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Angloville is one of the biggest providers of free educational volunteering / cultural exchanges in Europe. We offer ESL-related volunteering experience during which students can discover 7 European countries for free, having their board and lodging in beautiful countryside hotels covered, while helping young European students practise their English. The programme is free to join. We welcome 8000+ participants / year. Featured in: Lonely Planet, Forbes, Fashion Magazine, Travel Magazine, Glasgow Guardian.


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I had a great time working at an Angloville camp outside Krakow, Poland. The work was accurate to what was advertised and I felt that I made a difference in the lives of the Polish natives. Though a bit vague in description, I thought the camp to be what I expected, and was surprised to find that I improved my communication skills while teaching. The hotel we worked at was more than adequate, with three free meals a day, pool, and other various activities.

How can this program be improved?
I think it could be better marketed with more detail in the program description. There were a lot of great aspects of the program that were not highlighted beforehand that would make me and others more likely to attend. Specifically the one-on-one conversations are not well explained.
Yes, I recommend

Angloville is a great concept and well organised, I strongly recommend it. There should be more all over Europe. Teaching through conversation is a great way to help pass on my knowledge of the English language, you meet some great people and stay in some great places. The co-ordinators are very professional, friendly and very supportive. I am proud to have been part of something educational, the locations are stunning. All of the participants worked hard and ga e 100 percent.

Yes, I recommend
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Being a volunteer at Angloville was an enriching experience. We get to meet people from different whereabouts, backgrounds and cultures. It is such a lovely environment to make friends and learn not only English but also from and with each other. I will always remember the lovely get togethers after class and the lively classes I taught. I can't wait to go back and join the team once again. It is a unique experience, for sure :)

How can this program be improved?
The logistics - the information prior to the course (the office should be more organized when giving the volunteers information about the trainstations/airports/busstations to arrive at/depart from). Many people in my group, including myself, went through such a hassle.
I hope it has tacked this issue, which caused a lot of stress and problems to us.
Yes, I recommend

I always love travelling to Europe. Doing Angloville program for the first time is a different kind of experience for me. So far this is the best trip Europe trip that I ever had. My Angloville experience is very memorable. It is a different kind of experienced, combining teaching, immersion and fun in one setting. I get to appreciate Europe, the people and the culture more through this program. I gained new friends not just from the country were I was teaching but from different countries all over the world (the native speakers). It is the best way to immerse yourself with the locals. The concept of Angloville is also amazing because it is not the conventional way of teaching English. The places (hotel) were we stayed are all beautiful, and the food was really good. I would love to do another program with Angloville.

Yes, I recommend
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I completed three Angloville adult programmes in March and April - two in Poland and one in the Czech Republic. All three were very enjoyable and interesting experiences. Taking part in the Angloville programmes was a great way to see new places, meet new people and gain EFL teaching experience. I particularly enjoyed getting to know and wonderful volunteers and participants, many of whom I will keep in touch with and hopefully meet again.
Although I only signed up for the three programmes required to obtain the TEFL certificate, I will most probably apply take part in more programmes in future, and would definitely recommend the program to both volunteer native speakers and to learners.

Yes, I recommend


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