Multiple Locations +4
  • Malta
  • Italy
  • France
  • Greece
3 to 6 weeks

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Age Min.
Spring Break Summer Winter Year Round
Small Group (1-15)
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Budget Older Travelers Solo Women


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Since we are booking accommodation and food in a partner hotel for you, to confirm your spot we will require a 129 EUR refundable confirmation fee: 99 EUR refundable deposit + 30 EUR admission fee (including transaction and foreign exchange costs/fees pertaining to online payments, bank charges or wire transfers, as well as local tourism and eco taxes).
What's Included
Accommodation Activities Meals Wifi
What's Not Included
Airfare Travel Insurance Visa
Jan 09, 2023
Nov 24, 2022
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About Program

Meet European & International participants, be a conversation partner and enjoy free stays in beautiful hotels across Mediterranean Europe: Malta, Greece, France, Italy and many more.

Join more than 8000 people from all over the world for our Angloville experience this year!

As an English speaker, you stay in one of our beautiful venues for 3 to 6 weeks and enjoy a series of casual conversations and fun-packed activities (games, workshops, city tours, etc). You are not a formal teacher: you are a partner for conversation while having a multicultural experience.

What you get in return:
• Free accommodation in beautiful venues across Europe
• Full board during your stay
• Free city tours in multiple cities
• A chance to connect with people from 20+ countries
• An opportunity to become TEFL-Certified (if attending 3 weeks)

Further details can be found on our website.

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Program Highlights

  • 100% free board and lodging (3 meals a day, shared room, private bathroom)
  • Meet new international friends (12+ nationalities)
  • Opportunities to travel across Europe: Malta, Greece, France, Poland, Hungary and many more.
  • A chance to become TEFL-certified (optional)
  • A lot of fun guaranteed!

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Program Reviews

4.72 Rating
based on 206 reviews
  • 5 rating 76.21%
  • 4 rating 21.36%
  • 3 rating 1.46%
  • 2 rating 0%
  • 1 rating 0.97%
  • Impact 4.7
  • Support 4.65
  • Fun 4.8
  • Value 4.7
  • Safety 4.85
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Yes, I recommend this program

Angloville program

I had an unforgettable experience at Angloville from start to finish everything was well organized, I made lots of friends and enjoy every single moment .The coordinators were really friendly and went about and beyond to ensure everyone had an amazing experience.
The accommodation was well located and spotless it has everything you will need for a good rest after days packed of adventures.
A great variety of food was provided and you also have a fair amount of breaks between sessions.
I highly recommend!

  • Easy to book
  • Great value
  • Well organised
  • None
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Yes, I recommend this program

Angloville Poland

Did my first programme last week and it was great! It was in Poland and the area was beautiful with a lot more free time than expected. I would definitely go back for the winter programme. It also catered really well for vegans and allergies. All the native speakers were lovely and the polish participants seemed to enjoy themselves! Our co-ordinator, Lisa, was fantastic. I'm looking forward to the next one. I stayed in Chojnik and we did an excursion to the castle which was really good. Thank you angloville!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Adult experience in Hungary

I can stress enough that this experience made the change I needed to my life. I had the pleasure of meeting so many new people, engaging in intellectual and insightful conversation. In meeting like minded people, it helped to develop my world view and this was all for free. Theres simply no reason not to go for this!

This provides a great way to add to your resume while creating lifelong connections. You spend so much time together that these people become almost a second family! I couldnt recommend this enough!

  • Excellent vegetarian options
  • Great staff
  • Structured program
  • Its intense!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience with Angloville

I did two one week programmes in Poland and a one week programme in Hungary this year with Angloville. I enjoyed my experience. The programmes enabled me to help Polish and Hungarian participants to improve their English and were fun. I got to socialise whilst also doing voluntary work and I received a certificate at the end of each programme. My coordinators Micah and Grant were friendly and very helpful. During each of the programmes, I had my accommodation and all of my meals paid for. I would recommend doing voluntary work abroad with Angloville to anyone.

  • I got to stay in some lovely hotels
  • I had an excellent life experience
  • I met some interesting people
  • The food in the Hotel Korona in Poland was not very good
  • Unfortunately I didn't have as much tme to visit places in Poland and in Hungary, as I would have liked
  • I did not have enough free time during each of the programmes
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Yes, I recommend this program

Overall programme evaluation

It was amazing and experiential experience for me, i would recommed for those who wants to have work exprience while having fun. You can interact with different people and gain too much insight while exploring your qualities and lackings thats how you can know better about yourself too. Staff and overall activities , are amazing days are well organized , venues and food is also good , stay is accomodating for almost everyone. Students cooperate with mentors and you can have great exposure with them.

  • Too much time lap , whole day schedule is too long and exhausting to keep up it should start from 9:00am till 7:00pm max.
  • Group activities are less interactive and gives less opportunity for all students to participate
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Yes, I recommend this program

Good experience

Although I have taken a part for only one program which lasted a week, I think I was able to get the whole experience of interacting with kids and meet new people. Talking with students for 8 sessions a day was tiring at times but I really enjoyed talking to the students and learned a lot from them too. It was worthwhile to receive such kind remarks from some of the students and how much the limited little times that we spent communicating left a valuable memory for them. My fellow mentors are good and nice people too.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience

Had an awesome time with all the mentors and mentees. I'd love to participate again in future. The venues are calm and beautiful. The rooms are also pretty good. I got a lot of friends in this program and the kids are also cool. One can enjoy a lot as well as teach at the same time.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
You will love the program from start to end. Be prepared to talk a lot and have a bottle of water with you always ;)
53 people found this review helpful.
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No, I don't recommend this program

Terrible organization, and a program that doesn't care about laws or safety

I signed up for Angloville in summer 2021, when COVID is still a significant problem. The original program I signed up for was actually canceled because the country closed its borders due to rising numbers of COVID cases. I signed up for another program a few weeks later, and was promised they would follow local laws regarding COVID, including social distancing and masking inside.

Before leaving for the trip, I repeatedly encountered bad planning and lack of forethought on the part of the organizers. For example, I needed to get a negative COVID test in order to return to my home country after the program. I was going to fly out the day after the program ended, and the test needed to be taken 48 hours before flying out. So, I asked the organizers if COVID testing was going to be built into the itinerary on the second-last day of the program -- otherwise, I would have to leave during the day to go get the test, and I assumed other people would also need to take the test. The organizer was impressed that I had thought of that, because it had not occurred to the organizing team. For another example, I asked about transportation to the program location from the airport (an hour drive away), and they hadn't thought about that either. Only with prompting from me did they say they would look into it. Then, 4 days before the program started when I still hadn't heard anything, I looked into it myself and emailed them what I had found. They then thanked me for doing their job and forwarded that information to the other volunteers.

After flying across the Atlantic to get there, I discovered that not only were the program coordinators not following the laws, but they didn't care when I asked about it. I told them I was concerned about COVID, because I needed a negative test to get back to my country. They said, "Well, just don't worry about it," shrugged, and walked away. For reference, it was a group of about 60 people, who were mostly teenagers. I talked to the other program coordinator, who said, "They're teenagers, I can't tell them what to do." What a great attitude from someone who is in charge of a large group of teenagers.

The only positive experience I had was that the other volunteers I met were fun and friendly. Maybe Angloville should consider taking care of them better. I would not recommend this program to anyone.

What would you improve about this program?
Communicate better with your volunteers, and follow laws in order to keep them safe.
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Questions & Answers

The two companies I have used for this so far are Angloville and VaughanTown. The enquirer needs to visit their websites and discover what the conditions are. There is availability throughout the year and quite often spaces available on trips at short notice that may not yet have been filled. Angloville has a Facebook page also. volunteers.grupovaughan.com/what-we-do/vaughan-town angloville.com