Custom Virtual Exchange Programs in Africa

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At EDU Africa, we believe fundamentally in the power of connecting disciplines, histories, stories, and skills as a powerful movement for student transformation and positive global change.

While physical travel is being increasingly limited and restricted due to various factors, fostering interconnections between African countries and the world are now more important than ever.

Our innovative Virtual Exchange programs ensure that physical isolation does not hamper the learning and connection that come from physical study abroad. These customized programs will critically engage students with communities, industry professionals, and service projects in Africa, without ever needing to leave their homes.

Program options include:
- Independent Virtual Exchange programs, delivered entirely remotely
- Hybrid Virtual Exchange programs, combining remote delivery and a travel component in Africa
- Embedded Virtual Exchange programs, incorporated into traditional classroom delivery

  • Increases reach and accessibility of the program outcomes to a broad number of students
  • Enables continued fostering of global collaboration and connectivity between African countries and the world
  • Learn to navigate cultural norms, language barriers, time zones and content on online platforms
  • Low health and safety risk, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective
  • Expert support from local program consultants, facilitators and technical team

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