120h TEFL Course With Job Guaranteed plus Spanish intensive course

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Would you like to move abroad and live in a vibrant city where the sun shines all year around while you develop your skills? Are you looking to enter an exciting career that allows you to live anywhere in the world? How would you like to teach English while learning Spanish?

Take our TEFL course if you not only want to get the certification and experience to start your teaching career but also you want to have a career path laid out for you even before you finish your training!
Get sponsored to pay the least for the best TEFL course in the market, get qualified, join Oxinity, an international community of English teachers that is rapidly growing and expanding worldwide, and start working straight away.
We provide in person training in Spain and online training that can be taken from anywhere in the world. We offer job contracts for our best graduates in Spain and we share a business model to those with entrepreneurial skills that can be taken worldwide in partnership with us.

  • Daily meetings with experienced trainer in small groups - up to 5 candidates
  • Over 20h real teaching practice in a variety of settings and to all level students - from beginners to advanced
  • Weekly sessions devoted to developing your profile and presence in the English teaching market
  • Full access to our innovative teaching system in your mobile device - access the teacher portal from the very first day and get ready to go lesson plans and to the student app to receive the course material.
  • Connect with teachers from all over the world and become part of the biggest community of English teachers.

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Hello there, Not at all, there are online courses which cover all the modules (Language Analysis + ESL Methodologies + Lesson Planning + Teaching Skills + Teaching Practice). You just miss out monitored teaching practice with real students. OxbridgeTefl has an ONLINE TEFL COURSE - Video Conference Course.


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Teacher's testimony: OXBRIDGE TEFL (120 hours) - January - February 2016

It was my first visit to Spain and I didn’t know how to get by actually. Firstly, I neither speak Spanish nor Catalan. Regarding accommodation, Oxbridge did all the arrangement until the last minute. I was settled in a safe decent affordable flat with considerate flat mates. And the landlord was wonderful and very helpful, too. I was even given tips concerning transport.

The Oxbridge TEFL course was an intensive one (120 hours). The first week was amazing. I got to know my instructors and colleagues. We were only a few (small class size). It was a friendly environment. We had lectures in the morning (Grammar). Our instructor was highly knowledgeable. And because of the class size, we had more opportunity to participate. Later in the afternoon, we were given observation forms to observe experienced teachers teaching real classes in different locations around the city. The students being taught were from different professions and age group. The next day, we would hand over our forms and discuss the observations with the instructor and class. The instructor briefed us with feedbacks. It was a great experience and we learnt and benefited a lot.

In second week, we learnt about teaching methodologies and we were emailed assignments everyday and had to make presentations during lectures; and at the end of the week, we had a test. Regarding the afternoon time, we co taught with the experienced teachers this time. The Oxbridge class content covers: Structure, Vocabulary & Topic. So we had to choose one. The trainers observed and evaluated us as well as giving us feedbacks.

In third and fourth week, we had lectures about lesson planning and teaching skills. It was extraordinarily interesting and enjoyable. Each of us planned lessons and were given feedback by the instructor. Moreover, we were also provided with a comprehensive job support programme which would assist us in finding a job. In afternoons and sometimes in evenings, we were assigned more teaching hours. What was incredible is that we taught full classes on our own under observation of trainers. Once we’ve finished, our trainers would give us feedbacks.
To conclude, the course was intensive and it is important to help teachers in dealing with different types of learners’ level, age, style of learning, specific needs and assessing them. As well as it improves teachers teaching skills in order to achieve positive outcomes.
Honestly, I learnt a great deal about teaching and it is something to be proud of.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Oxbridge Barcelona

In a little over two months I got to know the real Barcelona. I've been all over town, meeting people from all over the world who are interested in the most diverse fields. Through Oxbridge I got to meet a lot of colleagues, who have generously coached me on the specifics of a job that presents a new challenge: English for Specific Purposes.
With all the hours of observation and training, starting with a few activities and getting feedback from different teachers, it's been easy to get the confidence I need to deliver my own classes.
This course is one of the few learning experiences I've had which prepared me fully for the actual job .
Getting to know a beautiful city + working on a dynamic job is something I would recommend to anybody brave enough to take the challenge

How can this program be improved?
This course is oriented to a specific teaching approach. I would have liked to get to know more about other educational theories.
Yes, I recommend this program

Oxbridge TEFL

The intensive TEFL course I took in Barcelona a couple of months ago was great and exceeded all of my expectations! First of all, all of the teachers were young, competent and always ready to answer your questions. There was no wrong answer or suggestions, all of the ideas were welcome and encouraged. Also, the course was divided into 4 units, a different one every week, so that the students don't get stuck on one topic. There's some exams and other assignments in between the lectures, so do prepare yourself for some late night studying!

The best part is the observation classes. where students get to watch how experienced teachers manage one on one or in-company group classes, followed up by individual teaching practices, where one can finally put all of the knowledge into practice and try to walk in the teacher's shoes!

All in all, I highly recommend Oxbridge as this company is a great value for money, has outstanding staff, modern teaching methodologies and a lot of experience.

All the best,

Yes, I recommend this program

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