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Jul 28, 2023
Nov 11, 2022
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About Program

Get paid to Teach English in Buenos Aires, online or abroad
130 hour, 5 week TEFL Certification Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Job Placement
Buenos Aires TEFL Institute is the most accredited TEFL Provider in Argentina and stands apart from the rest as the number 1 destination for TEFL Training in Latin America and for learning Spanish for several reasons. We have successfully placed our TEFL graduates in English Teaching Jobs for the last twenty years in Argentina and worldwide. We offer guaranteed employment for all our TEFL graduates as well as one week of Spanish immersion classes at our school. Job Placement is an integral part of our course, we collaborate with national and international organizations and offer paid positions to all our TEFL graduates either at onsite or online English Teaching positions.Our Buenos Aires TEFL course is also recognized worldwide due to its accreditation and high caliber curriculum.

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2.75 Rating
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  • Instruction 3
  • Support 2.25
  • Value 2.5
  • Academic Rigor 3
  • Job Assistance 2.5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Buenos Aires TEFL

Being part of the Buenos Aires TEFL Intensive course over 5 weeks has been a great experience. The 4 weeks TEFL training and curriculum was of a high standard and included a lot of valuable observations in different schools across the city. The school's teaching practice meant I gained the valuable experience to land multiple teaching jobs, both at the school and elsewhere at the school's partners. The 1 week Spanish course was a lot of fun and increased my command of the language. The staff have been amazing and on hand to help whenever needed.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Terrible Experience

I want to preface this by saying that I’ve never written a negative review, but I really felt that this was an exceptional circumstance. We attempted to provide direct feedback to management but were met with insults and direct communication that we may receive poor references. The course covered the necessary materials to teach English, however my concerns are as follows:

1) All online and course materials state the TEFL program is 4 weeks long. We were told in the fourth (and what should have been final) week that we would not receive our certification until we finished the Spanish classes. They scheduled me to teach during the week of Spanish classes and I received no financial compensation for the additional ten hours that I taught.

2) The school promises presentations and interviews with local employers during the professional development day - this did not happen. There is no job placement and you’re left to navigate the job search and interviews on your own. We were emailed a list of contact information for local employers, only after we asked to be provided with it.

3) We were never supervised or observed by Buenos Aires TEFL staff during our teaching practicum. When someone asked why we hadn’t been observed or received feedback, we were told “I never observe new teachers”.

4) An instructor spent approximately 1.5 hours of every TEFL class teaching intermediate level Spanish instead of the TEFL curriculum. This adds up to a significant amount of time and content over 4 weeks. They then told us later that we don't know enough to teach English online.

When we brought these questions forward, we were told we're entitled, unprofessional, and that they remember people who “complain” when employers call for references. After the program ended we were emailed an altered copy of the terms and conditions that had several additions, most notably “if you defame the school in whatever platform you use, the school has the right to sue you”. They claimed in the email that we agreed to these terms before starting the course. I can very confidently say that no, those were not the terms we agreed to. For the reasons I've outlined above, I do not recommend this program.

PS If you decide to do this program, don't stay at the school. The rooms are damp, musty, cold (there's no heating), and our bedroom had mosquitoes. I had a cough the entire 5 weeks I was there, which cleared up as soon as I moved out.

  • Students were wonderful to teach
  • No job placement as advertised
  • Changed curriculum with no prior notice
  • Management extremely hostile to feedback
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Response from Buenos Aires TEFL Institute

Hello. We do not insult people and most of your review is useless, since it makes no sense. We have been running this TEFL program in Buenos Aires for 14 years.
It is remarkable how you did not pay attention to the available materials to read, both onsite and online.
1. The program is 5 weeks long and it can be read anywhere online regarding our websites https://www.teflinbuenosaires.com and https://buenosairestefl.com
2. Job placement is an essential part of our program and every TEFL session has at least 3 or 4 meetings with different employers. After they participate, they sign a form. I really do not know why are you choosing to provide false testimony against our organization.
3. TEFL Trainees are assessed and observed. You were also and we have a picture of you teaching English and, therefore, being observed by an instructor.
4. Your last paragraph makes no sense since TEFL is an intensive, 130 hour or 5 week program and it is of course an introductory course to teaching. Successful participants get paid during the job placement period.Not before.

We do not know the reason why you chose to provide this comprehensive opinion with false testimony but I can clearly say you have not read the terms and conditions for the course either, available by clicking here https://www.teflinbuenosaires.com/terms-and-conditions

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No, I don't recommend this program

Poor Course

Was told legal action may be taken if I left a bad review. Was told I would receive negative recommendations to future employers if I left a bad review. The course promises a job fare with opportunities for employment and support - did not happen and was told I was ‘superior, entitled and not a good person’ for politely asking. I felt like the course was designed to exploit well meaning foreigners by cynical course coordinators. Best of luck should you choose this course.

  • Stratford School weeks experience
  • Treatment of young and enthusiastic travellers
  • Feeling an exploitative nature within the English teaching classes
  • Misaligned expectations about job placement after the course
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Response from Buenos Aires TEFL Institute

No, we did not say those things to you. Job placement is available upon successfully completing the course, not for people just paying for the program and not wanting to complete their practicum. Every month, there are job placement meetings and participants sign a form they did participate, therefore your comment does not make sense. The course is academic and our validation number by TQUK is 4619021. Yes, defamation is a crime in Argentina.
By reading your opinion, we know that you have not paid attention, did not understand the purpose of the program and you chose to provide new users with false testimony. Our terms and conditions are the following https://www.teflinbuenosaires.com/terms-and-conditions
Best of luck with whatever program you may choose in the future.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Great Instruction, Poor Institutional Organization

First, the positive side of things: The actual instruction in this course is awesome! Our instructor was incredibly knowledgeable, creative, and clearly passionate about language and teaching in general. I always felt supported academically, but also felt challenged to step outside my comfort zone. I can’t recommend her enough. However, the organization and communication within the institute leave much to be desired. Important information was either never given or not well-covered. Communication with administration took ages, especially before the program began. Many people have had severe issues with their housing during the program—I wasn’t even told who I would be staying with beforehand, and was given no way to contact the person or anyone else who could help me. There is also no guaranteed job placement, though there is some assistance. Other people had their programs moved to different months, and were not told ahead of time that this would be happening. From what I can tell, many of the reviews listed here are not real and are absolutely fabricated, which is a shame. Again, the instruction was fantastic and I wish I could recommend the program for that alone; the other stuff, which was not the fault of the instructor, was often extremely frustrating and difficult to work with. Others’ experiences were far more difficult than mine.
Buenos Aires is an amazing city, and I’m thrilled to be here, but please do your research elsewhere about this particular program.

What would you improve about this program?
The communication and structure of the actual institute. Instruction is great, but the rest is severely lacking.
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