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  • Spain
    • Madrid
    • Barcelona
  • Germany
    • Berlin
  • Switzerland
    • Geneva
  • France
    • Paris
  • Italy
    • Milan
    • Florence
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Art History Arts Business Communications Cultural Studies Economics European Studies International Business International Relations Liberal Arts Marketing +1

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High School Diploma Associates Bachelors


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Voyager Europe provides an unrivaled cultural immersion experience that includes course- and city-specific activities in some of Europe's most important cities including Madrid, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Milan, Florence and Barcelona. For the length of the program, students stay in a modern air conditioned university residence. All overnight stays outside of Madrid are in highly-rated four-star city-center hotels. Travel between cities is by planes or high speed trains.Students can take up to two courses and earn 6 credit. Courses are: New Europe, Art in Society, International Business, Intercultural Communication and Global Marketing Management. Voyager Europe is a summer like no other at a competitive price.
Apr 27, 2019
Sep 17, 2016
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About Program

There’s an entire world out there filled with culture, art and once in a life time experiences. An entire world of learning and adventure waits for you right outside your door. And getting there has never been easier than with Voyager Europe. With Voyager Europe, you’ll travel to 7 cities and 5 countries in the course of a month. Your Campus will be the College of International Studies (CIS) in Madrid. Throughout the course you’ll travel with your professors to Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Milan, Florence, and Barcelona. All the while learning and experiencing the art, culture and beauty of Europe.

And in an effort to focus more on learning and the experience we utilize high-speed trains and planes to drastically cut down on travel time. And when you do travel away from campus you'll stay in a four star hotel to ensure that you're comfortable and able to learn more and worry less.

With Voyager Europe, the focus is on you, your experience and your education.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Something You Don't Want To Miss Out On!!

Voyager Europe was one of the most special experiences of my life. Not only was the experiences educational but it was life changing! I learned a lot about every single country we went to such as popular food dishes (you will have a hard time being a vegetarian in Europe! ), nightlife and historical sites. This program not only had classes in a classroom setting but the program planners organised for classes outside the classroom setting in the form of walking tours in each city we visited and other fun things like cooking classes, tapas tastings and visits to many of the countries' most successful and interesting businesses! Mike who was the program organiser is amazing and extremely helpful and understanding, he and the other voyager staff plan out everything for you so you have no stress and they also allow for free time and free days in each country so you can do whatever you like during that time as well. The Itinerary fit so many events in just a short amount of time which allows you to make the most of the little time spent in Europe (1 month for our group). The best part of the trip are the amazing hotels rooms, all 4 or 5 star hotels which really help with the hectic travel itinerary. Overall I would definitely say that this is a program that you would not want to miss out on, as the friend you will make and the experiences you will have are unforgettable. I would for sure sign up for this program again!

What would you improve about this program?
The travel itinerary can be less stressful for students as it can be very tiring, therefore students should be prepared for little sleep, however this would be the case for most study abroad programs in Europe.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The best ever!!!!!

Voyager Europe was an experience like no other, previously I have been on one other study abroad program but it was no comparison. When I picked Voyager Europe I had no idea what I was getting myself into, a month seems like a long time, but trust me when I say it goes by fast. Everything was organized and we didn't leave a city without learning about the cultures and I got 6 hours of college credit and unlike my friends study program we weren't forced to be in a classroom all day everyday. Mike made sure that our learning experience was not just textbook based. I loved everything about this program and loved how it was organized and we were lucky enough to get multiple free days to explore the different cities on our terms. In Berlin on one of our free days a group of us went on a Segway tour, and then went biking through the streets we ended the day watching Germany play soccer in the fan zone. My favorite thing about Voyager Europe is that Mike makes sure that we have the best time because he knows its our trip! 10/10 would recommend!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fun Learning Experience!

Are you on for the challenge to travel from place to place in one month? Do you like to travel to Europe? Are you interested in learning the history and culture of places in Europe? If you answered YES to all of these question then Voyager Europe is for you! If not, then you can still continue reading. Voyager Europe is a program that helps student know about places in Europe in the best way possible which is by being immersed to the culture itself and safe at the same time. Most if not all, of your learning happens outside the classroom. Not only do you learn but you can definitely get credit for it! How amazing is that! By the time you finish the program you will feel a sense of accomplishment! Well at least that's what I felt after doing the program twice (Summer of 2015 & 2016) . But I do have to tell you that it would be a little challenging because you are going to travel to a lot of places in one month. But then again everything would be worth it!

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Yes, I recommend this program


I met people (in the program) that I will probably keep in touch with for a long time. It is very important that when you go abroad, you make an effort to immerse yourself in the foreign cultures. Try new foods, meet new people, do new things, attempt to speak a foreign language, etc. Studying abroad should be a requirement. Living in such a different culture is incredibly exciting and intellectually stimulating and MUST be experienced by every student.

What would you improve about this program?
Rent rooms for full month so that packing isn't as much of a pain in the butt....
Do less walking tours OR give more free time. The best way to experience another culture is by getting "lost" in the city.
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