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UniTEFL offers an in-class, four week, full time course with 6 classroom practice in real schools. This program has trained more than 500 teachers, with a curriculum developed in conjunction with a local university. Our trainers are fully qualified with more than 10 years experience in the ESL field, and moderated by education professors based in the UK. We have a high success rate in placing graduates in local Thailand jobs. Various other education courses are also offered.

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  • Benefits 9.5
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 7.6
  • Facilities 8.9
  • Safety 9.1
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One of the best go for It!

I decided to complete my TEFL in Chiang Mai with Unitefl and I'm glad I did.
The staff were great. Knowledgeable, professional and friendly offering support from start to finish. They helped with any queries or concerns both before and after arriving in Thailand and once the training was complete.
The facilities in Chiang Mai are great central location, a.c. internet etc. All materials provided.
Accomodation was good and inexpensive.
The training was hands on and detailed really preparing you for teaching in schools. We learned different teaching styles, techniques to manage a classroom and work with various learning styles , they even covered Thai culture and language to prepare us for working in the school with the native teachers and educating us on traditions, differences etc.
Unitefl also made this experience fun with the way they taught us and with the additional trips offered. They allowed us to explore Thailand and bond with the other teachers and have a great time too!
Overall this company offers a fantastic package that reakky prepares you for working in schools and gives you the knowledge and skills you will need and use everyday whilst still bring a fun and enjoyable course where you can explore Thailand and make new friends for life.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe an extra few hours of practical classroom teaching (there is already some)
Yes, I recommend this program
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Excellent TEFL Course with Thai School Practicums

Wonderful experience graduating from UniTEFL's 4 week intensive. Best part were the teaching practicums (TPs) at many different Thai schools around Chiang Mai. Thai students were very easy to teach and a lot of fun. UniTEFL Staff very supportive in helping us grow into our role as teachers. Very nice school facilities located walking distance to the new Maya shopping center, with great food a coffee to keep us going! Thank you

Yes, I recommend this program
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Don't hesitate, you have found your course!

There I was...searching the internet for a TEFL course in Chiang Mai...too much choice...every company trying to show off...except UNITEFL Thailand. Nice, clear website with all necessary information you need to know about the different packages they offer. They respond to mails in a fast and efficient way, even during the weekend.
After all information, the choice was easy! I went for the total package (Premium): course, serviced room (close to the office), excursions during the weekends, job assistance (must have!!),... Real value for money!
The course itself fulfilled my high expectations. Next to the review of the English grammar, a lot of time is dedicated to the real teaching. They really show you how to teach and how to apply, using your own style. After every lesson (in total you teach in 7 different schools during that month), they give clear feedback how to improve. They really want you to do well, it is not about the money at UNITEFL, they are proud of what they do, they want to be proud of their students too and that shows!

At the end of the month you need to pass an exam on English grammar before you get your certificate. You need to study if you want to pass!

Being a non-native speaker, I am very glad that I did this course, I felt strong enough to start teaching!

Thanks to their job assistance, I have found a real good teaching job in Bangkok, where I am still working after several months.

How can this program be improved?
More time for preparation of the lessons, it takes time if you have never been teaching before.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Excellent experience!

The UniTEFL course was a great life-changing experience. I was looking to do something different and to travel abroad. I fortunately came across this program and have absolutely no regrets doing it.

Having had no prior teaching experience, it can be a bit intimidating with the in-classroom practicums beginning the first week in, but I'm extremely grateful that they do it this way. You get to experience so much growth during the month and it's the perfect challenge. I love reflecting back on that first week and how scared I was, knowing how far I've come!

The only downside is that the one month flies by so quickly, that by the end, you'll be sad to see everyone go. I made some great friends and learned the joys (and challenges!) of teaching English in Thailand. I highly recommend the UniTEFL certificate program.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great learning experience

In November 2015 I participated in the month long TEFL program at UniTEFL. The teachers, Pete and James, were extremely professional and had a genuine care for the people in the course. The course was constructed in a way that made learning fun and also allowed time to work with teachers directly for additional assistance. All in all I had a wonderful time at UniTEFL. The highlight was definitely the seven teaching pracs at a variety of Thai schools.

How can this program be improved?
I was really impressed with the program, so it is difficult to say. I guess the only comment I have is for an ebook to be available instead of all the paper handouts, especially when many people are continuing to travel after their course and would want to keep their luggage at a minimum.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great place to train and find work

As a mature trainee, I spent a lot of time researching the various TEFL courses on offer and really liked the all round package offered by UniTEFL. I was even more impressed with the way that the staff answered all of my questions beforehand and continued to give me advice and support each and every time I contacted them. After all, it was a life-changing decision for me to move from the US and settle in Thailand.

On arrival in Chiang Mai, I was met at the airport and driven to my accommodation. As part of the package I also got a SIM card, free massages and excursions - all as promised and these really helped me settle in.

The course was everything that I hoped it would be. The trainers were experienced and encouraging and really helped me to develop my skills to teach English as a foreign language. They continued with support afterwards in writing my CV and finding a job.

I was a plumber for many years before deciding on this life change. If I can do it, you can too and I have no regrets.

How can this program be improved?
As any good business, the people at UniTEFL are always seeking feedback from students about anything that could be improved. Currently I think they have it right.
Yes, I recommend this program
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start your teaching adventure the right way

I wanted to teach abroad and travel and after much research I found UniTefl, they were the best provider I could find online, they had the best training and placement program and were also subsidized so the cost was more affordable.
During the interview and application process the staff were so professional, knowledgeable and friendly that I knew I had made the right choice.
The training is brilliant, really in depth and useful without making everyone a teaching robot, they allowed you to develop your own style of teaching and offered tips and advice. There were practical teaching practices with real Thai students in schools so you could put your skills into action and see what you needed to learn and work on for next time.
The accommodation and facilities at the center were fantastic, great location with everything you need.
The staff will become like family and you will leave with new friends and prepared to teach.

Yes, I recommend this program
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UniTEFL Chiang Mai - Great TEFL Training Establishment

I have recently completed the 120 hour TEFL International qualification through UniTEFL.
In regard to people-focus, professional approach, resources and emphasis on the practical ability to teach students, UniTEFL International is first class.
This one month course has enhanced my career options as well as having been a great life experience.
This course is accessible to everyone.
The instructors are patient while giving very good feedback - sensitively delivered.
The course increases one's skill base in a number of ways including public speaking aptitude and how to engage an audience in general.
Your money will not have been ill-spent. I believe that the TEFL qualification adds value to whatever you may choose to do and has so many career pathway options.
My best wishes to UniTEFL's future flourishing!
I would recommend this establishment as a first choice to anyone.
Bruce Carstairs

How can this program be improved?
Course materials in a bound/book format.
Yes, I recommend this program
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very professional course

very professional course, also focusing on local Thai habits, to be fully equipped to teach in Thailand; if you choose their accommodation, make sure you ask beforehand the details about deposit and checking out date, as this information is not being given when you sign up

How can this program be improved?
be more forward about accommodation deposit and duration of stay, i.e. check out date
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Course!

I completed my TEFL certificate at UniTEFL in April 2014, it all went well, and now I am teaching in Bangkok thanks to a job they found for me at the end, couldn't be happier. I looked at quite a few courses, in the end I went with this one because they have a credible accreditation it seems, and I had read good things. As it turned out, the staff were superb, they set me up in a nice apartment, they were helpful, nothing was too much trouble and the training was very professional. You had to really study to pass, that's also important I think. I felt like I had achieved a tough benchmark at the end. Going into the schools to teach kids was a bit nervy at first but I'm so glad we did, it made all the difference for my job interview. Make sure your TEFL course does these, super important, not just peer teaching. Overall would certainly recommend.

How can this program be improved?
Bigger, better facilities. Otherwise no complaints.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great TEFL course in a lovely location

The UniTefl program was exactly what I expected from a TEFL training course and more. The lessons were well structured and comprehensive and the teachers were excellent. The four week training is intense and the first couple of teaching practices can be daunting as an inexperienced teacher, but the course really prepares you to have the knowledge and confidence to stand in front of a class and teach. And an added bonus is that UniTEFL is very helpful when it comes to job placements, I personally started my first teaching job right after I finished my TEFL training.

Yes, I recommend this program


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