• Spain
    • Madrid
    • Murcia
    • Toledo
26 - 52 weeks
Classroom Audience
Early Childhood Elementary Middle School High School

Program Details

  • University degree in any subject
  • Native-level English speaker or C2 level English certificate
  • Applications accepted from candidates aged 21 to 59
  • Previous teaching experience not required
  • Spanish not required
Job Type
Classroom Audience
Early Childhood Elementary Middle School High School
Weekly Classroom Hours
Age Min.
Age Max


Salary / Benefits
•12-13/15/16 teaching hours per week in 3-4 weekdays
•Placement and tax-free monthly stipend (1,000€ in Madrid, 700€ in Castilla-La Mancha, and 875€ in Murcia)
•Certificate of completion at the end of the program (issued by the school)
• Welcome Documents available on the Exclusive ConversaSpain Online Platform: step-by-step instructions to process legal documents, practical tools, and advice to get settled in your new destination (e.g., information about apartments, transportation, bank accounts, SIM cards, Spanish lessons, and more)
• Customized webinars
• Pre-departure assistance and ongoing support while in Spain
• Induction Meeting in the assigned region: orientation, teaching workshops, and meeting with other participants
• Health coverage as well as medical assistance guidance if needed
Starting Price
Price Details
4 Packages:

• ConversaSpain Support
• ConversaSpain Support + 140-Hour TEFL Course
• ConversaSpain Support+ Immersion Week
• ConversaSpain Support + 140-Hour TEFL Course + Immersion Week

*All options include all main benefits listed above, and costs vary according to the region.
What's Included
Some Activities
What's Not Included
Accommodation Airfare Domestic Airfare Airport Transfers SIM cards Transportation Travel Insurance Visa
Dec 22, 2022
Feb 07, 2022
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About Program

Join our ConversaSpain services and become an Auxiliar de Conversación in Spain. Immerse yourself in the Spanish culture while teaching 3-4 days per week from October 2023 to May/June 2024.

ConversaSpain will give you the opportunity to teach in a public school in the Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, or Murcia regions. During this experience, you will have the incredible opportunity to share your culture while acquiring classroom experience and teaching skills.

• Pre-departure assistance
• Step-by-step instructions to process legal documents
• Welcome Documents available on the exclusive ConversaSpain Online Platform
• Customized webinars
• 12-13/15/16 teaching hours per week during 3-4 teaching days
• Ensured tax-free monthly stipend (1,000€ in Madrid, 700€ in Castilla-La Mancha, and 875€ in Murcia)
• Health coverage as well as medical assistance guidance if needed
• Support network through different channels

Apply as soon as possible!

Video and Photos

Program Highlights

  • Pre-departure assistance
  • Step-by-step instructions to process legal documents, practical tools, and advice to get settled in your new destination
  • 16/15/12 teaching hours per week during four consecutive teaching days
  • Initial training and meeting with other participants
  • Ensured tax-free monthly stipend

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Program Reviews

4.36 Rating
based on 11 reviews
  • 5 rating 72.73%
  • 4 rating 9.09%
  • 3 rating 9.09%
  • 2 rating 0%
  • 1 rating 9.09%
  • Benefits 4.45
  • Support 4.2
  • Fun 4
  • Facilities 3.85
  • Safety 4.75
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No, I don't recommend this program

I don't recommend this program or Spain in general

From the very beginning this experience was a challenge that never proved to be worth it for me. I'm not really sure what the benefit of going through ConversaSpain is either.

I tried to be very patient with everybody due to the COVID situation changing conditions and making everything difficult but I truly don't believe much would have changed about my experience were there no pandemic.

There is SO MUCH paperwork and bureaucracy to get through when you move to Spain. The most frustrating of which was that the visa that you get doesn't actually cover the amount of time you need to stay so there are 2 more steps to the process to allow you to stay to the end of your contract. On top of that, nothing ever gets done and it's nearly impossible to get an appointment.

As for the job itself, you will end up putting in a lot more effort than is advertised. You will do a lot of lesson planning and many of my friends had to actually teach classes despite us being told that was not our job. One of my friends was even tasked with writing the exams for her classes.

If you don't speak any Spanish it will be extra challenging, especially when trying to organize your bank account.

The most frustrating thing about all of this was having to complete a course and a final project under the guise of sharing information with all the other Language Assistants. That's a load of garbage. No one will ever see those lesson plans again, it isn't even clear how to search for them. We all just shared all that sort of information with each other through Whatsapp groups. However, they force everyone to complete the course from which you learn nothing and waste a lot of time.

Literally the only positive experiences I had during my time were the few good friends I made, and the fact that the sun shines almost everyday, even though it's still very cold.

I don't recommend living in Spain!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Auxiliar de conversacion ConversaSpain

Working with conversa has given me the opportunity to be independent abroad, working in a country that speaks a foreign language. The weather, the food and the teaching have given me so many experiences and a new way to move forward in life expanding my possibilities and opportunities as I have especially, always wanted to live far away in a different culture. Spain is my favourite country as I love the same sports and festivities as locals and teaching, living in the center of a southern Spanish city with the guidance of conversa has been a great platform for me in my life.

What was your funniest moment?
Whenever students ask me to draw them. I draw the kids with their favourite cartoons during the week and the students wait patiently for me to arrive to the next class, asking for their drawing immediately.
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Response from ConversaSpain

Dear Andrew,

Thank you very much for your review! We are glad that you enjoyed your experience and that you’ve felt supported during your time as an Auxiliar de Conversación with ConversaSpain. We always try our best to make this experience enriching and special! :)

Also, we are happy to know that you had so many funny moments at the school. In the end, that’s what you’ll remember when the years have passed. We know that 😉.

No, I don't recommend this program

What does conversaspain actually do to help?

I am loving my experience teaching English in Spain. The schools are amazing, I teach primary at three local schools. I feel safe all the time, and the people are very kind and helpful.
However, I do have concerns about conversaspain’s role in organizing my teaching experience. I paid 1000Eu for their help and was told that I would receive assistance in my visa application and that conversaspain would provide my Spanish health insurance and a bank account. My experience so far has been that I had to apply for the visa entirely on my own. I am from Canada so whenever I asked questions about the process they would tell me to ask the Canadian consulate. It ended up taking months to get the visa and was very difficult to achieve with no aid.

When it came to the bank account I had to set it up entirely alone when I arrived in Spain even though they said it would be set up for me if I used their bank of choice- Sabadell.

As for the medical insurance- that is managed by the spanish education authorities. They not only give us our insurance but they also provide our monthly stipend and help to place us in our local schools.

So in the end I paid a lot of money to a company that did not help in the ways they promised and I could have saved a lot by just applying straight to the regional education authorities. This is something I wish I knew before I paid!!

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I’d I had to do this all over again I would probably not go through conversaspain. I would apply directly to the spanish education authorities and would save a lot of money. In the end I did all the hard work and paid conversaspain for doing absolutely nothing.
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Response from ConversaSpain

Dear Anna,

On the one hand, we are very glad that you had a wonderful experience at the schools, as this is the ultimate goal we aim to achieve through this program. On the other hand, we feel sorry to hear that you consider the payment of this fee to be excessive for the services that we offer. As we mention is our informative documents, we work on a “help to help yourself” basis, providing links and information about consulates, step by step instructions in English as well as cheat-sheets to complete legal documents that are required to apply for visas and process other legal documents once you arrive in Spain. Unfortunately, we cannot apply for our participants’ administrative paperwork, as bureaucratic documents can only be issued to the applicant. Furthermore, we also have a full team working daily, delivering the best possible service and supporting all of our Auxiliares de Conversación, before and while they are in Spain, attending all their queries during the whole program, helping them to get medical assistance, pre-opening a bank account and sharing your concerns about schools’ placements with the Regional Education Authorities. We believe we have always replied to you in a timely manner to the best of our abilities, even contacting the Education Authorities to change your placement upon your request.
We thank you for your feedback and we hope that you continue enjoying your time in Spain while teaching English. Remember that if you have any other questions or concerns, we will be here to help during the whole duration of the program.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing cultural immersion experience!

It was relatively easy to do this program!
You pay the fee and Conversaspain does the rest (setting up the job).
They are always there to help and support any problems you have. I recommend this program for the stability and help!

You will need to get your visa, flights, housing, and health insurance. They will help you every step of the way.
You can decide between Madrid and Murcia. I recommend Murcia if you want a more chill place near beaches with good food. If you want the busy city life with other great experiences choose Madrid.

Don't expect your school location to be in the city center of either city. Madrid and Murcia refer to regions so they make up various zones within the region. You might get lucky though although it isn't much of a bother if you don't because public transportation is very convenient.

What would you improve about this program?
I would make it cheaper. The cost is about 1000 euros just for support and placement. I would lower that price substantially, given the option to do this opportunity for free through the Spanish government (although it is more competitive).
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Yes, I recommend this program

Live abroad easily with ConversaSpain

ConversaSpain made moving to Spain so easy. It can seem daunting to move to a foreign country when you don't know how anything works, but ConversaSpain was a huge help. They walk you through everything you need in order to start your job as a language assistant, and they were always there to help me with any questions I had. After you're accepted into the program, you are required to send in/complete certain documents before you arrive in Spain. Once you arrive, ConversaSpain holds an induction meeting with the other assistants as well. This meeting was super helpful because it cleared up any additional questions you have and gave you a better idea of what the job would entail. It was great to meet other people, too! It was a smart and comforting choice to work with them!

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
I ate pork cheek in northern Spain, it was great!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great way to spend a year abroad

This year has been great. The programme is really enjoyable and has been a good experience sharing my language and culture with the students. Working with ConversaSpain has been good as they are supportive which has made me feel more comfortable and confident during my stay here. I have been staying in the region of Murcia which has been great. The city has many students my age, it has a low cost of living, and is very beautiful. The region in general has good beaches and plenty of places to go on hikes or places to visit if you like history or architecture. The programme gives you enough time to visit other cities on the weekend which I have really enjoyed. Last but not least, although the accent can seem quite strong in this region, the programme has given me a great chance to practice the language.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Probably paparajotes. They were sweet battered lemon leaves.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience in Spain

I'm from South Africa, and coming to Spain was an amazing experience. My favourite aspect of Spain is the food here! In my opinion, it is the best! The Spanish people are actually very warm and welcoming. Quite a good number of them understand a bit of English. I have really enjoyed teaching English to the children at my school in Molina de Segura. I studied electrical engineering at university, but I feel like I also have a passion for teaching - something I discovered in my journey as a language assistant. I think I will do this program for two more times!! I have a good relationship with my fellow teachers of my school. It is also important to know that not everyone will "like" you and it's OK! You just have to be nice and warm to everyone. I feel very safe walking here in Murcia at any time of the day. The transport system is good. Buses are the most popular means of public transport and they are usually on time.

What would you improve about this program?
The date I get paid. I always get my stipend a few days (usually 4 to 6 days) after the end of the month. If they payment could come on time that would be great.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Teach English in Spain: Public Schools in Madrid and Murcia

I came to Madrid in January 2018 to work in a public school as an auxiliar. My experience has been wonderful so far.

The work is very interesting and not difficult, if you like working with kids you will definitely enjoy this program. I was able to learn a lot and more importantly to teach a lot to the kids. The other teachers and staff at my school are very friendly and welcoming.

Living in Madrid is an absolute pleasure. The city has a lot of things to see, do and experience. The travel opportunities from Madrid are abundant and it was an amazing experience to travel around the Iberian peninsula.

I explored the North of Spain last summer when I did the Camino de Santiago and this was definitely a life changing experience.

This program has made it possible to me to come live in Spain knowing that I have a source of income and a support system.

What was your funniest moment?
Finally understanding the kids comments in Spanish...
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Questions & Answers

Hi, great question! Unfortunately we were unable to find the answer to your question. We recommend contacting the program provider directly, which you can do here: https://www.conversaspain.com/.