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Canterbury TEFL Course 4 wk course with GUARANTEED TEACHING JOBS through our school. Work opportunities begin during the course!

Canterbury is one of longest running and most reputable TEFL programs in Spain. All graduates go on to teach for Canterbury Consulting Spain, our parent language school providing English language services in Madrid since 1994.

Canterbury Tefl offers exciting opportunities for English speaking people to teach English, while experiencing the thrill of living in Spain.
• Guaranteed lifetime job
• Accredited TEFL certificate
• Six month to One year Student visas for non EU residents
• Summer camp jobs

995 euros TEFL Course Price
- 280 euros Paid internship Teaching
= 715 euros Final price
Best quality/price ratio in Spain

We arrange housing, student visas, training and work.
We have our own facilities in Madrid and, with over 20 years of experience, we are experts in our field.

In the foothills of the Madrid mountains at Cei El Jarama, On the outskirts of the national park Montseny in Barcelona at La Granja In the Madrid mountains at Ideotur, San Mames. On the Benageber lake in Valencia at Centro de Vacaciones Benageber. This course is limited to 16 students. It includes a remunerated position during the month of July as an English Teacher at a summer camp in Spain.
  • Learn how to confidently teach English to businesses, adults, teenagers, and children!
  • Guaranteed, immediate work opportunities through our English academy!
  • Live in a vibrant, multi-cultural city with incredible history, architecture, food, nightlife, and people!
  • Options to participate in cultural activities, meet other expats, and even take Spanish lessons with us!

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  • Benefits 7.5
  • Support 8
  • Fun 9
  • Facilities 7
  • Safety 10
  • Instruction 10
  • Support 10
  • Value 10
  • Academic Rigor 10
  • Job Assistance 10
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Being a student a Canterbury was the experience of a lifetime :-)

The content, instructional methods, and assignments were rigorous, engaging, and worth the investment of time and money. The instructors and School Director are extremely knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and deliver honest and constructive feedback on assignments submitted and on demo lessons taught by TEFL candidates. I really bonded with my peers as well. It was fun and refreshing to learn with peers from around the world, and to improve my Spanish-speaking skills.

If you do the TEFL course in June, you are GUARANTEED a full-time EFL teaching position at a summer camp for the months of July and August. A pretty good deal!

In addition, I find Madrid to be a surprisingly affordable city to to live in, eat in, and travel around using public transportation. The school is in walking distance of various train stations and restaurants, and is located in a safe neighborhood.

I have already recommended this program to those who are serious about getting their TEFL certificate so they can teach English abroad. It was my first time living abroad, and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world.

How can this program be improved?
A SMART Board in the classroom would be nice, more computers in the study hall, and computers and printers that are modern.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A good option if you are trying to get a vivisa

I actually went through a different TEFL course last year in Madrid which was run less than professionally. I achieved top marks and qualified for employment with them and it was only then that they reversed themselves and told me they did not know how to help me get a visa to stay in Spain as a non-EU national. I therefore had to return to the US after three months and start all over again.

Canterbury was very helpful in this regard. But be advised that the smart way to get a visa is before you come to Spain in the first place. Sign up with Canterbury and they can help you while you are still in your home country.

The TEFL course itself, taught by John Bouse, was very professional and obviously is the product of many years of careful and caring teaching. He kept the material interesting and created an atmosphere in which our group bonded quickly.

Highly recommended.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Mature Local Madrid Resident

I decided to have a career change and become a Business English Coach. Through a personal acquaintance of mine, I "landed" in the Canterbury TEFL course taught by John Bouse.

I have not had formal training in years and I truly enjoyed the course. John is an amazing teacher. He makes you feel teaching is so important and fun and helps you with thousands of personal anecdotes and examples.

The course is very well structured and dynamic. You never get bored and there is plenty of hands-on experience!!! John is very experience albeit creative in his approach. For example, he made us endure two 30 minutes lessons in Tagalog (native language spoken in the Philippines) so that we could put ourselves in the shoes of beginners. What an incredible thought and it worked!

I highly recommend the Canterbury TEFL course because of its teacher. John is an inspiring character.

How can this program be improved?
The premises and equipment was a bit tired. New furniture and more up to date equipment will make the experience more comfortable.
Yes, I recommend this program

About Canterbury TEFL

Canterbury is one of longest running and most reputable TEFL programs in Spain with Canterbury Consulting Spain, the parent language school, providing English language services in Madrid since 1994 www.canterburyconsultingspain.com

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