AFS Spain Global Prep: Spanish Culture and Language

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Enjoy an eye-opening two-week adventure in Valladolid, a historic city to the north of Madrid. You’ll have the chance to take language lessons and explore cultural sites like palaces, castles, and Roman ruins. Practice your Spanish both in the classroom and around the dinner table while spending quality time with a local host family. Outside of class, you and your group will get to know the real Spain by meeting with students and sharing your experiences with them through English language tutoring. You'll also gain unique insight into contemporary global issues by volunteering with refugee children in the area. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enhance your second language skills, make lasting friendships, and give back to the community!

  • Immerse yourself in Spanish and build your language skills through formal study and first-hand cultural experience.
  • Enjoy delicious food like tapas while exploring the culturally diverse city of Málaga.
  • Attend the same historic school as philosopher Ortega y Gasset and painter Revello de Toro.
  • Make connections and memories you'll never forget with other AFS exchange students from all over the world.
  • Become a global citizen. Gain intercultural communication skills. Build your college and career resume. Help create a more peaceful, understanding world.


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