful Moroccan decorations, etc.

The first thing I expected was that I had to pay a lot of money for the taxi and I did, I paid more than was necessary. After that, I was looking forward to coming to the Pen and Tablet Center and getting to know the program. One of the important aspects of the Center's program is the clubs. I didn't think much and I chose this club and became a member of it. My first activity with the club was a visit to Jannat Association and we celebrated Ashura with them. After that we started work on our projects: "Humanity Without Borders" and "Make a Future" project.

I personally started working as a volunteer at the East-West Foundation and created an English conversation class for immigrants and locals as well. The first meeting was amazing, so I met the club members and talked a lot about different topics. After introducing myself the students at the institution asked me a lot of questions about my country and my culture, and we had a meaningful and rich dialogue.
This club helped me so much that it gave me a chance to talk to the locals and learned a lot about it Morocco, its traditions and the real lives of Moroccans. I also became practicing Arabic on the street and with various social strata.

In my opinion, it is impossible to get to know the culture completely without talking to the locals.

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María Fernández
Yes, I recommend this program

Qalam wa Lawh: cultural, academic and personal development

It was in the university when I started studying Arabic. The approach to the language there was so purely academic that I felt frustrated and imagining myself having a fluent conversation in Arabic was just impossible. All this changed as soon as I made the decision to start my studies in Qalam. After 6 years of Arab studies, I began to feel comfortable speaking the language, and both the teachers and the educational system carried out in this academy, make sure that each class that I received was worthwhile.

It was not simply the classes in small groups which made my level improve in just two months, all the complementary activities that are carried out during the week are also very helpful: immersion with Moroccan people through the clubs, excursions to places of interest with Moroccan guides, conferences of different topics each week, linguistic discussions with native university students every Thursday...

For all these reasons and for the kindness of the staff that make a huge effort to make the academy work, I consider that studying in Qalam wa Lawh was one of the best decisions I have ever made at an academic and personal level.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
The trip to the Sahara desert, among others. Well-organized and enriching experiences
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Yes, I recommend this program

I couldn't have asked for more! :D

Learning languages is a lifelong learning and in this school I had the opportunity to grow up after my university studies. I really recommend this school for everyone who wants to improve or learn Arabic from scratch, from every age and level (the advanced ones too). Teachers are amazing, able to meet your needs and to make you improve in a very efficient way. You can really perceive their great abilities, excellent preparation and unique methods in teaching Arabic. Then, all the staff is fabulous: always so kind, patient, available to help you from the easiest things and welcome people with a big smile! Finally, this school offers so many opportunities to practice the language outside the classroom and get to know the country 100%. Actually, learning a language means widening your horizons towards new cultures and ways of living and here, thanks to this school, you can really understand what does it mean! I couldn’t have asked for more! :D

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
Sometimes when we think about Morocco we think about a very far country and culture. Actually, we are much closer than we think... here you can feel at home everywhere and everytime. As Moroccan people say: "My home is your home" and this is exactly how I felt. I has been so surprised to discover how this experience has marked me deeply and how staying here has helped me to widen my horizons and go beyond!!
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Yes, I recommend this program

High-quality training and lovely environment

Studying in Qalam Wa Lawh has given me the opportunity to practice my Arabic at all times, in class and outside of it, because all the staff is very committed to the linguistic immersion of the student.
Classes are completely delivered in Arabic by a group of highly qualified teachers in teaching Arabic as a foreign language, what makes them understand all the issues and obstacles that we may face. I highlight the quality of teaching, the dynamics of the classes, which deal with current issues and culture in Arab and Islamic countries, and the commitment of teachers with personalized attention.
In addition to the daily classes, you have the opportunity to receive tutorials once a day with a private teacher, so you can present any doubts about vocabulary, grammar or writing that you have. Even if you do not want to work on any of the above, you can dedicate the time of tutorials to talk and improve your pronunciation.
But, if there is something that makes Qalam Wa Lawh even better and is the wide range of activities that they offer in order to share or improve your skills while speaking Arabic: Weekly lectures delivered by a Professor from a Moroccan university or institution (for working our listening skilss while we learn from different topics as the Amazigh culture, the Moroccan identity or Human Rights associations in this country), Weekly field trips in Rabat (for discovering the Moroccan society through its universities and institutions), Cooking Club (for working your culinary skills learning to cook Moroccan dishes), Volunteer Club (for getting engaged with the community of Rabat itself), Media Club (for working your Arabic while reading and writing articles and news), Arts Club (for sharing your astonishing artistic skills...).

I would definitely recommed this program to a student that wants to improve his level of Arabic and learn about Arab societies through a carefully designed program, both intense and dynamic.

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Carlo Lapo
Yes, I recommend this program

Study Arabic at Qalam wa Lawh Center

I studied Arabic at the Qalam wa Lawh Center in Rabat for three months. I attended a course in standard Arabic and Arabic media and I found them excellent. The teachers are all native speakers and have special qualifications for teaching Arabic. In addition to the standard Arabic course, the school offers various types of courses, such as a Moroccan dialect course, an Arabic literature course, a course in arabic media and many others. The institute also offers a scholarship called the "Ibn Battuta Scholarship". In addition to school activities, the institute offers extra activities, such as weekend trips to various locations in Morocco. I really appreciated the teaching method thanks to which I was able to improve considerably my language proficiency. Even weekend trips are excellent and very well organized.

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