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Where Kids Duo Schools are
Where Kids Duo Schools are
Classroom at Kids Duo
Classroom at Kids Duo
"Teach in English, Play in English"
"Teach in English, Play in English"


Kids Duo is a new type of after school care service that provides a safe and secure after school English environment where children age 3-12 can acquire English skills they will need in the future. Our teachers raise children's physical and social ability and develop their motivation and confidence with each step in our unique curriculum. We are looking for teachers who can impart a fun, playful, and independent style to kids and through play, show them how to think, decide, and act on things for themselves.

Our goal is to take enthusiastic, energetic and creative people and help them build the skills they need to be great instructors. So, even if it's your first time teaching, we will give you the training and support that you need to be a successful team member. You don't need to know Japanese to teach at Kids Duo, as all our classes are completely in English.

Kids Duo has schools all over Japan, and each area offers different opportunities for teachers.

  • Base salary of ¥250,000 monthly. Structured pay-rise system and career advancement opportunities based on experience, ability and performance.
  • ¥100,000 upon completion of one-year contract and contract renewal.
  • Work-related commuting costs and Japanese social health insurance included.
  • 5-day work week off and 10 paid holidays yearly.
  • Minimum one-year contract which can be renewed by mutual agreement (no term limits).

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Yes, I recommend this program

Increasing my Teaching Ability

I decided to work for Kids Duo because I wanted a way to stay in Japan for an extended period of time, but I didn`t know if I could properly do my job because I had no prior teaching experience. Kids Duo`s 3 week training that is given to new teachers was EXTREMELY helpful in teaching me everything that I needed to teach young japanese children English and overall made me much more comfortable with caring for and teaching kids. The amazing curriculum paired with the overwhelmingly friendly staff I am greeted with everday has given me no reason to leave Japan for a long time.

Yes, I recommend this program

Challenge and Reward

My Kids Duo experience has been a colorful and comprehensively enriching experience. It is a business model and approach to education that is nothing like any I have ever experienced before and is difficult to put into English words. We do strive to develop kids’ English communication ability, but the approach does not fit the traditional understanding of “Teaching.” This approach is definitely very challenging for the type of person looking for a low stakes teaching gig where she or he can get away with just explaining to kids how English works and then making them practice it a lot. Kids come to us from anywhere between 2 - 5+ hours a day continuously, and in order for the kids to actually enjoy their time with us, teaching staff are tasked with executing a myriad of activities within a given program in a manner where the kids can enjoy themselves in and immersive English environment. I was actually one of those “traditional approach” teachers when I first started, but the training program, training staff and kids that I would be in front of gave me the necessary experience to develop to a level of performance I was happy with and others around me recognized. This has really been a job where I continuously learn many important people and life skills while I try to do the same for the kids in English.

As a leader in Kids Duo, I can say that the shared attitude toward our training structure is that “it can always be better.” Over time, it has proven to be flexible and adaptive in places where it has had to be and will continue to do so while I have anything to say about it. We are very open to and appreciate all forms of feedback that will help us in our ongoing strive to make the training experience for teachers better and better.

What would you improve about this program?
More training and development for the improvement of intercutlural relations.


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