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Our internationally accredited (OTTSA) TESOL course will prepare you for an incredible teaching experience, while our cultural immersion course will prepare you to live and work successfully in Thailand

Receive comprehensive training in teaching English to non-native speakers by educational professionals. Gain feedback from both the instructor and fellow peers in your class. You will gain an understanding of theories/techniques and be able to create exciting lesson plans for speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will also teach at a non-profit English camp in a Thai school.

Hua Hin, Thailand hosts the XploreAsia experience which includes a comprehensive orientation week covering Thai language, culture, history and politics. Visit an elephant sanctuary, train in Muay Thai and visit a beautiful mountain top temple. You will visit and be able to volunteer at our partner local dog rescue centre.

XploreAsia offers education, culture and adventure in equal measure!

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  • Benefits 9.2
  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 6.6
  • Facilities 8.1
  • Safety 9.6
  • Instruction 9.4
  • Support 9.6
  • Value 8.9
  • Difficulty 7.1
  • Job Assistance 9
  • Academics 8.5
  • Support 10
  • Fun 9.8
  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 9.8
  • Housing 7
  • Support 7
  • Fun 8
  • Value 9
  • Safety 8
  • Value 9
  • Fun 10
  • Staff 10
  • Safety 10
  • Organization 9
  • Growth 9.5
  • Support 9
  • Fun 9
  • Housing 8.3
  • Safety 9.3
  • Instruction 10
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 10
  • Value 10
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XploreAsia was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made. The month long course was incredible. It thoroughly prepared me for teaching in a classroom setting as well as understanding more about the Thai culture. Every class during the course is fun and engaging; it allows you to be creative with your lessons while also getting constructive feedback to better them. XploreAsia also provides a great network of teachers and friends. During my time at XploreAsia I have never felt more at home while being away from home.

How can this program be improved?
One big improvement that I would make would be the screening process of applicants.
Yes, I recommend
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Awesome Program

XploreAsia was absolutely amazing. The TESOL course was comprehensive and thorough but completely manageable. Even with a teaching degree I could not imagine teaching in Thailand without the skills and knowledge that XploreAsia equipped me with. Their teaching and methodology is specific and relevant to exactly what you will encounter in a Thai classroom. They will provide you with the training and resources to prepare English lessons suitable for the ability levels you will be working with. Beyond the teaching side of TESOL, the orientation with XploreAsia was fantastic. We went on excursions to an elephant sanctuary, pineapple farm, a beautiful temple, an Art VIllage and the beach in Hua Hin. The people I have met through this program have made my experience unforgettable. From my TESOL classmates to the XploreAsia staff, I feel very fortunate to have gone through such a dedicated, supportive, and trustworthy company.

How can this program be improved?
More transparency about working with XploreAsia once in Thailand would be appreciated. I didn't even know that this was the program I would be affiliated with since I came to Thailand through a different company.
Yes, I recommend
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Unforgettable Beginning to the Adventure of a Lifetime

Initially I planned to show up Thailand with no friends, zero teaching experience and nothing more than an online TEFL certification. Instead I did the April course in Hua Hin (the largest course of the year), and it's one of the best decisions I have ever made... More on that later. First, a rundown of the course:

There was a Blue Team, Yellow Team and Red Team, all living in four or five different houses spread out in Hua Hin. Each team had around thirty people from all over the world. Class was usually eight hours a day, six days a week, held in a primary school downtown.

The course focused mainly on giving us the opportunity to get in front of a class and present a typical English lesson. There were very few PowerPoints or lectures. One student would present a speaking, listening or reading lesson of their making, the class and instructor would observe and participate and play the role of a Thai student, then at the end of the lesson constructive feedback was given.

Towards the end of the course, all students participate in a three-day English camp held at two different schools, one primary and one kindergarten, and it's an incredibly rewarding hands-on learning experience.

Fundamentally, the purpose of the XploreAsia course is to provide you the opportunity to gain real experience teaching in a classroom rather than just studying teaching methods from a book or listening to monotonous lectures.

Inside and outside the classroom, the XploreAsia staff was always dedicated to helping the students become the best teacher they can be... To overcome personal problems, fears, insecurities, uncertainties and everything else. First and foremost they are there to shape you into a good teacher, but they are also there to just be a good friend.

The opportunity to make life-long friends is one of the best things about the course. Your classmates become your family... the people you eat, sleep and drink with, laugh with, share stories and fears and dreams with... All in just one month.

At the end of course, students receive their placements—something the XploreAsia staff works on continuously from day one—and then everyone sets off on a new adventure somewhere else in the country.

The XploreAsia team is driven by deeply moral causes and visibly passionate about teaching and traveling and becoming better global citizens. Anyone who takes the course seriously will find that this dedication and passion overflows into them, making them not just a good teacher, but a better person.

And that is why choosing to do the XploreAsia course was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

How can this program be improved?
Two introductory Thai language lessons are provided, but more would be nice.
Yes, I recommend
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Worthwhile & Unforgettable Experience!

Upon first arriving in Thailand I wasn't sure what to expect from a month long orientation in Chiang Mai. However, now that the course is over and I begin to teaching at my placement, I am sad to leave the friends and awesome memories I have made behind! Overall the whole process has been easy, well communicated, fun and unforgettable! I have learnt so much about working with others, Thai language and culture and more importantly, about myself. I recently did a home stay after orientation and it was the best thing ever! Staying with a Thai family really showed me the meaning of family, teaching and friendship, as well as introduced me to home style Thai cooking! All in all I have no regrets about this course and am really grateful for the experience and even more excited for the opportunities teaching abroad in Thailand brings! :D

Yes, I recommend
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More than just teaching English

My TESOL course experience was very refreshing, it allowed me to acclimatize to my new environment - but most importantly, I made my closest friends while completing TESOL.

You will end up getting a really cool certificate that states that you can teach English to non-English speakers. Not only that, but guess what? You can teach English anywhere in the world! My certificate came handy when I taught English in Spain. It also takes a massive bullet point on my resume, which of course, is a bonus.

You will get really awesome recommendations from your TESOL instructor, Jaco. He wants you to succeed, and will do everything in his power to make you the best teacher out there. You will walk in, unsure of how to "teach", but let me tell you, after 120 hours, you will march out, as a confident teacher, ready to take over the world.

You will end up loving Hua Hin. I mean, what's not to love? It is a small beach town, small enough to get around - but big enough to explore. You won't get bored during the weekends, unless that's your thing. You are 2 hours away from BKK, minutes away from really cool temples, go for a jog, or horse back riding. Or simply, enjoy the beach.

The most important part of TESOL are the connections you will make during those 120 hours. You will end up meeting all sorts of characters. Soon, you will be crossing country borders with your mates vacationing in Koh Chang, getting scuba certified in Koh Tao...

You will be celebrating birthdays, Christmas, new years with your buddies from TESOL, and they will become a big part of your experience in Thailand.

There is a big Xplore Asia teacher network, and most people are happy to be friends with you, and guide you throughout your journey. So - please, don't be shy. Facebook them, email them, and ask them
'what's up?' You will end up meeting great people from diverse backgrounds.

At the end of the course, you will be confident to stand in front of 40 students and do the Gangnam Style.

Best of luck!

How can this program be improved?
More camps, maybe?

Yes, I recommend
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120 hour Online TESOL

I completed my TESOL online with XploreAsia, and George was my instructor. There was a small class size, and the e-learn system was fairly simple to use. Since the class was small, it was very easy to communicate with one another, give and receive feedback, and learn how we can improve.

How can this program be improved?
The one downside for me was that I didn't get much teaching experience. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I would take the in-class TESOL. Some of my friends took the in-class TESOL and gained teaching experience by working at English camps before starting to teach.
Yes, I recommend
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Great TESOL and Orientation

I took the online TESOL and cultural orientation in Thailand. Online, I received a lot of great feedback from my instructor and peers. The orientation was incredibly helpful and fun! We visited an elephant sanctuary, a local temple where we were blessed by monks, and had a welcome barbecue on the beach.

I was placed in a small town very quickly and was able to begin teaching right away. XploreAsia even helped me get to the town. After I began teaching, XploreAsia made it clear that I could get in touch with them if I had any issues. I felt like I was welcomed to the XploreAsia family. Everything went great, definitely recommend this program!

Yes, I recommend
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The company has a passion for what they do that is evident in the way they handle their business. The staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. The orientation week was a great way to be introduced to the culture and language. I had previously taught in the United States and was unsure of whether to spend money on a TESOL certificate, but the training was relevant and stimulating as the course instructor has many years practicing in Thailand. I have recommended XploreAsia to a number of my friends and would encourage anyone looking for a quality experience to consider them!

How can this program be improved?
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have nothing but positive feedback!
Yes, I recommend


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