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Teaching English abroad has become a trend for young people who want to travel around the world. Every year, more than 30,000 candidates from all over the world come to China to teach English.

The Great walls, the pandas, the Beijing roaster ducks, the future business opportunities, the decent life and many more - your dream job is here; as an agency who offers more than 500 teaching jobs per month all over China, we are here to help you get it.

The responsibility and the vitality are our creeds; as the most reliable ESL recruiting agency in China, we are here to ensure the safety and benefits of every single candidate, and take care of every issue of our candidates from the beginning to the end.

All of our services are free for our candidates, welcome to visit our website and apply. It takes only 5 mins for the application and begin your new life adventure.

  • Salary Package from 2500 USD to 3500 USD (500 USD per month will get you a beautiful life in China).
  • A furnished apartment or accommodation allowance which could cover your monthly rent will be provided.
  • FREE job placement service, FREE visa consulting service, FREE airport pickup service (in Shanghai), FREE life support service (Help making bank card, sim card and many more).
  • FREE VPN for 1 year (Which allow you to get quick access to Youtube, Facebook in mainland China).
  • Party for candidates per month in Shanghai.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Wook Talent is extremely talented!

Hello everyone ! Currently working in Hangzhou which is a beautiful city next to the massive megapolise Shanghai. Marco Polo used to describe it as one of the most beautiful places on earth and slent here more than 20 years. I am here since November 2018 so far. It’s nice and pretty over here with big expats community and amazing Chinese coworkers environment. Gratefully to work Talent it did happen! It’s always a big pleasure to deal with the Work Talent especially agent Anatole who is always supportive and professional. He found amazing job opportunity for me and keep searching for many of my friends whom I am glad and proud to reccomend. It’s good opportunity to work and travel, experience new culture build cv and find new friends. Happy to be here and wish u to become even more massive and occupy the hall planet! Good job and thank you!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Very reliable!

I have checked lots of websites and agencies before choosing WOOK Talent. I have chosen them because their professional work visa explanation video on their youtube channel.

Comparing with the other agencies in China, WOOK Talent makes me feel safe and reliable. The members of the agency have the same age as me. We have had a very good time.

I have to admit that the EF and the wall street English do also provide reliable job positions. But the salary that WOOK Talent can offer to us is the way much more interesting.

Especial thanks to the member of WOOK Talent Anatole, really funny guy, and being always responsible. He helpd me overcome lots of difficulties for my first month in China.

For the new comers, what can i say.... maybe WOOK Talent is not the biggest agency in China nor the best one. But it won't be a mistake for you guys to come through them!.

What was your funniest moment?
Haha I visited the pet Market in Shanghai huangpu district, and bought a turtle as my pet !

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WOOK Talent, founded in 2014, the recruiting agency specialized in Chinese ESL market. We provide FREE English teacher placement service and FREE visa consulting service for our candidates. WOOK Talent now has over 1200 companies & schools in...