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The Guangdong Peizheng College is a great place for teachers! We welcome you to come to China and teach at our school. We have a very friendly staff and students who are eager to learn. We hope you can join us soon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly. We would be happy to hear from you. We welcome you to Peizheng College!

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Peizheng College has a generous benefits program for qualified teachers. Please contact us directly for further information.
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39 years old
San Francisco
Hope International University

try other places first


to summarise in one word: disrespectful
disrespect from the support team and staff
Try other places first.
I had a bad experience with Peizheng College in Guangdong Province over a period of time. I am posting my experiences here, as Peizheng College is a big recruiter of foreign teachers, and regularly advertises on this website.

The main problems I had concerned teaching hours, a deposit I was asked to pay for my apartment, and health problems at the campus which I was not told about.

Firstly, after I arrived there, the college wanted to change my contract and tried to increase my teaching hours (but for the same salary - no corresponding increase in salary!).

The college seemed to think that changing already agreed contracts wasn’t a problem.

Secondly, the college also tried to increase (by 100%!) the “deposit” I should pay for the apartment I would have lived in. The college staff pressed me to pay this much higher deposit immediately in cash, despite my employment contract saying my apartment deposit was due to be paid after I had received my first month’s pay.

Also, I encountered health problems at the campus which I was not informed about before travelling there. In the days before I arrived, the area around the college had an outbreak of the “norovirus”. Local health authorities investigated the outbreak and closed the campus for 1 week.

If I had known in advance about these problems, I would have reviewed my travel and working arrangements to reconsider when, or if, I would travel to this college. However, as the college had not informed me of any of this, I felt my health and wellbeing were put at significant risk.

Given these problems, I departed Peizheng College after working there a long time. And based on my experiences there, I do not recommend this college to any teacher seeking employment.

How can this program be improved?

- clean house with management replacement
- revise priorities
- continued increase in enrolment and revenue should match workload, compensation and infrastructure developments
- reduce the amount of FTs

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34 years old
University of Waikato

read the other reviews first


I do recommend working at Guangdong Peizheng College. The reasons are many and will be explained below.
First, I suggest that you read all of the reviews on this site and other ESL sites.
Then, I suggest that you consider what mainland China is and Chinese culture in the context of today's world.
In short, China is change.
In short, Peizheng is pricey. And it's treatment of Westerners is clinical.
First, it is pricey to come here.
The housing deposit is at an extremely high rate for the entire year. New teachers must pay for it up front.
Peizheng students are fine, for the most part. However most all of them are here because they do not like to study. And that there is someone who can afford the 30,000 RMB per year expense rate. And in China there is a national standardised exam whereby they must get a good score and in turn are presented with higher educational institution choices.
In case of Peizheng, those students did poorly on this exam. Notwithstanding the mainland China academic environment is a highly competitive place.
The price you pay for 35-55 other teachers here is high. It is a university so naturally most everyone already has some kind of "teaching experience."
that is, young persons and couples fresh off of the plane to sixty-five year-old men who ensure job security by entertaining the students well.
Most "teachers" here succeed in oral English by entertaining the students. This edutainment is what keeps the pistons firing in this school which was founded as recently as 1993.
The administration is excellent at one thing: that is, to cover theirselves. This form of liability seeps into every move of the office where it creates bureaucratic and quasi-bureaucratic policies all of the time. This keeps this employed meanwhile ignoring the needs of the foreign teachers. So expect a guarantee in pleading ignorance.
Who will sail the ship doesn't matter. The real goal is keeping the ship seeming like its going somewhere while no one is the captain. And the leader of such moves is related to the founder, in an illegitimate manner.
Many of the coworkers have borderline personality issues. Moreover they are unable to succeed in a regular job and lifestyle back home. Or they never matured past adolescence.
If you can play games, entertain, make noises and be a stand up comic, then this is the place for you. There is no lesson prep required except for a few teachers who have English majors which need stimulation beyond the norm. Oh yea, and the Dean may decide to change the textbook mid-ship.
The classrooms themselves are quite small, hot, and void of any "smart" capabilities such as a projector or even a listening device.
Keep in mind that the school is a cooperative with the local municipality in which there is an agreement to hire local workers and share in an incentive sharing plan.
The enrollment rate continues to increase. The third largest city in China is nearly 90 minutes away.
So, there is a massive persons density here like London. Don't expect a quaint and charming countryside.
The locals are as indifferent and ignorant to foreigners. They have seen the hordes in Guangdong for a century or more. Mainly all for trade reasons.
Overall don't come here if you want a true depiction of the welcoming nature of China, and true interest in English language learning.
A lot of people in the West need a job. And there are some who really need a job.
There are so many other opportunities out there that will make you feel rewarded, and to not have to be around such an unwelcoming environment.

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29 years old
New York, NY

There are plenty of better schools in China


I worked at Guangdong Peizheng College for between 2 and 5 years and had experience in a few different levels of management and teaching- my advice to you is to stay far, far away from this school and the people who live here. The Chinese management holds major animosity towards foreigners; lies, deceit, forgery, and corruption at every level are commonplace. The thing is, this school is FAMOUS for having the most foreign teachers in Guangdong Province. Kids come here to study English and learn from foreigners, so the school is forced to hire lots of foreigners and there's no way that they can ever do away with the huge FT population; necessary evil. But the Chinese administration doesn't like foreigners and treats them worse than the cleaning people. If you work at PZ, you will ALWAYS be under suspect and you will NEVER be treated respectfully. People come here and think that if they "stay under the radar" than all will be good and the management will eventually see their good behavior and treat them fairly. No. That's Western logic and it doesn't work here. At PZ, if somebody sleeps with a student or shits on the roof of some apartments (not kidding), even if the management CAN figure out who that person is, they won't do it. Instead, they will punish the entire foreign teacher population. Imagine living in a place where you have to get a permission slip before ANYBODY comes into your house from the outside; your Chinese girlfriend, your sister from the UK, your friend who lives in GZ; anyone. And the administration reserves the right to deny anybody the right to have a friend over and they won't give you a reason, they'll just say no. It's common for the foreign teacher's at PZ to refer to their housing complex as a "prison" which is exactly what it is.

In addition, the foreigner community at Peizheng is a bit weird and a bit cold, which I think is partly due to the influence of the Chinese management. Gossip here is impossible to escape. People have way too much free time and the internet speed is circa 2001, so there's not much to do but sit around and talk about who is sleeping with whom; which is actually quite relevant to your life because anything another foreign teacher does can be something that changes the rules which govern your life. Think twice. Also note that the only positive review on this site was written by someone who was recruiting for PZ at the time of writing; go figure.

How can this program be improved?

Burn it to the ground.

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42 years old
Durham, North Carolina, USA

good for one year, and easy to get


We would not recommend working at Peizheng College. This post is based upon the job and work conditions. As far as teachers at life in China, the post by Puzzlebox is accurate.

Foreign professors used to live in an older, smaller units. The College moved us to a gated compound around 4 years ago.

The school was also operated by Hong Kong owners. Thus the turnover a few years ago has caused some large management changes.

Make no mistake it is in the countryside. As big as Huadu is expanding, it is still a distance from the large metro, Yonge street kinda place.

Also, because of this, the school seems to have given an ownership to the local population. So kind of like a land-grant institution. Management will always side with the local janitor, plumber, cleaner or construction worker. And back down should support to a foreign Professor be needed. Again: there are fifty teachers here in a private school.

Individually, a few instances here and there may not seem so bad, but if fifty teachers are here, over time the result should be a huge pattern, as noone can actually remember all the paths, but people don't want to seem dumb in a meeting, so they just sit there in ignorance. This is particularly tough on new hires.
This applies to the passport, visa, utility bills.

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32 years old

Nice place to teach and live


I was there for 3 years and they were probably some of the best years of my life. If your goal is to explore Asia, it's a great place to call home-base. The campus is beautiful and serene, making it a great place to live a semi-retired kind of life.

-Great hours, lots of time for you to pursue other interests.
-Cheap cost of living. Salary is way more than enough to live on.
-Great commute time. 7 minutes of walking from apartment to classroom.
-Perks include free use of an apartment in Hong Kong(perfect for getaways!) and free Chinese lessons
-Sweet students who are easy to teach

-Is set in a rural area, far from the city center
-Transportation can be tricky

34 years old
Hamilton, New Zealand

Guangdong Peizheng College


Awesome place to work as a Foreign Instructor.

I have just signed a new contract for my 3rd year at Guangdong Peizheng College.

Its located within a beautiful mountain and lake area in Chini Town.

The city of Huadu is 30 minutes by bus and Guangzhou city is about 50 minutes by bus.

There is about 55 foreign instructors and most of us are quite sociable.

Our apartments are only 2 years old, very new and modern.

Teaching the students is the best part of Peizheng College. The foreign instructors teach 20 periods per week which is about 16.5 hours per week. In my 2 years of employment at Peizheng College, I have always been paid on time and in full.

The new administration (IECO) has been in the office for the last 3 years. They are very good at sorting out the visa paperwork for new foreign instructors. In my experience they have looked after the foreign faculty really well.

Im definitely loving my life at Guangdong Peizheng College.

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32 years old

A note in regards to Foreign Teachers at Peizheng


This is something I posted on another thread. Hopefully, this will shed some more light on the situation at Peizheng College. I have edited some of it, in order to paint an even clearer picture for this thread.

I should also mention here; in this post, I am not addressing any of the problems at PZ in regards to the program directors and management, nor the corruption of the admin. This post is only a note concerning the situation in regards to the Foreign Teacher population at this college. Hopefully, it will help anyone who is even remotely entertaining the thought of working at this school.

There certainly has been much posted recently on various threads and forums concerning the FTs at PZ being losers, druggies, alcoholics, lunatics, misfits, perverts and undesirables, etc. etc. Yes, it's a sad story; but much of it is true. Of course, by stating this; it may attract a certain personality type to apply there. Not my intention at all!

However, not every FT at PZ (past and present) necessarily falls into any of these negative categories. Surely, it takes a different personality to even think of traveling to China, and then residing there for the purpose of work. And certainly a very different personality to stay there year after year, after year. If you do speak to any of the FTs at PZ, as well as anywhere else in China, you will certainly hear a variety of stories and reasons why they are there. Some are honorable, and some not so deserving of respect.

Many are exploring. Some are hiding. A few are actually there for cultural exchange and to teach. There are missionaries. There are heathens. There are some seemingly normal and relatively sane people too (However, that number is very limited. But they do exist, besides their idiosyncrasies.).

And of course, there are all the undesirables (that everyone has heard of in the forums): and plenty of them. Yet, all in all, these categories of foreigners do have one thing in common; they are living and working in China. We all have our opinions of, and ways of dealing with the people we come in contact with. Some handle the social environment better than others. Peizheng is unique in that is has so many FTs; too many, in my opinion. And I think many who know of Peizheng (from the inside) will agree with that opinion. Therefore, it is only fitting that PZ would have more undesirables too.

By far, the ratio of undesirables, in relation to the descent folk so to speak, truly outweighs the numbers at other schools in China. So now, think about it: Find 70-80 people from various backgrounds and cultures, with different educational and work experience, different sets of ethics and moral values, and throw them together into a completely different environment other than the one they are used to; "Voila" you get a mess, just like the one at PZ. It's no surprise.

The source of the problem (as I tend to state this in other forums) is truly the "FAO" at PZ. They just don't know how to hire FTs. And they don't really know how to handle the ones they do hire; both the good and the bad. They have had this problem for many years, and now it has finally blown up in their face! And to tell you the truth, it's about time!

It would appear (through various forum posts and the fact that PZ is still advertising to fill positions this late in the season) that PZ is now facing the coming term with less teachers than it had anticipated. Yeah, there are murmurs on campus that EEC is changing the programs so they will not need as many FTs as they have had in the past. But even if that is true, usually it takes a very long time for any changes to actually be made. And, even if they have already put some of the changes in place; it looks like they are still short in the number of teachers they need for the coming term. Or should I say? They are short of foreign bodies to fill the PZ educational graveyard. This school is certainly not known for its standards of excellence.

And btw, those of you (both, new and veterans) who are teaching at Peizheng this coming term; be prepared to be doing a lot of overtime (whether you want to or not). The foreign supervisors will not ask; they will put it on your plate like it is expected of you to agree.

This seems to always happen at Peizheng, term after term; The FAO comes up short! Thus, the undesirables are left to storm the gates and reside within the walls and even outstay their welcome in many cases. But, this year, the FAO is coming up "way too short"; which one would think, would make the admin (and/or those above the admin) to take a good look at what's really going on in the FAO.

However, as stated by another poster on another forum (not word for word): "This is China and they will do whatever they want." And yes, the FTs are only foreigners here. And yes, Peizheng is Peizheng and it will do whatever it pleases; which tends to almost always displease most of the foreign body who are teaching there.

Yes!! It's good to see so many forums opening up 'the can of worms' that truly belongs to PZ and its FAO. Regardless of the difference in opinions that describe the situation at PZ; this thread (as well as all the other forums) is sure to help spread the word that Peizheng is an absolute "Avoid Destination" for most.

Peizheng is in desperate need of a "Face-Lift", and soon. When, and if, it does get one; hopefully, there will be some substance behind it and some real changes will be made (especially the FAO). This is not a time for PZ to exercise the usual Chinese concern of "saving face". Maybe the "Real Power" behind the scenes at PZ will soon realize that "to save face" now, they really have to make some dramatic changes!!! And yes! They should start with the FAO!!!

For the time being: Peizheng is truly a place to avoid, unless you need plenty of melodrama, senseless paperwork, and you are willing to abandon any principals that you may have concerning fair treatment and respect.

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The Guangdong Peizheng College is a great place for teachers! We welcome you to come to China and teach at our school. We have a very friendly staff and students who are eager to learn. We hope you can join us soon. If you have