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Pre-School Elementary Middle School High School

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Classroom Audience
Pre-School Elementary Middle School High School


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Nov 22, 2023
Jun 15, 2024
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XploreAsia’s 120-hour, internationally accredited TESOL / TEFL course in Japan is one of the the only TESOL / TEFL courses available to be taken in country, and you can also be placed in a teaching job following the course!

As an English teacher in Japan, you’ll not only experience all that this amazing country has to offer, but you’ll also receive one of the highest salaries in the teach abroad industry!

In-class TESOL / TEFL courses are the best way to learn how to become a teacher in Japan! We provide an immersive, one week, Japanese culture and language orientation, which helps you to transition smoothly to life in Japan, as well as a two day teaching practicum in a local school to build your confidence and teaching skills.

Additionally, you’ll build a network of fellow teachers that will be embarking on the experience with you at the same time, ensuring you have a strong support group once you’ve begun teaching.

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Program Highlights

  • Gain a qualification to allow you teach and travel the world, with an in-depth understanding of the theories, concepts and principles of teaching English as a second language
  • Guaranteed teaching placement. Teachers earn the equivalent of USD 1,650 to USD 2,250 per month.
  • Building confidence in teaching English in the Japan context in both language schools and public schools
  • Immersion in Japanese culture through many active-learning cultural excursions such as, Japanese cooking class, tours of important museums and cultural sites, market tour, and more!
  • Career advancement potential!

Program Reviews

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  • Benefits 3.85
  • Support 4.75
  • Fun 4.6
  • Facilities 4.3
  • Safety 4.85
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Yes, I recommend this program


The staff is very supportive in all the processes. From interviews until you reach your country of placement. They still check on you afterwards through emails and Line. Always available when you need them. The team also organized an in-country cultural weekend in Japan with accommodation expenses already paid. The welcome dinner was also relaxed .I met knew people from all around Japan and had so much fun. The tour guide provided by the team was very kind and resourceful. Thank you Xplore Asia!

What was your funniest moment?
I ordered Takoyaki in Japan. Then asked if they have beef Takoyaki. They did. I went back and told my colleagues that I enjoyed it. They asked if I love octopus and I told them that I had beef Takoyaki . Then they told me *Takoyaki " means "octopus!"so .now I am confused. Does that mean I had "Takoyaki " or not?
  • Supportive staff
  • Easy instructions on the process
  • In country support & cultural orientation
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Yes, I recommend this program

Xplore Asia Japan

I have not been in the program for long, but I have had a great experience so far. Moving to Japan was really difficult but the staff helped me through it and were patient with my mistakes. This is my first time teaching in a classroom, and everyone has been very understanding of my shortcomings. The most difficult part of the program was figuring out how to get to my placement location, since I had to get from the airport to location on my own.
Adjusting to the move has also been difficult. It was expensive to furnish my apartment, so it is important to be aware of the cost.
However I have had a great time traveling around Japan, trying new foods, meeting new people, and learning how to be a better teacher and member of Japan.

  • Patient and communicative staff
  • Travel experience
  • Kind community
  • Solo travel to location upon arrival in Japan
  • No bed, stove, or washing machine provided
  • No control over placement location
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Yes, I recommend this program

OverSeas Review

I am so happy to have joined XploreAsia and have the chance to work in Japan. It is a dream come true! I am not only happy to work in a school environment to teach English, but to also make new friends to make fun memories with.
During this experience, I have been able to further develop my interpersonal skills with students, school administrators and staff, coworkers in the teaching programs, and in the local communities that I am living in. I have been able to develop a better sense of confidence both professionally and personally.

  • Good communication
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Growth of confidence
  • Housing issues
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Yes, I recommend this program

Review of Explore Asia Japan Programme

Xplore Asia helped to take away any worries I had about moving to japan. They have a lovely helpful team who make you feel comfortable enough to reach out to. They check in with you regularly and offered well rounded support. They also organise weekend meetups throughout the year in different locations! You can also share your experience online by working with Xplore Asia via social media channels. The employees have personal experience of living in Japan and some still live in japan. This means they can give real guidance rather than generalised advice.

  • Very hands on support
  • Holistic support, e.g mental health support etc.
  • Culture weekends and they try to create channels of communication through Facebook groups and so on
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Yes, I recommend this program

Xplore Asia Japan: Genuine Review

This experience has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. I grew up in a poor area, a dangerous town riddled with problems. My family never had a lot of money, but I would eventually learn to live without it. Most people in my hometown never even make it to college, and there is a lack of ambition from most people. If there is any ambition, it derives from people just wanting money and not caring how they waste they lives. For me, this was unacceptable. I yearned for more than what money could buy: satisfaction. I never had money, so now I have reached a point where I don't need it to be happy. Although, I needed it to pay bills. I was stuck in a position I hated in America; therefore, I started to hate myself. Worst of all, I was making very good money. Was this the mediocrity I would be forced into, following in the footsteps of all those around me? NO! The XploreAsia program changed this. I will be honest; this program is very very expensive. It took everything from a savings account and a credit card to make it through my first few months in the program and in Japan. It was worth every penny. I was scared that I would spend this money and regret it, but as I learned in Japan, sometimes you have to say screw it and jump on the train(plane). I don't make a lot of money by any means at my new job, but it pays my bills. I found a new passion; something to look forward to waking up to everyday. Most people will look at you and say, "shouldn't you work somewhere to make more money?" Or "You could get a job back home and make twice as much!" DON'T LISTEN TO THEM. I gained happiness, satisfaction, and inspiration from the move to Japan. I will not be moving any time soon. You can't put a price on happiness, but if all it costs is the money I spent this summer, I'd tell everyone in the world to do it. XploreAsia was helpful, and one could say it saved my life. I think differently than most, but that's what makes me so happy. In short, you will not make a lot of money, and the transition will be very hard; but if you feel stuck, unmotivated, or desperate for change in your life take this step.

  • happiness
  • cost of living reduction
  • Inspiration
  • Price
  • Japan is hard to transition to, maybe more information with regards to tax documents/government papers is needed
  • Nah that's really it
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Yes, I recommend this program

Tokyo Trip Xplore Asia

Had the pleasure of joining Xplore Asia's Tokyo tour meet up. Our tour guide / coordinater (Lay) was extremely professional and extremely polite. I had one of the most memorable times , not only seeing Tokyo for the first time , but meeting new people and exploring parts of Japan I've never seen. Xplore Asia, covered the hostel stay, Tokyo 24 hour metro ticket and one dinner. I had a really fun time

  • Saw Japan
  • Explored
  • Met new people
  • Only positive things to say
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Yes, I recommend this program

XploreAsia - Abby McGinn

It was a good way to meet Japanese people and work with students and their families. Picked up some Japanese phrases so that’s cool. Slowing learning the language.
Travelled to some amazing places and got to know Japan pretty well - always lots to see and do, especially at different times of the year.
Made lots of friends, through the course and through work. The company I came over on were extremely helpful helping me with my money issues, that was so kind and very much appreciated. Great people

  • Met some amazing people
  • Learnt about the culture
  • Great working with families
  • Not challenging
  • Sometimes very boring - can get dull
  • Work hours
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