ISA Study Abroad - Undergraduate Research in Auckland, New Zealand

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The Undergraduate Research Program at the University of Auckland offers students the chance to spend the summer in one of the most multicultural and beautiful cities in the world, while receiving academic credit.

This 6-week program will provide students with opportunity to participate in a hands on research project in a variety of fields including but not limited to Psychology, Communication, Media, and International Relations.

In addition to the academic programming, the Auckland Undergraduate Research students will get to explore some of the cultural and geographic highlights of New Zealand such as geothermal hot springs and Hobbiton.


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ISA is committed to increasing all students’ access to study abroad’s many benefits. We don't let financial hardships to get in the way of a life changing educational experience.

$350 - $2,000

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9.5 Rating
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  • Academics 9
  • Support 10
  • Fun 9.5
  • Housing 9.5
  • Safety 10
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Yes, I recommend this program

ISA is the way to go

I am extremely glad I went through ISA for Study Abroad. They are always there to help whatever may come up. They set up a great Itinerary so that when you first get here you make friends quickly. The people in your ISA group become family quickly. The excursions are well planned and a great time. If I had gone with a different company I fear I would have had a harder time getting to know people. They did everything well and helped me get to my housing which was amazing on the first day. I did independent housing which I recommend if you want to save money, stay with kiwis and avoid AUT's less than clean and quiet dorms. I have friends staying at WSA and dont mind it too bad but im really glad to have gone abother route despite the scary emails about having to do it on my own. If you're not sure who to travel through - ISA is a great choice. They will support you through it all. Orientation Presentations were the only thing I would have done without. You learn as you go but it helped knowing the grading scale is different. You wont regret ISA!

What would you improve about this program?
More relevant info at the orientation presentation. They get long and sleepy and some info wansn't that valuable.
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Yes, I recommend this program


This program completely changed my life. I met my best friend in the uni housing that I was put in and I met my current boyfriend in an anthropology course that I was enrolled in at Vic. I am moving back to Wellington in two days because I fell in love with it! I instantly fell in love with the green hills and little quirky flats that lie on the hills. The sunsets and sunrises captured my heart. The sweet dispositions of everyone around me cradled me and made the place home. The school was aesthetically beautiful, intellectually challenging and riveting as well as important and conscious. Kiwis in general seemed to be environmentally conscious and caring about the betterment of our planet. The inclusion and honoring of Maōri culture was heartwarming and beautiful to learn about. It was the best six months of my life from day one. I would highly recommend ISA to anyone as they are accommodating, helpful, fun, and the best program ever! My entire group was amazing and Fred was amazing!

What would you improve about this program?
I can’t think of any way to improve the program. It was perfect.