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Teaching Nomad - Teaching opportunities in China

Earn a free international travel program and month-long teacher training course in Shanghai! We're seeking TN Ambassadors to represent us on your home campus. Visit our website for more details.

Teaching Nomad is your connection to great teaching opportunities in China! American owned and operated company with offices in both Shanghai, China & Denver, Colorado. We are the definitive source for teach abroad in China.

Since 2011 we've been vetting schools in China and helping people like you connect with only the best. We have schools hiring for every subject, in 40+ cities. Whether you want to teach English in Shanghai or Biology in Xi'an, we can probably help!

We take a lot of pride in connecting dedicated teachers with great schools all over the country. Teaching Nomad has programs for teachers of all experience levels including Professional educators, Experienced ESL instructors and Beginner teachers. Our clients include International schools, Language training schools, Primary/ Middle/ High schools and kindergartens.

Register with us today to be connected with a dedicated placement consultant who can answer all your questions and find the perfect match for you.

  • Very competitive pay
  • Free housing or allowance
  • Benefits (health, flights, bonuses)
  • Personal placement consultant to walk you through the process
  • Opportunity to get your TEFL for free
Asia » China
Program Type
1 Year+
Salary / Benefits
CNY 10,000 – 35,000 RMB/month + Potential expat packages including: airfare, housing, insurance, meals and more!
BA degree or above
Native English speaker
Classroom Audience
High School
Middle School
University Students
Age Min.
Age Max
Price Details
TN's services will always be free for teachers
Other Locations
Teaching vacancies throughout the country (40+ cities)

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Yes Jennifer, pre-school is in high demand! We work with some of the top pre-schools and kindergartens.

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Program Reviews (159)

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54 years old
Saint Petersburg, Russia
College of Charleston

Administrative Position with VIA


I want to thank Teaching Nomad for the opportunity to interview and be selected for a very nice position with Vermont International Academy in China. I would also like to recognize the very nice hospitality not to mention professionalism given to me by Mr. Joseph Alter. The support and response was most pleasurable and comforting during my current transition between my overseas job career continuation. I do thank Joseph very much. I will keep TN update as I go through my transition and begin my new journey and positive challenges.

Kind Regards,
Roger Heide

How can this program be improved?

Not applicable at this time

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29 years old
New York
University of Denver

Great opportunities for teachers of all flavors!


I have really enjoyed the placement I earned through Teaching Nomad. I worked with Jacklynn, who was incredibly supportive and informative throughout the entire process. She checked in with me on my progress as I applied and was hired by USKID. As a full-time classroom teacher here in NY, I wasn't quite ready to hop the pond, so she helped me find a placement that worked. Now I get to tutor young Chinese students in English from ththe comfort of my own home. I enjoy a flexible schedule and access to excellent lesson materials with USKID. It provides a great second source of income, and the lessons are really fun! I am very grateful to have the opportunity.

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27 years old
South Africa
Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Teaching abroad, China, with my family


So, I was looking for a new job opportunity and went to search the internet. I first worked with a different agency, but they were not too helpful. I searched again and came across Teaching Nomad. I am married and have 2 children, so I took a chance to email them about a teaching job abroad, because I thought it was impossible to take my family with. The next day Jacklynn emailed me back, saying "I would love to work with you" and immediately I felt at ease. We emailed back and forth a few times to discuss the minor detail and then she said we must arrange an interview with her. We scheduled it for 18 July. After the interview she emailed me a few job opportunities. I was interested in them, so she submitted my cv to them. That Friday, 21 July, two schools emailed me to arrange an interview. On 25 July I had my first interview and the next day the school confirmed that I had the job. I am leaving for China, with my family, on 25 August. Jacklynn even helped my husband to get in contact with other agents that guided him through the TEFL course that he is going to start. I am truly satisfied with the help I received from Teaching Nomad. Jacklynn made the whole process so easy and whenever I had a question, she was there the help!


Excellent support and ease


This was my third time trying to find work overseas as a first time English teacher, thought it was my first time using Teaching nomad. I greatly regret waiting this long to use their services. Mary Long (My agent) was phenomenal, she found a whole host of schools that fit my criteria. Perhaps the best part of working with Mary was that she was amazing at helping me make a decision on schools as well as providing valuable insight into how Chinese schools work. Throughout the process she checked in with me to see if there was anything I needed help with. When offers had been given to me Mary was more then happy (on request) to provide her take on which school would be a better fit for me. When one of the schools got aggressive with a contract signing, she was there to assure me to hold out and ask questions I hadn't even thought of asking. The school in question then changed the offer, due to alleged filling of the position, and Mary was honest with me about what she thought I should do next. In the end I chose a training school in Shanghai that provided me with 3 teaching contacts to talk to about the school, and provides me with flexible working hours, based on how much and long I want to teach. While this school did not offer accommodation, the airfare reimbursement comes within 2 months, providing me with much a much more likely payback. All in all I had a great experience with Teaching Nomad, and Mary Long and would recommend both for any first time teacher looking to make the move.

How can this program be improved?

Provide more school options after the initial wave.

I.E. when I found a recruiter I would get tons of potential schools, this winded down quickly, meaning if I didn't like or get in to the schools I was nervous that nothing was around the corner.

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Deakin University

Teaching Nomad Recruitment


I was very impressed by Teaching Nomad's recruitment service in China. Moira was extremely helpful, honest and responsive recruiter who made the stress of finding a new job in China much easier. Even after getting a job,Moira continued to provide useful advice and assistance to help organize all the paperwork. I highly recommend Moira (and Teaching Nomad) if you want assistance finding a job in China.

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Shenzhen China
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Support is Always There!


Working along with Teaching Nomads has been wonderful! After sweet and mostly sour experiences with other local agencies, working with Teaching Nomads has been a true relief. One of the components that made this process so smooth was my assistant placement consultant, Moira Mcnally. Since our initial interview, I could tell she understood what I was looking for in a job, and granted she found great options for me. She always replied promptly to my emails, and there were many! Later within the process and when I was formally offered a position, she was great at coaching me to understand and negotiate the offer. And now, that Im in the middle of the working visa procedures, she has also kindly provided support.

As far as the positions available within Teaching Nomads, they seem very competitive in terms pay and benefits. Thus far, I'm very pleased with the Academy I will be working with next year. The school setting and environment seem to be excellent, and most importantly it seems like a place where I can advance my professional skills. The benefits are competitive. I was surprised to see my medical health plan, since not many schools would provide that.

On another note, I think they're website and platform to place all the information and apply is very convenient and easy to deal with. It's kind of like an online folder. I believe it's a good way to organize all your information.

Overall, I'm very grateful that I found Teaching Nomads online! I believe working with them could definitely make a positive difference in your working experience abroad, and more specifically within China.

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Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Daytona State College

Thanks to Josie Piehl


Teaching in Asia was so far out from where I was looking to teach. I thought that to teach in Asia you had to have a bachelors degree. Plus my head was in Latin America and Europe. Although after posting my resume/CV on Daves ESL Cafe, Josie reached out to me several times through email. After ignoring it for a number of times ( I was avoiding recruiting companies) i finally clicked the email and responded immediately after viewing the offer. The interview with Josie was not stressful at all. She was both personable and informative. I was asked quite a few questions and in return given detailed responses to my own. I was updated regularly on the status of my application with the company that I work for now. If I had any questions during the application process Josie would respond in under 24 hours. Josie has been one of the best recruiter of any kind that I have ever had...and I have experienced horrible ones! I have been in Taiwan for about 3 weeks now and Josie has been checking in on me since the day I began applying for the position offered. I would definitely recommend that if you are looking for a teaching job and tired of the shady recruiters try "Teaching Nomad." Ask for Josie. 8p

How can this program be improved?


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36 years old
South Korea

My experience with teachingnomad


I have dealt with a number of recruiting agencies in many countries in Asia(both Asian and Western) and some were good, some rude, some unclear, some aggressive and some plainly clueless. You do sometimes get good Asian recruiters, who speak fluently and who provide good info but generally, even though they might be kind, most can't communicate well. Most western recruiters are english speakers but most are either too aggressive or very cold so either situation is not preferable. When teachingnomad agency approached me, I thought, oh well, same agency as always, nothing new but boy was I wrong.
I was dealing with a gentleman named Joseph Alter and he was superb. From the initial interviews that were concrete, informative and practical to the impressive questionnaire that asks really effective questions to the continual checkbacks up until day 1 of employment and after, Joseph has been a great help, really accomodating and supportive. The great thing I love most about them is not only the fact that they communicate everything clearly to you(in English), they have that genial but professional feel that most recruiters don't have. Most interviews didn't go well for me but time and again Joseph kept coming back with a new offer from a different institution, not just any institution but reliable authentic institutions(best offers). Joseph and teachingnomad have been phenomenal for me and anyone looking for a reliable, professional, effective yet friendly agency for teaching jobs must start with teachingnomad.

How can this program be improved?

Everything is great. Keep up the the good work.

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23 years old
University of Alberta

Teaching in China


I was absolutely thrilled to have Ashley working with me when trying to find a job abroad. She was incredibly helpful, understanding and flexible. At the beginning I was very skeptical about teaching over seas and backed out more than once. She remained incredibly patient with me and expressed how she thought I was right to teach abroad. Even though I was hesitant, she continued to send me positions and one of them happened to be my dream job. How could I say no? She found me various schools that fit my skill set and ultimately found the school I will be working at in the fall! I am so excited to teach in Shanghai for a year and I owe it all to her.

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Very Responsive


My experience with Teaching Nomad has been nothing but exceptional. As someone who had recently attained a public school teaching license in the US but was also interested in teaching overseas, I went to Teaching Nomad for help finding schools where my credentials would be recognized. My coordinator was Jacklynn, and she guided me every step of the way. Best of all, there was very little wait before schools were knocking on my door, and an offer was made! I can recommend this agency without hesitation; they will be by your side as you explore the many opportunities out there.




After signing up to the Teaching Nomad website I received an e-mail from Moira who was keen to get me started on my way to finding a job that suited me. I interviewed with her and set up my profile with documents etc. and within a week of completing it I had been offered a job with a great school! I am so excited to be off to China with a secure job in a great school with amazing benefits all thanks to Moira and Teaching Nomad!

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Beijing China
Fordham University

Great job support


I was teaching English in Beijing but was looking for a different job- the job I was looking for was pretty niche, and not common in China. I worked with Josie and told her my experience and what I was looking for. She understood the difficulty of finding this type of job, but assured me she'd search. Within a couple months, she had found me an interview and I was hired within a week! She was so supportive and helpful and I would never have found this job if it weren't for her!
I cannot speak to other aspects of teaching nomad, as I have only used this to find a new job, but it was a huge help for me and I could recommend it to anyone!

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28 years old
Shanghai, China
George Mason University

Head Librarian


Teaching Nomad is an amazing service! I highly recommend working with them. I sent my resume in, a day later heard from Teaching Nomad, and by the end of that week had two very good job offers. In addition to that, I was able to take the TEFL online certification from them, which they reimburse after the 90-day probation period at my job. Their support is amazing. Great people, great program, and a great experience. Teaching Nomad is the place to go to get placed overseas!!!

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29 years old
University of Florida

Shanghai Position


Moira made the entire process a simple and enjoyable experience. She was always quick to provide answer to questions and gave meaningful support when it counted most. I deeply appreciate working with her and Teaching Nomad to find my dream position. Moira provided step by step advice and counselling for each position. Most importantly she gave realistic advice on positions and benefits. Moria was supportive through salary and benefits negotiations, always willing to step up and go to bat for me. Her inclusion in the process made for a successful job hunt. He highly value and appreciate everything her and Teaching Nomad did for me.

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35 years old
Otterbein College

Teaching Nomad - Application Process


Teaching Nomad has now helped me find 2 different outstanding teaching positions in China. They have made the process of applying for teaching positions easy and painless. These positions were in Beijing and Shanghai. These cities are both extremely safe and have large ex-pat communities. These cities you can experience local Chinese culture but also have the comforts of home in the ex-pat areas. What I have seen in the international schools in these cities the schools are all outstanding. They have amazing facilities that schools back home may not have. I would recommend Teaching Nomad and teaching in China for all teachers who are looking to get a job over seas.


Jacklynn is amazing


Teaching Nomad was suggested to me by a close friend, who used it to find a great job teaching in Beijing. I decided to give it a try and it ended up being the best choice I could've made. Jacklynn has been incredibly helpful in finding me a job that suits all my needs. It made the process so much easier, as I had so much support and help along the way. Jacklynn really seems to care and has kept up with me even after I accepted the new job. It really is such a great program for teachers!!


Found a Perfect Match


I can't thank Jacklynn enough for her assistance in helping me get placed at my new school in China. After deciding to continue teaching science in China, I learned that the international program at my school would be downsizing drastically. Jacklynn helped me find a position at one of the top schools in the province. Not only would I be teaching a subject I love, but I'd get the opportunity to provide professional development to other teachers on staff. And it was all in a matter of a few weeks.
For anyone considering teaching overseas, I would highly recommend working with Teaching Nomad!

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23 years old
North Carolina, USA
Gardner-Webb University



I found this site just randomly searching and because of this program, a thought turned into something REAL! Josie did an AMAZING job helping me get acquainted with Teaching Nomad! She made me feel comfortable and she has this incredible way of matching a perfect school to a really excited candidate! And she didn't stop there. I had endless questions and she was always patient and kind, answering the questions fully and responding within a few hours of my question. She didn't let the 12 hour time difference get in the way of anything. I don't know what I would have done without her guidance and Teaching Nomad's wonderful online TEFL course. I now know what to expect and have resources to better run my classroom. I CANNOT wait to start this wonderful experience! I'll add more to my review after I have started in Shanghai!

How can this program be improved?

None. Seriously, communication is the key to this program and Josie did it very well!

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48 years old
University of Connecticut

Great Help & Support


Josie was excellent and on the ball in getting back to me. The administration at the school has also been excellent. I've not gone overseas yet so this review is just of my experience so far. Josie did a good job interviewing me and wrote a profile that reflected my strengths. I asked her for advice in terms of negotiating the contract and she did her due diligence and replied with a well-considered response that helped me. From my experience, this is a totally professional organisation with talented staff. I would completely recommend their services.

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24 years old
New Zealand
Auckland University of Technology

Great Company


I would highly recommend finding a job through Teaching Nomad. I signed up with them a few months ago and it took a few weeks to decide where I wanted to teach. My placement consultant - Mary Long - was very patient whilst I was making my mind up on what to do and when I finally decided that I wanted to teach in China she was able to help me secure a job. She made the whole process simple and was very encouraging. I'm still waiting to apply for my Visa however I'm certain that this process will go smoothly as everything else has been great so far thanks to the support Mary has provided me with.

About The Provider


The most important service that we provide is behind the scenes research of every school that we can find to identify those worth partnering with. There are 1000's of English schools in Asia, unfortunately not all of them are legitimate. We have contacted, spoke with