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Mar 15, 2024
Apr 18, 2024
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The Seoul program offers courses that introduce you to the business, politics, economics, philosophy, religion, and language of Korea, one of the most rapidly developing nations in East Asia. Seoul is a city of opposites bustling with palaces, city gates, and temples next to government offices, embassies, theatres, shopping, and more. Seoul is also home to many IT corporations and is emerging as one of the most “wired” cities in the world, allowing you to experience the opportunities offered by the communications revolution. Korea University (KU), founded in 1905, is widely acknowledged as one of the country’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious universities in Korea. Its reputation for quality is based on excellence in teaching, research, and service to Korean society. Eminent faculty, outstanding students, and internationally recognized research programs all contribute to Korea University’s academic fame.

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Diversity & Inclusion

LGBTQIA+ Support

There are LGBTQIA+ friends, colleagues, and allies throughout the world. However, cultural understanding of gender identity and sexuality does vary from country to country. USAC has compiled a lot of resources to help you through that learning process.

Accessibility Support

USAC is dedicated to working closely with students with disabilities to ensure the best study abroad experience possible. You may request reasonable accommodations after your initial application is complete. We routinely receive requests for scheduling, material, and environmental accommodations for the classroom setting, which may include assistive technology, scribes and readers, printed material, and interpretation.



Environmentally-conscious students choose USAC because many of our programs are held in some of the most sustainable countries in the world. There are options to take coursework in sustainability and the environment, as well as field trips and studies where students can leave a lasting impact on their host country.

Program Highlights

  • Explore historic and modern Korea, known as the Land of the Morning Calm because of its mild coastal and mountainous climate
  • Enjoy bike or ferry rides along the Han River, entertainment and shopping, and visits to local temples through the center of bustling Seoul
  • Choose from a diverse range of courses at Korea University while living in in one of the most “wired” cities in the world

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Yes, I recommend this program

Experience Something New by studying at Korea University!

The USAC Program at Korea University truly transformed my journey as a media student. Because of it's academic opportunities and cultural immersion, it not only enriched my academic growth but also broadened my horizons in ways I never imagined. Coming from a small town, the busy city of Seoul and Korea's culture was a contrast but helped in expanding my understanding of the world and exposing me to new perspectives.

Having previously studied in Korea, I had certain expectations, but the USAC Program exceeded them all. The availability of great academics and cultural experiences created a diverse learning environment that very fulfilling. From experiencing classroom discussions and learning from other students to exploring the busy streets of Seoul, every moment was an opportunity for personal and professional development.

Overall, I highly recommend the USAC Program at Korea University for those seeking a difference from their regular educational experience. It's not just about earning credits; it's about experiencing a journey of self-discovery, learning a new language and culture, and learning from amazing professors. If you're ready to expand your horizons and unlock some new amazing opportunities, this program is the perfect choice for you.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
I've said this many times before but I really want to help future travelers on Korea University's program. It's not easy to venture on such a journey like this one so if you're reading this, it means you're considering it and your one step ahead. Being in Korea will change your life but you wont regret it. Everyone I've met after their trip says that they wish they could do it over again and they wouldn't change a single thing. The people you will meet will be some of the best people you ever meet, and you will have the opportunity to create a bond with them that can last a lifetime. The time for this journey is now, don't push it off to another year, if you have the chance to do it then do it. I started my journey in 2022 when I traveled to Korea for the first time and I enjoyed it so much that I returned for a second semester. So, if you are curious about South Korea and are not sure if you can do it, I can assure you that you can. You can do it and you will and when you arrive and step foot on Korean ground, I want you to explore Korea everyday and have fun!
  • Quality of Academics: Korea University has many high quality classes for all majors.
  • Personal growth: More Independence with new environment.
  • Experiencing a new Culture: South Korea's culture is very rich for everyone to enjoy.
  • Language barrier: If you don't learn the language it can be difficult navigating around Korea.
  • Cultural Adjustment: There are many differences from my home country and South Korea so initially it can be difficult to adapt and might cause culture shock.
  • Workload: There is a difference in the education system of the US and Korea. Korea gives a bigger workload to students.
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