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Direct Enrollment
University of Central Missouri
Degree Level
Associates Bachelors Masters
Dormitory Host Family


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The cost of the program includes:
Tuition: 4 courses = 12 US credits
Housing with families or dorms (including 3 meals a day, 7 days a week )
Health insurance
Access to the facilities of the UAH
Academic transcript and certificate of participation
Cultural visits/Site Visits/Excursions
Orientation Program
Airport pick-up (date set by Instituto Franklin-UAH)

Tuition must be submitted in Euros (6, 849 euros).
What's Included
Accommodation Activities Airport Transfers Classes Meals Transportation Wifi
What's Included (Extra)

Health Insurance Coverage
3 meals per day from Mon-Sun
Laundry and cleaning service once a week
Orientation session
Site Visits

What's Not Included
Airfare SIM cards Travel Insurance
Nov 07, 2023
Dec 19, 2019
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About Program

Can you only take brief breaks from studying to travel? Take only English-language courses? Not interested in going through the trouble of obtaining a student visa? Do you find law, gender studies, criminal justice, or international relations interesting? Then you should enroll in our program for international studies!

This program provides students from international universities with a dynamic experience including visiting teachers from universities across the world in partnership with the Consortium of Transatlantic Studies and Scholarship (CTSS). Every course takes an international approach to the study of particular subjects. While taking English classes, participants get the unique opportunity to immerse themselves completely in Spanish norms, traditions, language, and culture. Thrilling field trip with site visits to a state prison, refugee facilities, and courtroom hearings.

You won't need to apply for a student visa because our CTSS program is less than 90 day

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Program Highlights

  • Universidad de Alcalá is one of Spain's historic and most prestigious higher education institutions, and it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998.
  • All courses are instructed in English.
  • Excellent public transportation system. 30 min by train to center of Madrid.
  • Affordable program and all inclusive (except for flights).
  • 30 years of experience teaching international students.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Spring Study Abroad

My study abroad this Spring was more than I thought it could be. I felt challenged, welcome, and supported. The university planned great trips that held incredible value to me, and the staff seemed to understand all of my concerns whenever I had questions. The small class size made me feel like I was a part of a team during my block classes, and the teachers were as excited to work with me as I was with them. I especially appreciated the format and scheduling of the semester - exploring Spain was so convenient! And my host family, wow. Anytime I left their home I felt like I was missing out on a fantastic opportunity to interact with the most authentic form of day-to-day Spanish culture. My plan is to come back and complete the Master's program, because I loved this place and this experience so much. Thank you Alcalá de Henares!

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
I was most worried about the logistics of traveling around the country, and not getting lost. The months before I left for the program I felt increasingly anxious about the unknown, and I worried about being so far from home. What I found out was that I already had all the skills I needed to be successful in seeing all that I wanted. All that was required was a little confidence, patience, and adaptability. Though I'd studied the language, it wasn't always easy to translate. So I'd find a different stranger to ask, or I'd walk up to a policeman. Most everyone was friendly and eager to help, and I enjoyed some memorable moments that way! My best stories are about accidents, or the unexpected. Challenging yes, but who knew I had it in me all along? After this experience, I feel like I could travel anywhere. I'd highly recommend taking this sort of leap to anyone!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Spring Semester in Alcalá

I studied abroad in the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares during the Spring 2019 semester. I completed the program in under 90 days so that I did not have to apply for a Spanish visa, which was very convenient. Those three months were the best of my life. The UAH program is run by passionate, hardworking, and always-available professionals who are there to explain how life in Spain works for all the newcomers and what to expect from UAH. The program sets students up with local housing, requires that local families provide meals for students, and ensures that the weekly schedule allows time for students to travel on the weekends. These things make life easier for students; they do not have to worry about cooking, finding housing, or shirking studies to travel and experience Spain. An introduction to Spain class is required for all students, which teaches students about Spain's culture, history, politics, current issues, and anything else imaginable. This class makes life in Spain easier; students have a better and more complete understanding of the place that they call home for three months. Added to this, the Universidad itself is simply gorgeous and is a place of historical importance. Alcalá was the perfect location to see life and geography of central Spain, travel quickly to Madrid, and travel from Madrid to other places in Spain or Europe during weekends in order to see more of the world. It is difficult to describe, but life in those three months is more different than any other time of life that I have experienced; students quickly and steadfastly bond because they are all foreigners in Spain and want to have some kind of support group and friend group while there, students can travel to wherever their budget allows during the three- or four-day weekends and see places they normally would never see, students can get an intimate look at how families in Spain live and eat, and essentially, students can make a completely new life for themselves starting from day 1 and live to the utmost while still working towards their college degrees. Making the scary choice to study abroad was the best thing I have ever done, and I fell so in love with Alcalá, the UAH, Madrid, and Spain as a whole while I was there. A huge thank you goes out to UCM and UAH coordinators who made this program possible for me and for many others; you have changed our lives in a very real way and given us so many new experiences. (In addition, everyone at the UAH who directs students when they need medical attention, have any issue with their housing, or just have questions about Spain deserve all the thanks. Everyone was so wonderful!)

For those looking to possibly enroll in this program: I would recommend that students are fairly mature and independent before making the choice to study abroad for three months and also that they have a medium level of competency in Spanish, since they will be staying with Spanish families that do not know English and also traveling to other parts of Spain, maybe independently. Some students that I was with did not have any knowledge of Spanish and struggled to converse with their host families, but by the end of the trip, they were fairly competent in everyday phrases, which was amazing. Those issues can be avoided by simply learning the essentials before heading to Spain. I largely decided to study abroad because I study Spanish in university and knew that living among the language would increase my fluency. I was caught off guard, however, by just how quickly one learns a language being surrounded by it, and how drastically my confidence and ability with Spanish increased. I loved being able to use Spanish so much more frequently, learning new vocabulary by seeing it on signs or hearing people speak, and watching local news. Being fairly independent is important because, of course, students will be an ocean and, seemingly, a world away from their families, friends, and home cultures. The ability to adapt and be open to new people, new ways of life, and new experiences is essential and will enrich students' lives so much. Also, if you quickly make friends with other students in your program, you have buddies to travel with (and share lodging costs with) every weekend! If you are looking to enroll in this program and have a passion for Spain or Spanish language, this is a perfect program for you. I hope you fall in love with it like I and all the students with me did! I cannot explain how much of an effect this study abroad experience has had on all of us (we still stay in touch and reunite when we can) and will continue to have on us. Our memories of this experience are so, so amazing. A million thanks to everyone involved.

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing I would change about this program is the housing. I was assigned to a household where there was a single mother and a daughter, and the mother was so busy with her work and social life that she barely spent time cooking for us or cleaning. She really only talked to us to figure out how many meals we would need the next day and if we would be home. There was not a lot of food or a great quality of food, which was disappointing but ultimately survivable. My assigned roommate and I lived with any issues in housing because we really enjoyed living together and did not want to be assigned to houses alone! I don't want to stress this issue too much because 1) it was our choice to not move houses and 2) this is not any sort of horror story. I just wanted to let you know that some housing assignments are not spending the right amount of time or effort with their study abroad students, and if there was a way for students to do a survey or something about their housing after being there for a few weeks to make sure everything is okay, that would be appreciated!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Alcala--Mi Casa Lejos de Mi Casa, Siempre en Mi Corazon

I would recommend this program if you're wanting to experience all of what Spain has to offer. Friendly people, amazing food, major history. Alcala is close to urban Madrid (quick train ride away) and still a Spanish-speaking, authentic town with the full experience you're looking for. In this program you'll get to learn about the Spanish culture in many facets--mine involved working with a refugee camp, documenting the movement stopping violence against women, and studying the history and present day effects of the slave trade from Africa to Europe (traveled to Portugal & Morocco). Madrid is also the best location to travel to other major cities and countries as it is in central Spain. The staff at Universidad de Alcala is the friendliest!

What would you improve about this program?
Communication via email about what orientation would look like. It was smoothly run and amazing, but it added to the nerves of the new place not knowing what to expect day one. Maybe an organized event with all programs to get to mingle with other students in different programs at Universidad de Alcala.
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