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During the week you can study your Spanish program and on the weekends you can explore the region of Cusco and places close to the City like: Sacred Valley, City Tour, Lake Titicaca, South Valley (Tipón, Piquillacta) alternative hikes, walking the famous Inca Trail, rafting, jungle trips, etc. The programs that we offer are to assist you in your study and vacation plans while in Peru. The combination of study and travel complement one another, allowing you to improve your Spanish while enjoying some of the best locations, history, culture and beautiful landscapes that Cusco has to offer.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best for Personalized Classes

I'm writing to make a recommendation for Yesica Pacheco Miranda of Trilogia Tourist Services!

I was in Cusco for the summer with my daughters, ages 11 and 15. Between trips to the jungle and Machu Picchu, we spent time learning Spanish with Jesica.

Jesica first met with us as our hotel to discuss her process and costs. Many of the big schools have set schedules and programs designed to run from Monday - Friday, but Jesica was able to accommodate our wish to begin on a Thursday and was happy to work with us on a Saturday. She brought in another wonderful teacher to work with the three of us.

My younger daughter and I were together as beginners, and since my older daughter already had two years of Spanish in school, she was tutored individually. We worked with them for 8 days, 4 hours a day. We each had one teacher for 2 hours and then switched so that we all had the experience of different styles of teaching.

Jesica was not only a great teacher but a lovely, gracious and fun person to be with. She offered us tea and snacks before classes began. The prices were terrific and considerably less than the big, impersonal schools. I cannot recommend her more highly.

If you are looking for personal attention and for someone who can accommodate your schedule and tailor the curriculum to your skill level, she is the person to call first.

It would do many people a great service if her teaching was recommended by you!

What would you improve about this program?
I wouldn't change anything because this was the perfect fit for our family. We had private lessons, so if we were looking to make friends and meet people, a bigger school might be a better fit.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A very valuable experience

I had an absolutely fantastic learning experience with Trilogia. The classes (individual classes!) were totally within my budget and the specialized attention helped me advance my Spanish in a big way, even though I was just a beginner. The intimate atmosphere and tailored curriculum really make a huge difference, and I don't think in the city of Cusco you'll find a better price. I also chose to stay with a host family who wasn't too far from the school and was walking distance from the main part of town. For me, this immersion was also helpful. Of course I also took advantage of the salsa and cooking classes! ;) I loved Tilogia! Keep up the excellent work.

What would you improve about this program?
For the most part, the host family was really really great, but because my mother kept odd work hours, scheduling dinner was sometimes difficult and we didn't eat until later than I would have liked. But with the school itself I had no problems!
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Yes, I recommend this program

The right choice

2011 I went to Trilogia Spanish School four weeks in the beginning of my volunteer period in Peru. And I would like to describe why I can recommend this school. First of all, to study spanish when you travel around South and Middle America is a great way to come closer to the local inhabitants and culture. In this school they adapt your lessons after the level you are at and how long you want to study for. I’ve been study spanish 4 years before I went to Peru and for me this was a great way to repeat. To study in Sweden, where I come from, comparing to study in a country that acually speak the language, it’s different.
I had private lessons four hours per day (mon – fri). Two hours grammatic and two hours communication. The lessons were primaly built on a test that I did my first lesson but I could also decide myself what I wanted to focus on. I recommend private lessons, which this school offers, because then you can adapt the lessons after your needs.
The school also offers included salsa lessons and cooking lessons.
Triologia also have contact with diffrent types of volunteerprograms. I volunteered for two mounths and I will never forget that experience. I worked as a teacher with children 4-6 years old. I teached english and children rights in the mornings and I helped them with their homework in the afternoons. A volonteers work is so valuable.
At Trilogía Spanish school they have serious teachers that know what they talk about and they enjoy learning the language to you. And a laugh is never far away, they like to have fun and for me they been more like my friends than some boring teachers.
If you wish help with something for example to reserve a trip to Macchu Picchu or Lake Titicaca or another adventure, they help you. They are there for you and they always put you as a priority when you stay with them.
The school also offer you to live with a local family and that is also a great way to experience the peruvian life. I lived with a family for nearly three mounths and I loved it. You really got closer to the culture, habits and traditions .You get to try the local food and peruvian specialities. You get involved in politics and religion, if you are intrested. And you especially have a lot of fun, with your host family.
I can recommend Trilogía Spanish school and I hope it will be the right choice for you as well. Hope you will have a great time! Enjoy Cusco and experience, there´s a lot o see!

What would you improve about this program?
I can warmly recommend Triologia for those people who want to adopt to peruvian culture and life, but even though I love to travel alone and wanted that, I missed to hang out with foreign people. It was hard to hang out longer with foreign travelers as they moved around much, and when I lived in a local family, worked and studied with locals, I did not spend so much time with those I found. Triologia is about the local adaption, there are not so many people at the school at the same time, most of the people who were there at the same time as me, stayed just for a couple of days. So.. for people who look for fellowship during their stay, to meet other people from other countries and work with them in the same settings, Triologia does not offer that. I can however recommend adapting to Peru, it's not a everyday experience!
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