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Interested in getting paid to travel the world? By earning your accredited TEFL certification with International TEFL Academy, you can teach English in Spain & 80+ countries worldwide.

Spain is one of the most popular locations in Europe and the world for teaching English abroad. A 4-year university degree is preferred but not required to teach in Spain. A TEFL certification is strongly recommended.

A job teaching English in Spain is one of the best ways to live abroad, build your resume, make friends from all over the world, and explore one of the most exciting countries in Europe. The most popular cities for English teaching jobs in Spain are Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia.

ITA offers TEFL classes in Spain (Barcelona & Madrid), Online, and in 25 locations worldwide. If you’re passionate about learning Spanish, ITA also has offers a student visa program that allows Americans to work legally in Spain while attending Spanish and cultural classes for the year.

Why is International TEFL Academy the Right Choice?

  • One-on-One Pre-Enrollment Guidance: What TEFL class is best for me? What country is best for me? How much money do I need to bring with me? Your own personal ITA advisor will help you navigate these questions about TEFL certification, teaching abroad, and many more! Your advisor will educate you on how to find English teaching jobs in 80+ countries around the world before enrolling in your class. Your advisor will help you decide if teaching English abroad is a good fit for you!
  • Professional Level TEFL Certification Courses: We offer accredited TEFL certification courses online (11 weeks online) and in-person (4 weeks) in 25 locations worldwide that exceed international professional standards of instructor qualifications, class, and student teaching hours.
  • We Have Been in YOUR shoes: Everyone on the ITA staff has extensive experience international experience. Travel is in our blood. It’s our passion to help people realize how realistic this dream of living & working abroad can be. We all appreciate the challenges & rewards of living, traveling, and working abroad from first-hand experience.
  • One-on-One Job Search Guidance: How do I find a job? How do I make friends? What paperwork do I need for my visa? Once enrolled in any ITA TEFL class, you’ll work with our team of expert job search advisors to help you out with these three questions and many, many more. Enjoy access to the most comprehensive job resources & guidance on the planet to help you navigate international job markets around the world.
  • Access to ITA Worldwide Alumni Network: Exclusive opportunities to network, connect, and correspond with our 15,000 ITA alumni teaching English across the globe. This is a great way to meet friends before you head out & get your questions answered by current ITA alumni on the ground abroad.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact International TEFL Academy for your starter brochure or call us directly at 773-634-9900 & start working with your personal Admission Advisors. Your advisor will work with you one-on-one to answer your all of your questions, go over your options & set up your game plan to see the world. Your advisor will be happy to speak with you as many times as you need to go over job markets, hiring requirements, TEFL course options & much more.

Your journey begins now so let’s get in touch & let’s get started!

Questions & Answers

This is actually a sometimes heated debate in Barcelona. I can't answer the question for all of Spain as it depends on where you go. As for Barcelona, outside of the city it's not as much of an issue as it's harder to find English teachers in general, but in bigger cities there are so many English teachers available. I don't know what the obsession is, but very often students request and make it a...
I would say that of course someone can go with their family; however, any Tefl program is much more demanding than anyone anticipates. I taught for 12 years and earned a Master's degree in Spanish before doing Tefl and thought that Tefl would be a piece of cake in comparison. The thing is that it is a very intensive one month program and for serious students who want to make the most of the...
People of all ages can teach English abroad, each country is different. Here's an article to check out:


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  • Facilities 7.4
  • Safety 8.4
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Networking and Teaching

I chose to teach in Barcelona, Spain because I knew the job outlook was pretty high. I was very nervous coming here without a job, but finding a job was not difficult at all. In fact, the very day of my flight to Barcelona, I was invited to two interviews once I landed. Prior to flying to Barcelona, I utilized the Barcelona TEFL Teachers Association Facebook page to network with people. I found many other people doing the same thing, and networked with a few to meet up. I also networked with future employers and contacted them with my CV. Turns out this is a great resource and landed me various teaching jobs. Though I originally wanted to teach in a school, I ended up teaching many private lessons. I actually loved teaching private lessons because I got to know my students on a more personal level and I was able to cater each lesson to them individually.

How can this program be improved?
I would incorporate modules that relate to private lessons. I would also maybe have more lessons about grammar as that is what is taught in more ESL classes.
Yes, I recommend
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Challenging but rewarding

The course was challenging and time-consuming but the material taught has been very useful. I felt comfortable creating lesson plans and standing in front of a classroom upon completion of the course.

Response from International TEFL Academy

Thanks for review Rachel, we are hope you are having a great time teaching in Spain and look forward to hearing your stories on our alumni site.

Yes, I recommend
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Excellent Training Provided by Highly Qualified Instructors

I strongly recommend the International TEFL Academy for TEFL training. I had an amazing experience - the course is demanding and challenging which ensures that you are well prepared to begin teaching as soon as you complete the program.

The trainers in Barcelona are absolute experts in their delivery of the material, but more importantly, in just four weeks they are able to mold you into the teacher you hoped you would be.

The course was small and the trainers were able to provide a personalized approach and take the time to meet one on one with the students and address all types of concerns - both professional and personal ones.

Practice teaching was a great experience as there are small group classes that you get to teacher while one of the trainers, either Stephen or Kerry, observes and steps in if necessary. Leading up to the class, you are taken through every step of the planning to make the lesson as successful as possible. You are then provided with immediate feedback following the class and it is always constructive and useful, giving you a goal for the next time you teach.

I taught in the U.S. for more than ten years and came into the TEFL course thinking I could just breeze through it - that wasn't the case. I say that so potential students are aware that you have to work really hard, but if you're willing to do so and want to learn from the best, then International TEFL Academy is the choice for you.

How can this program be improved?
I wish that there hadn't been so many assignments but I understand that pretty much all TEFL programs involve as much work as this course does.
Yes, I recommend
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La Vida Española from an English Teachers' Eyes

Just over a year ago, I decided to teach English in Spain. Madrid, to be exact. Since that decision was made, life has been a whirlwind filled with exciting possibilities. I was sitting at my computer at work when I made the decision. I couldn't help but feel that there must be more out there for me, and that it was time for a change; a push outside of my comfort zone. It was then that I found the International TEFL Academy through a quick Google search, and submitted a contact form. Within an hour, I received a call from one of the Academy's Admission Advisers to talk about the TEFL certification programs that they offer. At this moment, my transition to English teacher and the most rewarding opportunity of my life began. Every one of the company's Adviser's have taught English abroad before, so they have first-hand experience to answer questions, eliminate doubt and fears, and to walk you through the process of enrolling in the course, all the way to resume assistance, and a plethora resources to actually finding a job in the country of your choice. I opted for the online course (there are also programs in a classroom setting), and it was PERFECT for me since I was currently working. I could complete the assignments and participate in class discussions at a time that was right for me, and the instructor was great; extremely responsive, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Upon completing the course, the Job Search Guidance team provided some excellent feedback on my resume to make me more marketable abroad, and they were readily available to answer any fears or questions that I had in the months and days prior to boarding a plane to the most amazing experience of my life. I am still in Spain, and still turn to the resources and information gained from the TEFL course, and on top of that, I have been able to make friends with others in my shoes through the Academy's Spain Facebook page! I highly recommend teaching English abroad to anyone considering it, and highly recommend working with the International TEFL Academy!

How can this program be improved?
At some point during the TEFL course, you are required to a complete a Practicum to include teaching and shadowing an ESL teacher somewhere in your city. This was an excellent chance to gain some hands-on experience teaching English, however I think something that would really put International TEFL Academy in another league, would be to build a partnership with ESL schools across the country, and offer a classroom where those in the practicum portion of the course can shadow. There really wasn't much guidance and structure during this portion of the course. The flexibility was nice, but a little more direction would be very useful.
Yes, I recommend
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Helpful, but mostly you're on your own

Overall, though the International TEFL academy gave me advice and helpful information on schools and opportunities in Spain, almost all of the work was done by me. I found a way to apply for a visa because I had a boyfriend living in Spain, but otherwise most Americans simply have to stay illegally or find someone to sponsor them for a visa which is a long and difficult process, not to mention rare. However, if I ever need advice or assistance the TEFL Academy does what it can to provide me with information from past alumni that have traveled to Spain.
So far I've really enjoyed myself here-the nightlife is great! Drinks and finger food (called pinchos) are really cheap so you don't have to spend all you earn on going out. The food has a lot of garlic, bread and oil which does get a tad boring at times but if you're in a large city like Madrid you can find plenty of foreign food. I felt very safe-you have to be careful at night in the big cities but I found a shop to buy pepper spray and the Spanish community are very friendly and helpful in general. They don't speak a lot of English, however so you either have to be patient or have a little Spanish in your back pocket.
I would definitely do this again-it was hard to find work at first, especially in a crisis-ridden country like Spain but if you're persistent there is a lot of good paying english teaching jobs out there.
I didn't like my school so much-especially with children they expect you to teach them things that are unreasonable-you don't always see your kids very often and they only want to play games, so its hard to teach them advanced English, the most you can hope for is basic sentences. I've had great resources for teaching exams though, like the TOEFL and Cambridge books-they help a lot and keep the students focused. I wish I would've brought more books on English grammar because books are really expensive here, though. Maybe more clothes too, because those are really expensive as well-prepare to pay much more than you would in America. I wish someone would have told me how expensive things were so I would be prepared with an adequate wardrobe and possible more Spanish. I didn't really bring anything I didn't need-eveything has been put to good use.
My school didn't really prepare me to teach, more thew me in and expected I could swim-it was terrifying at first, but I got the handle of it though. My older students were very well behaved and loved to learn, as well as not being afraid to do some hard studying, but the young ones-horrible! No disciple-they were very used to getting what they wanted, it seems to me kids in Spain remain dependent on their parents longer than in America.
As much as I've had fun I don't think I want to keep teaching English-its an ok pastime but there's not much gratification, I will probably continue learning Spanish and study in Spain. Hope this helped!

Response from International TEFL Academy

Thanks for the comments.

You gave ITA a 70% though we provided you with excellent TEFL training, accurate and helpful advice to find jobs and you even mentioned that we are always available for future assistance.

It seems that you have scored ITA low as a result of you not liking your job that you chose and that you don't really like working with children.

It looks like you are giving ITA a big thumbs up and 100% score for what we do which is pre-enrollment advice, accredited and professional TEFL training, job assistance and advice and lifetime help.

You are giving a low score solely to your experience living and working in a school which really doesn't reflect on International TEFL Academy.

Yes, I recommend


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