Nicaragua is becoming one of the best success stories in Central America, and, increasingly, a destination to both teach and complete TEFL courses abroad.

Combining amazing adventure, culture, and climate, getting TEFL certified in Nicaragua is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to teach, or simply spend some time in, in Central America.

Contrary to most other countries, where the majority of TEFL courses are located in the capital, the majority of Nicaragua's courses are actually not in Managua. Sunny Leon, however, is located just 55 miles from Managua and has several TEFL course options. Quaint, lake-side, Granada is another fantastic city to consider.

Are there any qualifications I need to do a TEFL course in Nicaragua?

To get TEFL certified in Nicaragua, the qualifications are pretty standard. Typically, the only three qualifications you need to meet are being 18+, have a high school or equivalent diploma, and are a native or near-native English speaker.

What's the best time of year to take a TEFL course?

There isn’t a bad time to get TEFL certified in Nicaragua. However, if you plan on working here eventually, during the months of December and January when the schools are on their two-month break, schools are going to be hiring for the following school year, which starts in February.

What kind of visa will you need?

Individuals coming from all of the Native English speaking countries, or European countries do not need to apply in advance for a visa, and will receive a $10 tourist card from the customs agent at the Managua airport.

How much should you budget for a TEFL course in Nicaragua?

As one of the most cost-effective countries in the western hemisphere, Nicaragua makes sense for an in-person class. After tuition and housing (sometimes included in the program fee for TEFL courses here), you could get away with living off $400 - $500 for the duration of a one-month long course.

All in all, you should budget around $2,000 plus airfare (usually very affordable from North America) for personal expenses and tuition.


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