Volunteer and earn a Free TEFL Certification
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Volunteer and earn a Free TEFL Certification

Spend two weeks in beautiful countryside venue with all expenses paid, getting teaching experience and earning a free TEFL Certification?

Welcome to Angloville - Tandem House programme!

Angloville offers cultural exchange programmes where volunteers receive free board and lodging in beautiful countryside hotels in exchange for helping Polish programme attendees practise their English.

A typical 6 day programme is spent in a stimulating environment with Polish people in a series of one-on-one and two-on-one discussions, group activities, negotiations, hiking, walking, swimming, meals (with both Polish and English speakers), entertainment, and social time.

After completing a 6-day Tandem House programme and a 6-day Angloville full immersion programme, a participant is entitled to a free 120-hour online TEFL study voucher with an internationally recognized provider of the TEFL training.

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39 years old

Amazing Angloville!


Angloville was a wonderful experience! The online TEFL course provides great practical information for anyone considering teaching English. The course is well set out and has videos to watch, links and tips that are very helpful. The actual Angloville programmes were fabulous. We really enjoyed meeting the local participants, talking with them about their lives, the culture and country, politics, films, all sorts of things. Participants on the programmes had different interests and careers and great senses of humour! It was great to be able to support them in improving their language skills and/ or develop confidence in conversational English. I am a trained teacher and have had English teaching experience in other countries so was very much at home here. My husband though had no teaching experience and knows very little about English grammar so was a little nervous before it started, wondering if he would be very useful- it turns out he loved it!! Not scary at all, very personable and we were well supported. The programme was very well organised and led by down to earth friendly co-ordinators who valued the effort we put in and created a great atmosphere for participants and volunteers alike. We enjoyed social time with participants and other native speakers and had time for ourselves as well. The setting was wonderful, food very good and we enjoyed yoga by the water each morning! A terrific experience I can highly recommend. We are already looking forward to doing more Angloville programmes in the future!

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34 years old

Review of Angloville


An exquisite volunteer opportunity for trainee and experienced English teachers alike. The Polish participants are so attentive that conversing with them is a true delight. The venues are luxurious with wonderful, traditional cuisine and a relaxing atmosphere. However, the greatest praise must be reserved for the highly competent and well-qualified coordinators who perform their jobs perfectly. They train trainee teachers to become TEFL-certified. Furthermore, even though I had been teaching for seven years before attending the course, I found their coordinators to be highly insightful in terms of pedagogical awareness, more so than their comparative trainers on PGCE courses. They are eager to help all volunteers merticulously attending to career development needs. I would give this course my unconditional recommendation.

About The Provider


Angloville is one of the biggest providers of free educational volunteering / cultural exchanges in Europe (www.angloville.com/home). We offer ESL-related volunteering experience during which students can discover 7 European countries for free, having their board and lodging in beautiful countryside hotels covered, while helping young