Volunteer in Buenos Aires with Road2Argentina
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Volunteer in Buenos Aires with Road2Argentina

The Road2Argentina Volunteer in Argentina program is designed for people looking for an opportunity to help others in Argentina and improve their Spanish skills in an immersion environment. Our program places volunteers at local non-profit organizations, where you will assist in a variety of ongoing projects.

* Childcare
* Help in a Community Soup Kitchen
* Volunteer with Children's Recreational Activities
* Teaching English to Children or Adults
* Community Development in Low-Income Neighborhoods
* Volunteering with HIV Affected Children

Road2Argentina believes that being a volunteer in Argentina is important not only because it helps those most in need, but also because it exposes travelers to a part of life that they wouldn't normally experience as a tourist. Our Volunteer in Argentina programs provide a great way to give back to the community while enriching your own understanding of a foreign culture.

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Dear Ronnie Thanks a lot for your interest! Our minimum time for volunteering is two weeks and we hope that's okay for you! Best wishes, Will and Simon

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Join a Community in Buenos Aires


The Volunteer program with Road2Argentina is excellent. I had the opportunity to volunteer in two places, as both an english teacher and after school tutor. The volunteer placements were great and allowed to get to work right away and the program supported me at every step.

The best part was to be immediately part of a community of argentines, travelers, and the program directors. It was great to be in a new place but to feel comfortable in a group. It also offered me a lot of flexibility, and I was able to spend a lot of time learning Tango.

I strongly recommend the program to anyone interested in coming to Argentina! I liked it so much I plan to live in Argentina after finishing my degree.

How can this program be improved?

My only critique is that what you make of your program depends on you. It can be easy to spend most of your time with foreigners instead of getting to know the Argentinians. So make sure to step out of your comfort zone.


Chacras of Buenos Aires Ecological conservation Program


The Road 2 Argentina people are amazing, they treated me like one of their good friends that came to visit argentina by showing me the correct places to buy staff and the best way to travel around. I would have been very lost without their help, they made an entirely different country feel like home. My program placement was perfect, im a biology major going to be a senior next year and this placement helped me achieve college credits with my school. i had the opportunity to work first hand with the processing of both organic and inorganic products. with the organic matter we used aerobic techniques to produce composts and fertile soil for people in financial need to be able to grow their own food. with the inorganic products, we builded houses and schools in the region of La Plata, which ironically does not have plata. The joy of kids and parents when we all help build a school for them is astonishing. when i got out of work, i knew i always have other volunteer in my same scenario but in different programs i could go out with and relate my story. i LOVE argentina and i cannot wait to come back.

How can this program be improved?

this program can only be improved by increasing the length of it. i really do not want to go back, and i will always remember Argentina with love in my heart

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24 years old
Carbondale, Illinois
Southern Illinois University- Carbondale

Fantastic Program


I had a wonderful experience using Road 2 Argentina to find an internship in Buenos Aires. I gained a lot of work experience and improved my language skill and I made tons of friends in the process. They also help coordinate day trips and such so you really can make the most of your time there and get the most from the experience. I absolutely would recommend this program to a friend or anyone else looking for an internship or study abroad experience.

How can this program be improved?

Perhaps a little more advance notice of deadlines and due dates during the sign up process. My resume and cover letter came due without a lot of advance warning that they would be needed by a certain time. Other than that, no complaints whatsoever.

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24 years old
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
University of Iowa

6 Week Hospital Internship in Buenos Aires


I interned int he morning, shadowing physicians as they did their daily rounds/patient intake. The variety of people that you come into contact with is what makes BA so special for an internship. Road2Argentina helped make those connections possible. There are several diseases endemic to only South America (such as Chagas), and I wouldn't have been able to have contact with this at home.

My experiences in BA only reinforce my thinking that no matter where you are, people are people. You get the good and the bad everywhere. Luckily, the large majority of the people I had relationships with in Argentina were positive, kind, and willing to help me.

Getting to know my host family and the families of their children was the best part of this experience. I really couldn't have been placed in a better home. Road2Argentina was really great about making sure my time in Buenos Aires was positive, safe, and fulfilling.

How can this program be improved?

I went from signing up for this program to actually heading to Argentina in a fairly short amount of time (about 50 days). Given that small time frame, I got very lucky with my internship placement. The one thing that I was unsure of going in was exactly what hospital I would be at and what I would be doing. Even up to a week before flying to BA, I didn't have all the answers. Everything worked out great for me, but I can understand being very frustrated if someone found themselves in a situation that they weren't planning for.

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24 years old
Elon University

Tailor your Argentina experience with Road2Argentina


Before committing to the program, I told Road2Argentina that I wanted an unconventional internship placement - in a holistic health setting. I knew this would be challenging to find in Argentina but they have amazing connections to all kinds of professionals in Buenos Aires. They found something for me after a few weeks. Pre-Arrival information was organized and exhaustive so that each participant can feel secure before going abroad. They pick you up at the airport and ensure that you have an orientation set up upon arrival.
Housing with Road2Argentina is in great locations. I chose the shared apartment option and lived with a couple other foreigners and one Argentine young woman, who showed me the ropes of Buenos Aires life and introduced me to her social scene. They make an effort to introduce you to both locals and other travelers. All of their housing locations are in central places close to subway stations and other city attractions, which is a huge asset in such a big city.
Road2Argentina was accommodating in meeting my needs in my internship. After a few months, I decided I was unsatisfied in my job and they immediately searched their professional and personal connections to find me a second job that was more fulfilling. When you express your interests to the team, they follow through in making sure that they are met. Personal emails and check-ups from the team are not uncommon, which is nice as a traveler in a foreign country who is still trying to find her/his way.
The program also offers weekly activities that help you meet the other participants in the program and get to know cultural events happening in Buenos Aires. In this way, participants are offered free access to amazing events that they otherwise would not have even known about. On top of these weekly outings, there is "Mate and Medialunas" every Friday where you can meet other participants, practice Spanish, and enjoy delicious traditional Argentine fare.
Lastly, there are travel opportunities with Road2Argentina. They offer participants tours to different cities in Argentina to travel with other foreigners and knowledgeable, friendly guides. I traveled to Mendoza and had the chance to do wine tastings, rafting, and hiking, all within a reasonably priced travel package plan.
Overall, Road2Argentina really lets you have the experience that you are looking for in Argentina. You can easily be as involved or independent as you want in their programming - if you come to none or every event they offer, either way you can have an amazing time in one of the greatest cities in the world.

How can this program be improved?

I will say that after I expressed interest in the program, the process was a bit tedious before arriving. They did not start searching for my internship placement until just a few weeks before I arrived, which made me nervous but, as I said, they were successful. I trust that they would have found me anything I needed and helped me until I was satisfied.

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24 years old
Washington DC

Buenos Aires


My experience in Buenos Aires was amazing. The city is full of life and great for foreigners trying to learn Spanish and engage in Latin American culture. My host family and internship were great. I met so many Argentines I felt completely emerged in society and the cultural.

How can this program be improved?

I think more variety of internships would greatly benefit the program as although I could choose the field of my internship my internship was not realated to my studies.

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24 years old
United States
University of Texas- Austin

Great internships and a great location!


I absolutely loved volunteering with the Buenos Aires Zoo through Road2Argentina. The internship placement was perfect for me since it combined conservation work, hands on activities, and a friendly and casual environment. I worked with the condors of the Condor Conservation Program every day, helping to feed and care for them while learning a lot about managing a conservation program. At night, Road2Argentina offered some great events and opportunities to get to know the other students and staff. Everyone was friendly and lively and I had a lot of fun watching tango, battling it out in trivia nights, and visiting cool places. Best summer ever!

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42 years old
Carbondale, Illinois
Southern Illinois University- Carbondale

Lots of opportunity and tons of support!


My experience with Road2Argentina was absolutely fantastic! The program is ran by peer-aged professionals with lots of options for day trips and social activities.

The impact from this program was amazing!

How can this program be improved?

My only improvement is that, while I am about 10 years older than the majority of the other interns, social activities could have been made a bit more age-mixed. The activities were split between various interests and activities, but at times, I let my age get the best of me in social settings.

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It is our mission to make sure all of our participants and partners are satisfied with every aspect of their program and that the Road2Argentina experience is an extraordinary one! We are an organization based in Buenos Aires and we are committed to offering you